Details for Rowany Festival 2017

Details for Rowany Festival 2017 have been finalised and are now available on the Festival website.
In case you were not aware, Rowany Festival has its own website found here which should be your first destination to find our anything related to festival such as FAQs, how to volunteer, contacts etc.

There are two major pieces of information most people are likely to look for are, so we’ve specified those below…

Festival Handbook

The 2017 Festival Handbook is now available.
Download it and read it carefully!
The Site Rules have been substantially edited to explicitly explain all the rules (e.g. showers, use of the swimming dam, Tavern) so please have a read.

We will provide a printed copy to each campsite warden on arrival, and there should also be reference copies at Gate and in the Officers tent.
If you want a copy of your own, please print and bring with you.
The handbook is 20 A4 pages (10 double-sided) – Includes all site rules, Emergency Evacuation rules, greetings from the Crown and B&B, directions to site, merchants list (as at 3/4/17) and information about the site, amenities, timetable and activities.

Festival Timetable

Full timetable details and full activity guide are also available. Currently at This will be available as a PDF shortlyshortly.)


We very much look forward to seeing you at Festival and hope you have a fabulous time!

Rowany Festival 2013 – Details and timetable (28 Mar – 1 Apr 2013)

Greetings to all,

Rowany Festival runs over Easter each year and for 2013 it is almost here once again, HUZZAH!!

For all the latest details, head over to the festival site

The latest timetable can also be found through the menu at the top of that site, or a direct link to the page itself is:

We very much look forward to seeing you all there


A&S Dence Park Timetable (3 Mar 2013)

Hi everyone,

Below it the time table for the Dence Park A&S Day:

Kids Classes
10.00-10.45     – Sewing
11.00-12.00     – Boffer
12.30-1.00       – Lunch
1.00-2.00         – Dance Practise
2.00-3.00         – Archery
3.00-4.00         – Games

We do not expect that each of the kids classes will hold all the kids attention for the entire length of the time that the class is set for. The timing is to give those children who are interested a reasonable length of time to do the things that they want to do. Not all of the kids will engage in all of the activities and some probably won’t engage in any, that is up to the individual children and their parents.

Adult Classes
10.00-11.00     – What to bring/ wear/ see and do at Festival
11.00-12.00     – How to make your camp site look more period
12.30-1.00       – Lunch
2.00-3.00         – Dance Practice
1.00-3.00         – Cloaks
3.00-4.30         – T-tunics

Outside activities
10.00-12.00     – Fencing

I have not scheduled other outside activities other than the Fencing and the kids use of the outside area however fighting and adult additional use of the outside area is encouraged.


After O Week Beginners Fighter Practice Starts (12 Mar 2013)

At Rowany Fighter Practice on Tuesday 12th march at Petersham we are starting our after O Week beginners practice.
This will be every week at 7:30 pm.
If you know anyone in the greater Sydney Area or want to be involved than please pass this message on or turn up yourself. There is no cost other than the insurance non member cost ($5).

Rowany Newcomers Day 2013 (map, cost, details, timetable) (16 March 2013)

As autumn comes once more to fair Rowany, we gather to welcome new members to our society.

Lady Ilona Miskolczi and Lord Sigvald inn Ursulan invite you to the Rowany Newcomers’ Day, where you shall find such delicacies produced by the finest hands in our Barony, matched only in quality by the company of friends long known and yet to be made.

Come join us and welcome the newest members of our glorious Barony at the feast in the evening, and spend the day honing your skills or learning new ones at our day of classes.


Site:      St Stephens Church Hall, 189 Church St, Newtown, 2042 [MAP]
Date:    16 March 2013
Time:    Day of classes 12 noon-6pm
Feast:   Hall opens 6pm for 6:30 feast.

Class timetable is coming soon below.


 Time Outside Downstairs room Hall Upstairs room Kitchen
12pm-1pm Heavy combat: stance and movement – Ariston Hegelokos SCA History – Mistress Filipa Ginevra  Francesca di Lucignano Some time to finish your garb before the feast! Calligraphy & Illumination – Mistress Caristiona nic Beathain
1pm-2pm Applied Geometry (rennaisance bar brawling) – Anton de Stoc Singing – Mistress Bethan of Brockwood Some time to finish your garb before the feast! Calligraphy & Illumination – Mistress Caristiona nic Beathain Brewing – Iseabail
2pm-3pm Heavy combat masterclass – Baron Mendoza Making cords – fingerloop and lucet braid – Duchess Yolande Introduction to period cooking – Mistress Filipa Ginevra  Francesca di Lucignano
3pm-4pm Rapier class – Gomez de Crecy Beyond the T-Tunic – Clara van de Maes Introduction to Heraldry – Sigvald
4pm-5pm High Tea with the B&B – Baroness Annora and Baron Mendoza History: Popes and their lives – Anton de Stoc
5pm-6pm Beginner’s Dance Singing – Mistress Bethan of Brockwood
6pm Hall opens for the 6:30pm FEAST!!


Day of classes (snacks provided)
Newcomer:  $7.00
Member:     $10.00
Feast only
Newcomer:  $15.00
Member:      $25.00
Day of classes only
Newcomer:  $2.00
Member:      $5.00
Price if attend whole event
Newcomer:  $22.00
Member:      $35.00


For bookings or inquiries, email us at with the following information:

  • Mundane Name
  • SCA Name
  • Member Y/N
  • Dietary requirements?
  • Children?

Also, for your convenience, payment can be taken at Rowany Fighter Practice or on the day.

Yours in Service,

Ilona Miskolci and Sigvald inn Ursulan
Stewards, Rowany Newcomers Day 2013