If you are posting Rowany related information anywhere other than this site… you also want to have it here, right? Yes!

OH NO! Something is Wrong 🙁

I sadly report, YOU are missing out on a valuable resource!

Most people are posting great information to various groups and mailing lists and unless you know where it all is and have signed up “everywhere”, you are likely missing information you’d very much be interested in! Unfortunately, this site is being under-utilised. It is a little stale and has become unattractive. People are forgetting to post here 🙁

The people who volunteer their time to run this site are in the process of sprucing things up 🙂 We are in the process of collecting information from any place we happen to remember to get it from. However, we cannot know all the Facebook groups and events happening across ALL of the wonderfully diverse areas and interests of SCA goings on (can you?). Besides, it is not the web team’s responsibility to sift through every email on every mailing list in case there is information that is really useful to others who may not be on THAT list.

The information should come to us.
The website should be a central spot for information and not just some glorified brochure with a bit of static information in case someone happens to go take a look…

Repeat with me, “BORING!


What’s That Got To Do With You?

Bluntly, much of what you are posting elsewhere should also be added here.
Rather importantly, if you are running an event of some sort, you REALLY should make sure the information is here also.



There are important reasons for this:

1)  Everyone with internet access then also has access to the Barony web site. Even without internet connected at home, people will usually have a smart phone, can go to their neighbours house or use an internet cafe.
2)  Not everyone is on Facebook (most of the planet, sure, but some people choose not to, which we should fully respect) AND… Not everyone has joined your favourite mailing list, you know, the one which you actively post to or get information from. Posting here does not exclude people.
3)  Much of the information available is currently being communicated through word of mouth only or on facebook groups where the information all too quickly tends to disappear down the timeline and off the end of the initial page render, into obscurity. Later, when someone has the same question, the information is being repeated… and then again and again. Having the information here secures the information by enabling us to make sure it is easy to find next week and next year, not just for a day or three.
4)  It is part of our rules and regulations that any official information must go through an official channel. Mailing lists and the SCA web sites are part of this, but Facebook is not.

Side Note: we have a specific set of rules for use of social media, perhaps I can scare you into reading them (jokes, or maybe not, but yes.. or am I joking)? There are rules, they may not fit your circumstance, but you’ll have to read them to find out!

Do you know where to find these rule? If you’ve been playing a while, the answer is probably yes. If not, your answer is probably I’ll go ask someone who’s been playing a while! Well, there should be another option… you should be able to check the logically laid out web site which will have an easy way for me to find the information I want! Don’t look for a link to the regulations right now as it’s NOT there. My point is, it should be. In fact, all the information you might search for should be available here, right?

We may be “playing” medieval but we can do better than “ask someone” to find common, useful information here in the 21st Century!


What SHOULD You Do Right Now

I strongly urge everyone to go read through Contributing and Who Does What, especially the part about “Email Requests”. If you are already sending information to a mailing list, simply carbon copy (CC:) the webminions (rowanywebminions@gmail.com) at the same time, simple right!

We are also in the process of doing some fairly significant changes to the site which should breath some life back. We’d love your help!

Now, please also go and have a quick look at Where Is Everything Else?
We really would like some help filling this page out to be a one stop quick reference guide to where useful things are. So, if you know of groups, sites, lists, memberships, contacts and the like not shown, please let us know!


What CAN You Do From Now On

If you have some juicy info or there is an event happening and you are organising it...

Please get in contact with all information (go and read the info in the link above) so we can get it onto the web site. You are already (usually) sending to mailing lists, posting to Facebook groups and often creating Facebook events. You really SHOULD be sending to us to be posted on the web site too. If you are officially emailing somewhere welse, just add us to the email and we’ll do the rest.

The web site could (and should) be the central resource all other things flow from.
If you send something through to us as an afterthought or with a subset of the information you are putting elsewhere, you should be beaten with a rattan sword! Why would you do that? Think about it!


If you have something to say, you want to post it here too, don’t you! You WANT to post the information here…  go on, do it 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read through, it is appreciated 🙂

Your In Service,
Rowany Webminister