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From the Baronial Seneschal:


Hi all,

The office of Reeve (treasurer) is an essential office to be filled for any Barony.

We’ve had one – but sadly he’s had an attack of life.

So I am now officially advertising for a new reeve.

A reeve is the treasurer of the barony, and involves a fair amount of work. We’re looking into the feasability of paying a book-keeper to help us with some of the work to make the reeve’s job easier, but even so, this job will require regular time each week to gather receipts, make payments, liaise with stewards for their financial reports, and the constable regarding member insurance and create quarterly reports.

You may make as many deputies as you require to help you with this.

We need somebody honest, reliable and willing to do this work regularly.

If you’d like to apply, please contact me via the webform. Submissions close on November 7th.