Fighter Auction Tourney

How to apply for Fighter Auction Tourney (FAT) Funds

Fighter Auction Tourney (FAT) Funds are collected every year as a part of Rowany Festival, and they are redistributed throughout the following year to help improve the Kingdom of Lochac.

These funds sit with the Barony of Rowany as we collect them – but they belong to the populace of Lochac.  Therefore anyone can apply to fund their project that improves our fine Kingdom.

The approximate current funds available at 1/2/2017 are: $12,400

We invite all members of Lochac to request FAT funds, keeping the following details below in mind;

  1. All requests are reviewed at the monthly Rowany Senate meeting and we request you submit your application 2 MEETINGS before you would like confirmation of the funds. This is to ensure we have time for the Senate to review the application, and ask for more information if required.  Our meeting dates are listed below, but are held on 3rd Monday of the month as a general rule.
  2. We have developed a FAT application proforma. Open the .pdf file in Microsoft Word or equivalent and it should be converted to an editable document. Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability, and please feel free to add more information, photos etc.
  3. There are some general rules that we follow (listed below). They are not set in stone, but following them shows you are serious about your application and increases the chance of funding;
  • The more of the populace you will reach with your proposed project, the more favourably it will be viewed
  • The more effort you put into raising partial funds for your project, the more we understand how important it is to your community
  • Applications should only be for 50% of travel costs
  • If you are requesting funds for hiring/purchasing specialised items (i.e. tools, cameras etc) please provide at least 2 quotes for comparison.
  • We are disinclined to approve perpetual funding. If you hold a yearly project/event, you will need to apply for funding yearly to ensure that future applications are given fair consideration.

Please find below a list of previous FAT applications for your information.  We have included a link to the certain applications which we feel were well written and can be used as an example.

Additionally, we also have some previous advice found here, which may help with your application.

Lastly – thank you for applying for FAT funds – your work is going towards creating a positive Kingdom.

Rowany Seneschal

Previous FAT requests

Nov 2016Lochac Company of Archers tokensApproved
Feb 2017Silk banners for PennsicRequested 10 – approved 4
May 2017 Additional funds for Royal CloaksApproved
May 2017In principle agreement for costs to cover Crux Australis Herald’s tabardApproved
September 2017Funds to allow Mistress Marian of Heatherdale to attend Cantebury FaireApproved

Monthly Rowany Senate Meeting Dates

Rowany Senate is held online via Zoom at 7:15pm on the third Thursday of every month. Contact the Rowany Seneschal for a link to the online meeting.