(Update 2016-02-01
This section of the site is now considered an archive – The new section which fills an equivalent role is simply called Newsletters and can be found HERE
Information related to Folia Roani prior to this update can be found by going HERE
Newsletters even more prior to that are available HERE
Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have anything prior to Oct 2008. If you have any such information, please get in touch!)

This section of the site houses Folia Roani, the Rowany Newsletter.

Folia now has a Frequent Folia section which is updated frequently with a variety of news, notices, events, drawings, and other information. Each month the “best of” parts are collated into Folia Digest which maintains the more traditional newsletter format for those who like to have a periodical condensed with information they can consume in one sitting.

You will also find links to other newsletters. There is always something going on within the Kingdom and the various newsletters, both in and outside Rowany, are a good way to keep informed.