Rowany Yule 9 December 2017

As the end of the year draws nigh, draw close to your friends and come to Rowany Yule

Join with their majesties Stefan and Branwen, and our excellencies Miles and Ameline, in an Italian feast, and experience flavors inspired by the Tuscan sun, from the land of Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Sforza, to celebrate, or commiserate, the passing year and make plans for the next.

Show your honour and talent and work up a hunger on Saturday before the feast by joining in the haevy and rapier tournies


Feast and tournies: Galston Community Hall
37 Arcadia Rd, Galston
11am for heavy tourney, 1:30pm rapier tourney
Feast opens 6pm

When: Saturday 9th December

Costs: $35 for booked adult, $40 for non booked
$15 for under 12s
$25 for 12-17


Above prices for SCA members, non-members add $5


Bookings: Medb ingen ind Iasachta (Jenny):

Use subject Yule Booking

Send dietary requests to Marozia:

Bids to run Rowany Yule Feast 2015

Good afternoon everyone.

While this may seem early, I am seeking bids for Yule Feast. Trust me, the time will fly, hahaha.

Do you have some ideas for what you would like to see? Something that you’ve been wanting to try for a while?

I would love to hear it!

Rowany Seneschal

Join us for the annual Rowany Yule Feast!


Where: Granville Town Hall, Dean St, Granville NSW AU
When: 13th December, 2014
Time: Hall opens from 5.30pm

Booking Information:

Bookings Officer: Altani Khalighu

Full Event Price:
Adult member: $45:00
Adult non member: $50:00
Child member<16: $10:00
Child non member <16: $15:00
Child member <5: $0:00
Offboard member: $20:00
Offboard non member: $25:00
Adult member- unbooked: $55:00
Adult non member- unbooked: $60:00
Child member- unbooked: $15:00
Child non member- unbooked: $20:00

Feast Information:
Contact: Annora Martin

Rowany Heavy and Rapier Tournaments

Their Excellencies the Baroness and Baron of Rowany invite all to the inaugural
Knights of the Heartlands Pas d’Armes Challenge members of the Order of Chivalry, and the Order of the White Scarf, in a pas d’armes

Where: Parramatta Park, Byrnes Ave, Parramatta NSW AU
When: 13th December, 2014
Time: 11am
Cost (Tourney only): $3 members / $8 Non-members
Steward: Annora Martin

Tourney Information
Contact: Kinggiyadai Ba’atur & Anton de Stoc

IMPORTANT! No Candles at Yule

From the Steward:


Hi everyone, I just found out from the venue that they’ve installed
heat-sensor fire alarms in Petersham Town Hall which will trip if it
detects an intense point-load heat-source, like a candle or match (but
clearly not post-practice sweaty fighter ).

If it trips we will be liable for over $2000 for the fee the fire brigade
charges for a false alarm AND we will not be able to get back into the
building for 2-3 hours.

While this is very, very frustrating, I am sure you agree we’d rather have
an event with no candles than be outside on the footpath and lose $2000.

It will be light in that hall until 8pm, by which time dinner will have
been served and eaten. We have a stash of LED tea lights already (thanks
Iseabail). I will buy some more today for each table. This will at least
get close to simulating low light conditions

If you have an LED type light that is period-esque you may wish to bring it

Thank you so much for your understanding, I’m as disappointed/frustrated as
you are.

Clara, Steward”

Yule Feast – Information – 14 Dec 2013

Hi Everyone,

Less than a week to Yule, I hope your preparations are going well. I know
ours are.

Here’s some stuff you need to know ahead of the event being held at Petersham Town Hall:

1. We will be serving first remove at 6.20, so ask you to be dressed and
have your table place sorted by this time. If you want to sing the carols
and didn’t get an email from me this afternoon can you let me know please.
Also, I’m still after 1 more server for High Table.

2. The Hall opens at 5.30, but the front doors will be open all afternoon.
You can come inside if you need to after the tourney, but we ask that you
give us space to set up. By congregating in the entryway and out of the way
of the bookings table until we open.

3. If you are entering the A&S competitions then there will be a large
table in the foyer where you can leave your entry and any documentation.

4. The weather is currently forecast to be pretty much the same as today.
Slightly more humid (74% vs 64%). The Hall will be hot, so please dress for
this and drink enough water.

5. Any help you can give us to clean up the hall after the event will be
very much appreciated. This includes bringing a broom to use, as they don’t
supply them

Thanks, and see you on Saturday,
Clara va de Maes, Steward

Yule Tournaments – Heavy and Fencing – 14 Dec 2013

To the Kingdom of Lochac, and to all Knights, squires, man at arms and all who enjoy the combative arts within the Kingdom of Lochac, does Sir Gabriel de Beaumont, former squire of Count Sir Berenger of Nancy, invite you to a celebration.

Ten glorious years has passed since Alaric & Nerissa, Third King and Queen of Lochac, did elevate Berenger of Nancy to the Order of Chivalry in AS XXXVII at Rowany Yule.

Let it be known that on the 14th Day of December, we, the extended Household of Nancy, being Sir Berenger of Nancy and his squires, students and men of arms, and those knights, squires, students and men at arms who claim lineage to him, will hold the field in the Barony of Rowany against all who would challenge us in a passage of arms. The forms of the challenges shall be inspired by those weapon forms loved by Sir Berenger of Nancy, being either the matched forms of sword and shield, single sword or matched halberds. All challenges shall be fought either as a single combat, team melee, counted blows or over the barrier.
This will also be the last time that one of the members of the extended Household of Nancy, THL Stigh Joghensson will take the field as my squire before his elevation to the Order of Chivalry at the Feast that evening.

We hope that many will come and cross weapons with us in the spirit of friendship, or will watch this wonderful spectacle.

And… to the Kingdom of Lochac fencers and to all members of the guild of Defence be it be known to all that profess skill at arms that we, Provost Lindoret of Bryn Myrddin and Provost Gomez de Crecy, do give leave and licence to our students, Mistress Baroness Alexous of Yuri, and Tatjana Natasha of Lunihawk, to play there Free Scholars Prizes against all Free Scholars, Journeymen, Provosts and Guild Masters in their subtle mystery at these weapons, viz: rapier and dagger. We are honored that her highness Queen Liadan, as a member of the Guild of Defence, will be testing our scholars upon the fencing field.

Following this demonstration of skill, a tournment of rapier will be held to determine the Rowany Rapier Champion, we invite all having the prowess in the art of defence to take the field for the glory of Rowany that she may be well defended.
11:00 Armour inspection
11:30 Free scholar prizes
12:00 Pas d’Armes Tournament
12:30 Rowany Rapier Champion Tournament

Location: Petersham Park, Petersham. [Map]

The list fields will be at the Brighton St end (opposite end from the cricket field).

Bring plenty of water, something to sit on, and something to eat for lunch.

Yule Feast will be held following the tournaments.

Yule Tourney & Feast (15 Dec 2012)

As summer returns to Lochac, banish the last memories of the dearth of winter, and come and enjoy the warmest hospitality that Rowany has to offer. Earn yourself a healthy appetite, and the acclaim of the crowd, at one of the day’s tournaments of chivalry and renown. Then, feast upon the decadent offerings of our hunters and gamekeepers at Rowany’s premier summer event.

Site: Marrickville Town Hall
Date: 15/12/2012
Time: Tournaments 12-4; Feast from 6pm.

Booked before 1 December: $30 Member / $40 Non-member (including $5 insurance surcharge).
Door rate: $40 Member / $50 Non-member (including $5 insurance surcharge).
Tourney only: $5 Member, $10 Non-member.

Bookings may be made with payment to save inconvenience at the door.
Concession rates for those willing to offer labour are available by arrangement with the steward.

For bookings, email (don’t forget to include dietary requirements, requests for overnight billeting, and/or membership numbers, as applicable).

For other enquiries (including offers of help, and requests for further information), email the steward, Ariston Hegelokos, on .

Tournament Venue:
Petersham Park, cnr Wentworth St and Brighton St, Petersham.

Refreshments will be provided, and spectators are encouraged to attend and participate in the selection of the barony’s next champion. There will be no shortage of heavy fighting: a Swiss seed tournament will be followed by a chivalric melee, with winners of the former to be joined in the finals by the crowd’s selection of fighters who demonstrate outstanding chivalry, pageantry, prowess and
inspiration upon the field.