Rowany_Barony_ofRowany is the abbreviated name for the Barony of Rowany, a group of people in the Sydney Metropolitan and other parts of New South Wales, Australia, who recreate the Medieval Period. The people of Rowany are involved in medieval and renaissance martial arts, period and traditional crafts (including experimental archaeology – working out how something worked by making it), researching the middle ages, or simply socialising in costume at medieval themed events.

Anyone, no matter what age or level of interest, is welcome to come along to our events and gatherings to find out what we are about. We have a regular, casual practice (non-costumed) every Monday night; more details here: Regular Events.
You can also find us on Facebook.

The Barony of Rowany are part of an international organisation called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). (A brief overview of the activities of the SCA can be found here).

We are the oldest of the Baronies of the Kingdom of Lochac, and we celebrated our 30th anniversary in mid 2012. Our Barony also has sub groups, Stowe-on-the-Wowld in Western Sydney; Radburne in Dubbo; and the College of St Ursula at the University of Sydney.

Further information about our neighbours, the kingdom and the SCA can be found by clicking on the appropriate area, or by:

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