Groups in the SCA

The Barony of Rowany administratively covers the Sydney Metropolitan area as well as surrounding sections of New South Wales, Australia. Listed below are the various SCA groups in NSW and the ACT with a link to their specific website. Members of these groups often visit Rowany events, and members of Rowany often travel to their events as well.

Finding Your Closest SCA Group

If you’re looking for your closest SCA group and the list above doesn’t cover your region, then the links below may help you in your search.

Find Your Group – A great place to start when trying to find the group closest to you, anywhere in the world.
SCA Geography – A worldwide list of SCA Kingdoms, along with links and maps where available.
Map of the Knowne World – An interactive map made independently by a member showing the SCA kingdoms

Kingdom of Lochac Group Guide – Find your closest group in Australia.
Map of Lochac – A visual representation of the different groups of the Kingdom of Lochac.