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NOTE 1: Clicking the drop-down arrow next to a position / group name shows more details. Further details for groups provides information such as geographical location. Links to a group’s own website (if available) are found on the Groups in NSW page.

NOTE 2: We’ve now added email addresses to the “Officer” column where possible (if personal addresses are not used). You may find it more convenient than using our online forms to contact officers (accessed with links in the “E-mail” column). Previously the only option was to use our online forms to contact officers. This was to prevent spam. Email addresses on the Lochac system are written in the format officer(AT) instead of to again help reduce spam.

(Note, the contact forms for this table aren’t working – please email people using their displayed email address for the time being.)

Position: Officer: E-mail:
Baron  Baron Miles de Colwell - rowany(AT) E-mail
Baroness  Baroness Ameline de Colwell - rowany(AT) E-mail
Greater Offices:
Seneschal  Lady Unnr Auðunardóttir (from 9/7/2016) - E-mail
Reeve  Lady Arabella d'Aubigny (From 28/03/2016) - E-mail
Arts & Sciences Minister  Lady Ana von der Ron (from 23/5/2018) - E-mail
Chirurgeon  Lady Ragan of Lunihawke (from Q4 2017) - E-mail
Chronicler  Lady Jude of Lunihawke (From Q4 2017) - E-mail
Herald (Cinquefoil)  Lady Rosalind Beaufort (From April 2018) E-mail
Constable  Lady Ilona Skaldja (from June 2017) E-mail
Marshal  Lord Jean-Christophe Le Saussier - E-mail
Lesser Offices:
Acquisitor Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir E-mail
Captain of Archers  Lord William de la Montaigne Coupé E-mail
Rapier Marshal  Lady Reagan of Lunihawk E-mail
Hospitaller  Lady Salbiorg Viss - E-mail
List Keeper  Lady Anna von der Ron (from 18/7/2016) E-mail
Webminister  Mistress Bethan Daniels of Brockwood (from 21/5/2018) E-mail
Group Contacts:
Stowe-on-the-Wowld  Lady Hrafnhilda Johansdottir - stowe.seneschal(AT) E-mail
St Ursula  Skaering - st_ursula(AT) E-mail
St Augustine E-mail