While we try to keep this site up to date, it isn’t always possible (shocking, we know!)

While certain situations may influence whether this particular site is updated (we didn’t have a chronicler through 2013 or 2014, and at time of your reading, may still not have filled that position), most of the information that should appear here will be the same as (and even be sourced from) the mailing lists.

The SCA is a volunteer organisation and our strength comes from the community as a whole. As such, regardless of what happens on this site, the mailing lists are a fantastic way to get up to the minute information about what is going on in the Barony from any member who has something to say to the community (including you if you feel like it). If you have an email address, why not sign up to one or both of these:

Rowanites Mailing List – The Barony of Rowany’s general mailing list.
Rowany Senate Mailing List – To make things easier, we’ve split the Senate related mails from the Rowanites list, into their own list.

There are a lot of other mailing lists for the Kingdom of Lochac and a bunch other great information sources also, such as Facebook groups and other websites. A great run-down of these with links to get to them is on the Where Is Everything Else page.

If you are feeling the community spirit or for any other reason wish to help out around here, we love to hear from you. Relevant information can be found here.