Barony of Rowany

Barony of Rowany

The SCA in Sydney, Australia
Covid19 Response
Covid19 Response This is the collection of information regarding the Rowany baronial response to Covid19. It is a work in progress and will be updated as and when circumstances change. The information here is important...
Rowany Calendar
To see the full Google calendar click this link to open it in a new window. Note: If the details of an event are too long (you can’t see the “more details” link at the...
The Barony would not exist without its people. Click through to meet Their Excellences, as well as the Officers who do all the work: The Baroness and Baron of Rowany Rowany Officers Baronial Awards Recommending...
If you are new to the SCA, welcome! The SCA is a warm and welcoming place, but as it has been around a while and has so much to offer, you may not know where to start....

Recent Posts

Beautiful Banners: The Rowany Standard Standards Project 2019
Inspired by the great Standard Standards projects undertaken by the baronies of Saint-Florian-de-la-rivière and Politarchopolis, it is time for Rowany and Stowe to have their...
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Rowany’s Lochac Hero Cloak 2018
Rowany will be creating the Lochac Hero Cloak to be presented at Rowany Festival 2018. We are in the planning stages. We will be seeking...
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Your First Event: Making a Simple Tunic
You'll need something to wear to your first "garbed" event (an event where clothing worn prior to 1600 is expected). The quickest and easiest way...
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Welcome to Rowany

Welcome to Rowany


Rowany is a group of people involved in medieval and renaissance martial arts, period and traditional crafts (including experimental archaeology – working out how something worked by making it), researching the middle ages, or simply socialising in costume at medieval themed events.

We are part of an international organisation called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) (check out a brief overview of the SCA here).

Rowany, or “The Barony of Rowany”, is located in the Sydney Metropolitan region (and other parts) of New South Wales, Australia. 

Want to do things with us? Anyone, no matter what age or level of interest, is welcome to come along to our events and gatherings to find out what we are about. Scroll down for our calendar, or you can find us on Facebook: Barony of Rowany

– We have a regular, casual practice (non-costumed) every Monday night; talk to Ilona when you arrive and she’ll set you up, more details here: Regular Events
– Want to talk to someone just in general about what we do? Email Salbiorg at – she’s our contact for newcomers, and she’s happy to answer your questions.

Seems like fun, but you’re not located nearby? Australian/NZ groups are listed here:
the whole world is here: