Resources List

Resources List

This web site is obviously not the only place for information and communication within the Barony of Rowany!

So, where is everything else?

This page is a growing reference to other places you may be interested in. Consider it a quick list of things to consider getting involved with in order to keep informed about what goes on in the Barony and beyond. The resources listed are organised somewhat logically so you can easily identify what you may be interested in.

This list contains a variety of destinations such as other web sites, mailing lists and Facebook groups. When you find something of interest, follow the link to have a look, however, depending on the resource you may need to sign up or join before gaining access.

Please note, the resources listed here are not exhaustive. This page is likely to never be complete. So many great people are involved with the SCA, Kingdom of Lochac and all within it, such as Rowany Barony. We have no control over anything other than this site. As many people are involved giving life to resources such as those listed so much changes over time. If we miss something or a link dies, please let us know. We try our best

The list will continue growing and should give you a great set of initial resources, which is ultimately the point. We wish you a safe journey as you move onward!


SCA Australia Ltd Membership Page – Membership does (sigh) have its privileges, for example, you don’t have to pay insurance for each event. It is seriously not expensive either (we are a not-for-profit organisation).

Other SCA Websites

At the moment this section mainly covers groups neighbouring Rowany. This will change.

The Kingdom of Lochac covers Australia and New Zealand. The Barony of Rowany is part of Lochac.
The Canton of Stowe-on-the-Wowld covers Western Sydney NSW and is part of Rowany.
The Canton of Okewaite covers Goulburn NSW and the Southern Highlands of NSW, and is part of Politarchopolis.
The College of St Augustine covers the University of New South Wales, and is part of Rowany. It is currently inactive.
The College of St Ursula covers the University of Sydney, and is part of Rowany.
The Barony of Mordenvale covers Newcastle NSW and the surrounding area.
The Barony of Politarchopolis covers the Australian Capital Territory.
The Shire of Adora covers the Illawarra and South Coast of NSW.
The Shire of Dismal Fogs covers the Blue Mountains area of NSW.

Finding Your closest SCA Group

An overview of the process can be found here. It has some extra information which may help you in your search.

Find Your Group – A great place to start when trying to find the group closest to you, anywhere in the world.
SCA Geography – A worldwide list of SCA Kingdoms, along with links and maps where available.
Map of the Knowne World – An interactive map made independently by a member showing the SCA kingdoms

Kingdom of Lochac Group Guide – Find your closest group in Australia.
Map of Lochac – A more visual way to see the different groups of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Mailing Lists

Within the Kingdom of Lochac alone we have 53 mailing lists (at time of writing)! Each group (Baronies, Cantons, etc.) and discipline (fencing, Heraldry, etc.) probably has one. So, whatever your interest(s), there is probably a mailing list you can use to stay informed.

The complete list can be found by clicking on complete list…  <– back there
It has a brief description for each list and a link to the details page with more complete information, usage instructions and a form you can use to subscribe.

Here are a couple of lists you may be interested in to get you started
Lochac-Announce – The offical announcement list for Lochac
Lochac – The Shambles: the SCA Lochac mailing list
Rowanites – Rowany’s general mailing list
Stowegians– Email list fo the Canton of Stowe on the Wolwd

Facebook Groups

Kingdom of Lochac
Lochac Heraldry Chat – Ongoing discussion about heraldry
Barony of Rowany – The Barony in general
Rowany Warriors – Ongoing discussion about combat / martial arts within Rowany
St Ursulan College
Shire of Dismal Fogs

Facebook Event Pages

Rowany War Practice – Practice leading up to Festival each year
Cold War 6 – Cold War is an event which is run every year

If you have any links / resources that you would like added, or if you can see something could do with updating or changing for whatever reason, please let us know.
Your help will be appreciated