Rowany Calendar

Currently Rowany events can be found in these locations!

The Rowany Calendar is currently not up to date, but is located here – click this link to open it in a new window.

Regular Events:
Regular Events – Information about our regular non-costumed events including fighter practice, archery, and Arts and Sciences days.

Barony of Rowany (Sydney)
Stowegians – Canton Stowe on the Wowld (Western Sydney)

Pegasus Newsletter – This is our SCA newsletter – every event across Lochac (Australia and New Zealand) will be advertised here. You will need to be an SCA member to login and view this

Lochac Calendar – This is the calendar for all of Lochac (Australia and New Zealand)
To see the full Google calendar click this link to open it in a new window
Note: If the details of an event are too long (you can’t see the “more details” link at the bottom), click on the ‘Agenda’ tab at the top right of the calendar and scroll to find the event. All details should be visible when you click on an event in Agenda view.