Baronial Awards

Baronial Awards

People often give of their time and expertise to assist others, both within the Barony and without it. These people deserve recognition. Accordingly, the Barony of Rowany created the following awards (instructions on how to recommend people for any of these awards can be found here):

Order of the Golden Staple

The Staple is for Service to the Barony. The token is a medallion with “Per pale vert and gules, a staple Or” upon it, but has more recently been created in the form of a large brass staple depended from two cords; red and green.

Order of the Rowan Berries

The Berries is for endeavours in the various Arts and Sciences. The token is a pouch bearing “Two rowan leaves conjoined vert, pendant therefrom three berries gules“.

Frantic Falcon

The Frantic Falcon is for Event Stewarding “above and beyond the call of sanity”. As the barony is host to the Rowany Festival, the Kingdon’s largest event, you can imagine the necessity for this award.


Those combatants who serve the Barony in its martial endeavours for considerable time are asked to join the Yeomanry. The badge of the Levy is an Ailette (shoulder plate – a precursor to the epaulette) bearing “Per chevron dovetailed argent and vert

Baronial Guard

Along with the Baronial Champion, the four Baronial Guards serve the Baron and Baroness in matters both martial and pacific. The term of service is a year. Two guards change-over at Yule Feast, and the other two are changed at Rowany Festival. You will know a Baronial guard by their belt – dovetail divided green and white lengthways with the symbol of the Rowany Berries on the tip.

Silver Cinquefoil

Ofttimes the Barony receives assistance from a gentle who lives outside the boundaries of the Barony – the Silver Cinquefoil is a mark of thanks and the esteem in which they are held by the Barony. The token is a silver cinquefoil (a five-lobed flower), either set as a pin, or as a pendant.

Order of the Dovetail

Awarded for consistent courtesy towards others, this award is given solely at the Baroness’s pleasure.

Canon Lore

If you are wanting to see what Kingdom awards people have, or would like to recommend someone for a Kingdom award, check out the Lochac Canon Lore.