• Are you new? Want to talk to someone just in general about what we do? Email Ran at hospitaller@rowany.lochac.sca.org – she’s our contact for newcomers, and happy to answer your questions.
  • General Rowany related enquiries can be directed to the Baron and Baroness.
Position Person Contact
Baron and Baroness (Presidents/Group Leaders) Baroness Caristiona and Baron Stigh rowany@lochac.sca.org
Seneschal (Secretary; administrative head) Master Gomez de Crecy (from 8/12/2018) seneschal@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Reeve (Treasurer) Lord Schorryn (From Q4, 2019) reeve@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Arts & Sciences Minister Lord Minamoto no Hideaki (Q4, 2019) artsci@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Chirurgeon (First Aid) Armiger Raegan (from Q4 2017) chirurgeon@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Chronicler (Newsletter Editor) Armiger Jude Aleksandr Donetsk chronicler@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Herald (Announcements in court; names and devices/coats of arms) Lady Rosalind Beaufort (From April 2018) herald@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Constable (Lost property, waivers, security) Lord Arthur of St Ursula (From 2019) constable@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Armoured Marshal Lord Leif marshal@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Captain of Archers Lord William de la Montaigne Coupé archery@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Rapier Marshal Lord Chris Lloyd rapier@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Hospitaller (newcomers contact; loaner gear) Armiger Ran Njalldottir (Q4, 2019 hospitaller@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Acquisitor (Quartermaster; group gear for running events) Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir acquisitor@rowany.lochac.sca.org
List Keeper (tournament draws and reports) Lady Mathilde Fix It (Q4, 2019) lists@rowany.lochac.sca.org
Webminister (website) Mistress Bethan Daniels of Brockwood (from 21/5/2018) webminister@rowany.lochac.sca.org
The Canton of Stowe-on-the-Wowld –  Seneschal (Secretary of Western Sydney sub-branch) Lady Hrafnhilda Johansdottir stowe.seneschal@lochac.sca.org
College of St Ursula –  Seneschal (Secretary of University of Sydney sub-branch) Noble Stobold collegeofstursula@gmail.com
Youth Officer Eurgain of Whitby (Q3, 2019) youth@rowany.lochac.sca.org

Website-related enquiries should be directed to the Webminister. If you wish to contribute to the website or have information added, please read the guide here.

For more information and discussion about events and our other activities than can be found on this web page, you can join the Rowanites mailing list (approx. 2-3 emails/month; digest format available).