New around here?

(Note: this page is a work in progress. Any helpful input is appreciated)

If you are kinda shiny and new, that is awesome!

The SCA is really quite a warm and welcoming place, but as it has been around a while and has so much to offer, you may not know where to start!? We hope this page get’s you on the right path ;)

A Great Introduction to the Society

We’ve developed a Welcome Site which offers a fantastic overview of the SCA.

The society covers almost any aspect you can think of, from a rather large period of the past. Each person appreciates this differently and can focus on areas another member may not have any interest in or even know exists. It is always enjoyable to hear how varied members would describe the SCA and what it means to be a part of the Society.

This can also make it difficult for new members or anyone interested in finding out more. You likely don’t have time to speak to hundreds or even dozens of people, nor will you know the right questions to ask to get all the great information you want out of this select group of folks you happen to have access to, who have probably found their particular interests (we all have opinions :).

So we asked this question: How can we best describe something quite all encompassing with enough information to provide an unbiased overview of what we do, covering a large enough cross-section of Society life for someone wanting to find out more to gain a goodly understanding of what is involved to enable them to make informed decisions as to where they may wish to explore next?

We’re proud to direct you to the SCA Welcome Site. This is that overview, covering the SCA as a whole, worldwide. After having a good look through that site, come back here for further information more specific to the Barony of Rowany, or use the following links to find something closer to you if you are not Sydney based.

Finding Your closest SCA Group

An overview of the process can be found here. It has some extra information which may help you in your search.

Find Your Group - A great place to start when trying to find the group closest to you, anywhere in the world.
SCA Geography – A worldwide list of SCA Kingdoms, along with links and maps where available.
Map of the Knowne World – An interactive map made independently by a member showing the SCA kingdoms

Kingdom of Lochac Group Guide – Find your closest group in Australia.
Map of Lochac – A more visual way to see the different groups of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Resources On This Site

Now that you’re up to speed on the SCA in general, here are some great links to get you going on this site. These are the places that you’ll probably find most useful.

  • Check the menus of this site. The major focus areas have links in the main menu which lead to sub-section where secondary navigation appears on the left hand side
  • The Where Is Everything Else page which provides a more detailed list of resources not part of this site.
  • Rowany run plenty of events, many of which are run regularly. The Regular Events page will give you a good start.
  • Want to find out where we generally do what we do? Have a look at the Addresses and Maps page


What “Stuff” Do I Need To Do and In What Order?

Fortunately, you do not need to do anything. We request you enjoy yourself and treat others well, but isn’t that a given? There is no set path so to speak, however there are a few things that may generally help you to feel like you are on your way to wherever it is you wish to go within the organisation.

We are all plying a game

In “playing” in the SCA, one difference from other games you have played may be that you are physically role playing. You are


Your name, you know, the one most people call you in “real” life, is defined as your Mundane Name in the SCA. Once you decide to make “playing” in the SCA something you’ll actually do for a while (even if it is only every so often), you will probably notice just how often you are asked what your name is. Most likely, people are wondering what your SCA name is. It isn’t that we are being impolite, it is just something that comes with playing in an anachronistic game…  you get to choose a name you play with.

This is just like a lot of other games (most computer games are a good example), you get to choose a name for your character. This will be your SCA name.

Now, you could just choose any old name, however, once you start to feel your way around the SCA, you will probably want to register the name you use when playing (just one of many things that add to the experience). To register, the SCA name you choose must meet certain criteria. You do not have to register, but if you wish to, the name you choose must be accepted by Heraldry.

Basically, the name must be something that would have been viable back in the day. There is actually a fair bit to it. Don’t let that scare you though. It just adds to the experience. Learning how Heraldry works, as with most aspects of the SCA, improves understanding of how things work in present day life. In this instance, Heraldry can provide insight into many symbols you may not even know you are aware of.

Did I mention this is a work in progress…  More to come later. Why not have a look around the site?