Welcome to Rowany

Rowany is the abbreviated name for the Barony of Rowany. We are people who recreate the Medieval Period! Still reading? Of course you are! We happen to be in the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding area of New South Wales, Australia and are excitedly part of a LARGE organisation called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). This Barony is part of the group in Australia and New Zealand known as the Kingdom of Lochac. Believe it or not, we are proudly ruled over by a King and Queen. They reign for six months at a time! Yes, and it gets even better than that (details inside)!

The SCA, started just over 45 years ago in San Francisco, CA, USA. We strive, through a variety of endeavours, to recreate the best parts of the Medieval Period (as best as we can, the Known World before 1600 AD). A brief overview of the activities of the SCA can be found here.

Larger groups within a Kingdom are organised as Baronies, ruled over by a Baron and Baroness. The Barony of Rowany is the oldest of the Baronies of Lochac, celebrating its 30th anniversary in mid 2012. Our Barony also has sub groups, Stowe-on-the-Wowld in Western Sydney; Okewaite in Goulburn; Radburne in Dubbo; and the College of St Ursula at the University of Sydney. However, Rowany is only one part of the Kingdom of Lochac. Further information about our neighbours, the kingdom and the SCA can be found by clicking on the appropriate area…   back there.

Social structure aside, recreating a past period has advantages and there is a lot more to the SCA than you may initially think! Anyone, no matter what age or level of interest, is welcome to come along to events and gatherings to find out what we are about. We are a bunch of brilliant people who defy labels. Do you like making things, hitting things, speaking to people or researching? Actually that doesn’t even come close to covering what we do. Have a look around and tell us what YOU think :)

More information about the Barony, our neighbours, the Kingdom and the SCA in general can be found by:

New Baron and / or Baroness: At this time we are in the process of choosing successor(s) to our current Baron Loyola and Baroness Annora. This is the main information page.
We also have a forum set up for the populace to discuss the situation, process and candidates. Join the forum discussion here. We’d very much appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Site Updates: The latest information regarding site updates can be found here.

Help wanted: The site is in the process of some significant renovation and we’d like your help! Have a look at the Help Us page for more information. Why would you ADD YOUR INFO to this site? If you have something to say, we’d love to hear from you. In context, most information is important. Doesn’t YOUR information fit a context? Wouldn’t you like to have somewhere for people to find it easily and permanently instead of, say, dropping off the first page of a facebook group? If you are posting SCA info anywhere elsewhere, you know you want people to see it here also? We know this sort of thing wasn’t happening for a while, but that has changed. Find out why here! Running an event? Let us know so we can officially keep people informed. Anything else? Make sure your information is added, details here.