Themed Displays – both virtual and in the real world

Rowany hosts a monthly A&S challenge and display. Its purpose is to celebrate skills and creativity, and to encourage members of the Barony to make their efforts more visible by displaying their work to the broader Barony.

Two themes are set for the challenge each month, (except months listed as clothing) in one of 13 broad themes. If you want to participate then take a photo of an item(s) for that theme and submit it via one of the methods listed below before the end of that month. The item should have been completed sometime in the previous 6 months.

A gallery of all submitted projects will be posted on the Rowany Website UNLESS otherwise stated in the description.

You might also want to display the item at an event, or Dence Park, or Tuesday A&S to display in person and/or get feedback. There will be space set aside at all these venues for an open A&S display, since this was so successful at the Baronial Changeover.

Just before 1 May (SCA New Year) we will compose a roll of artisans for everyone who displayed an item, sorted by number of entries and publish this on the Baronial website.

You can submit in one of 2 ways:

Facebook: A photo album will be set up in the Baronial group for each theme. Post your photo(s) there are include answers to the questions below in the description

Email: Send an email to the Rowany A&S challenge email address, and it will be posted directly  to the Baronial website (allow a couple of days for processing).

  1. What it is
  2. Where and when it is from
  3. Who made it
  4. How long have you been practicing this skill?
  5. Any other details? Including, have you written about it elsewhere (e.g. your blog)?

If you would you like feedback please state this in your commentary (see section on acceptable commentary below). This is not required.

Documentation is not required, but you may want to use this as an opportunity to practice writing documentation. Up to you and where you’re at with your skills and research. Or, you may want to link us to your blog or other website where you talk about your work.

May want to look at the Academy Skills lists for ideas and a sense of the type of project to tackle at your experience level.

Comments on submitted projects:

The point is to make things, and to celebrate skills and creativity. The point is NOT to judge.

There is one rule in these challenges – everyone is participating at their current skill level and knowledge. Any comments that state “that’s not period” will be deleted. Any comments on how to make something “more period” or how to improve an item that are not specifically requested by the participant will be deleted.

Words of encouragement are always welcome. Questions on how something was done, or which decisions were made in the process of creating the item and how to find out more are welcome as well.