The Rowany Academy of Arts and Sciences promotes improvement and excellence among the populace of the Barony through teaching and through guidance of skills appropriate to the experience and inclination of each person. It is a skills and competency based scheme, it provides guidance on what to learn in each area, and what could be taught on a regular basis. However, it is up to each artisan to be motivated and complete projects.

The monthly Rowany A&S challenges and displays align with the Areas of Study listed below, and provide a way for artisans to display their efforts.

The Academy will support the Guilds and existing paths to mastery of A&S in the Kingdom. To this end it works with any Guilds of Lochac and members of the Order of the Laurel  that are resident in Rowany and its surrounds.

Areas of Study

Click on an area of study to be taken to the list of skills for that area. This will take you to our off-site forum for the purpose of discussing the Academy and sharing knowledge.

Costuming and Fibre Skills

Making the Game Look Good

In Which You Consult A Recipe

Related to Music and Voice

The Scribal Arts

  • Calligraphy
  • Illumination

Academy Ranks (guidance only, not a formal accreditation process)

Skills are arranged in three stages, depending on experience. The idea is that once all suggested skills are completed an artisan will have a certain level of confidence as follows:

  • Novice Artisan (Biginner): able to confidently say “I can do XXX skill”
  • Novice Artisan (Intermediate): able to confidently design own projects and teach basic skills or give advice.
  • Companion Artisan; these people are drawn on as pool of teachers, considered for the Order of Berries [1], and exemplify A&S in the Barony

[1] this is not an exclusive requirement for Order of Berries, which is awarded at the decision of the Baron and Baroness