Who Makes Things Happen?

The Webminister

The Rowany Webminister is responsible for the running of the website and ensuring all material published conforms to the society guidelines as published in the Chronicler’s Handbook. When able, he will assist the web-minions in their work too. If you’re having problems with the website or content on the website, you should contact the Webminister.

The Web-minions

The Rowany Web-minions are volunteers who perform copy editing, publishing of content and may also write new content (some choose to write articles, but this is entirely at their own prerogative).

Web-minions are not responsible for the accuracy of material that is copy-written and published – just that the material is appropriately formatted for the website and that it is reasonably comprehensible.

If you wish to volunteer to become a web-minion, please contact the Webminister.

Contributing to this website

(Or what you need to know before you ask somebody to publish your stuff)

Producing content for this website works a lot like producing content for a newsletter like Folia Roani or a newspaper. Authors produce copy which they then submit to the website team for editing, formatting and eventually publishing.

If you want something published, you should contact the web-minions. They can be reached by email at rowanywebminions@gmail.com

Writing Articles and Event Notices

All materials – both articles and event notices – for the website should be presented to the web-minions in copy – that is complete form text ready for editing and publishing. Sending an email with “can you please put a notice up for my eventwith no copy will generally be met with inaction, or may result in poor copy being written with important details missing. Sending full copy also makes the work of the web-minions substantially easier.

If you’re unsure how to go about writing your notice or articles, look at past examples in Folia Roani, on the Rowany website, other SCA websites or the mailing lists. This will help you get a feel as to how to word and format your material. The web-minions will touch up any formatting or general structure issues to make it fit with the website if necessary.

Email Requests

When sending your email, kindly provide the following information and structure to make it easy to both identify and move the information to the website.

To:                           rowanywebminions@gmail.com
Email Subject:         Requesting an update to the Rowany website
Email Body:

Area To Update:     <which part of the site the information relates to, e.g. A&S events>
Desired Heading:    <what heading / subject would you like the update to have>
Details:                    <all the info! Include dates, times, maps and all other useful details>


If you are already submitting something to one of the mailing lists which you feel should ALSO be added to this site, why not just CC (Carbon Copy) the webminions in on the email. That way you are killing two birds with one stone! The information will be added to the mailing list and the format will be appropriate so the web-minions will also add it to this site without you doing anything extra besides adding an additional email address, easy!

Document Formats

We prefer that copy is provided in plain, unformatted, text. Formatting will be applied by the web-minions during the copy editing / publishing process. Accompanying media should also be provided ready to publish. Images are preferred in JPEG or PNG, but any common format should be OK. Please do not down-sample or resize images – the web-minions will handle this.

Flyers, paper forms or other “paper formatted” items will only be accepted if provided in PDF format by the author. This ensures that the flyers and forms will display as the author intended on all computers – and are viewable without any specialised or proprietary software. In order to avoid issues with the layout and formatting of flyers, the web-minions can not convert documents to PDF for you – please do not ask.


The PDF format provides a method for sending exact page layout, fonts and graphics ready for viewing and printing in a format that is independent to the specifics of your computer. This is different to Word and OpenOffice documents which rely heavily on the fonts installed on your computer, as well as the finer details of your printers and their settings in order to lay out and display text. A PDF will look the same on any computer, irrespective of fonts installed, the operating system or the software in use.

PDF viewers are available for free on practically all operating systems. On Windows we recommend the use of Adobe Reader to view PDFs. On MacOS X, we recommend the use of the “Preview” application included with MacOS X.

Some programs, such as OpenOffice and Apple’s “Pages”, have integrated PDF export. Have a look for “export to PDF” or “print to PDF” options in the menus.

For software which does not have integrated PDF export, you generally need an extra piece of software which acts as a virtual printer.

Windows users can use the free PDF Creator (use the download button at the top of the page) to produce PDFs from any application via a ‘virtual printer’ that it’ll create when installed.

MacOS X users don’t need any extra software and can just use the “Save as PDF” button on the bottom left of the “Print” form.

Files hosted on the lochac.sca.org server are limited to 2MB in size. Please optimise any PDF documents to meet this requirement.