Baron & Baroness

The Baron & Baroness are the representatives of the Crown within the Barony. As such it is their duty to recognise the good works of their populace, and to encourage more of the same. While the Seneschal is the administrative head of the group, the Baron & Baroness aim to provide motivational leadership and direction to the group.

Currently in Rowany this is Baron Miles and Baroness Ameline.


The Chamberlain is there to assist the Baron & Baroness. Partly this is to ensure that the Baronage is suitably organised for events, but their role is also largely to ensure that the Guards and Companions are properly organised to assist. The Chamberlain can be a contact point for the Baronage, however this is not to imply that the Baronage does not want to hear from you directly.

Currently the Baronial Chamberlain is Lady Ilona


The Baronial Guard has a one year term. Typically in Rowany this rotates at either Yule or Festival. The duties of the Baronial Guard are to fight for the Barony on the field. In addition they are expected to attend on the Baron & Baroness in court, and to assist them at events. The guard is expected to run at least one tourney during the term. The regalia for the Baronial Guard is a green and white dovetailed belt or baldric.

Currently the Baronial Guards are Lady Reagan and Lady Natasha of Lunihawk, Lady Francesca of Ursula, and Lord Bjorn the Difficult


The Baronial Companion is also a one year term, rotating at either Yule or Festival. This position may be held by either a combatant or non combatant. They are expected to assist the Baron & Baroness at events, both personally and in court. The companions are asked to steward an event during their term, or hold a significant position on a stewarding team. The regalia for the Baronial Companion is a green and white silk sash.

The current Baronial Companions are Lord AL’Attar and Gwen verch David


The Baronial Artisan is a new position to represent the Arts & Sciences. Also a one year term, rotating at Festival. The Baronial Artisan is asked to explore and research an area of their interest, and then complete a project within their term. They are asked to provide updates throughout their progress, and then to teach a class at Festival on what they have learnt.

The current Baronial Artisans are Lady Annabel de Swinburne and Lady Tatya

Captain of Militia

The Captain of the Militia is in charge of the Militia of Rowany. Their duties are to train and prepare the Rowany Militia for war, as well as those households and other units that would fight beneath Rowany’s banners.

The current Captain of Militia is Duke Aedward Steadfaste

Captain of Archers

The Captain of Archers is in charge of the Rowany Company of Archers. These are auxilary forces to the Rowany Militia. The Captain’s duties are to be responsible for the training and maintance of Rowany’s Archers.

The current Captain of Archers is Baron Sir Torold of Hawkehurst

Captain of the Watch

The Captain of the Watch is charged with maintaining the city watch, ie, civil forces, of the Barony. Their duties are to train and prepare Rowany’s civilian combatants for the field.

The current Captain of the Watch is Don Gomez de Crecy