Update – Open Day to Visit Festival Site going Ahead – Smoke Free Zone


An update on the Rowany Festival Site Visit this weekend.
The planned visit will be going ahead as planned with one minor alteration.
The site is to remain a smoke free site for the day. So if you are a smoker
please be aware of this and make sure that you do not smoke anywhere on the
site on Saturday.

For those who are coming we will see you there.


Visit to Festival Site Potential Postponement Due to NSW Fires – TBA Later


at the moment the planned Site Visit on the weekend is up in the air. The
owner of the property has asked that he be able to contact us on Thursday
to either clear our visit on the weekend or to reschedule it. This decision
will be made on a number of factors including;
Fires in the area
Access on the roads
Air Quality
Emergency Services in the area and their concerns
and a number of other different concerns.

When we hear from the owner of the site and we discuss these concerns on
Thursday details on the site visit will be forthcoming. Additional
information will be posted here when it is forthcoming.

The Festival Stewards

Upcoming Events Sep /Oct 2013

10th September – Beginners Singing,  Petersham Town Hall,  from 7:30.

29th September – Dence Park A&S. Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park

1st October – Beginners Singing, Petersham Town Hall from 19:30

4th October-7 Spring War, Barony of Mordenvale. Bookings recommended! Information on venue and bookings can be found here

26th October Rowany Festival 2014 Site Visit 10:00-15:00. 162 Black Spring Rd, High Range, NSW 2575

26th October – Ossuary (k)Nights Fools Feast and Masque. Hosted by Stowe on the Wowld. 1st Toongabbie Scout Hall from 6:30pm

Ongoing Events:

Fighter Practice: Tuesdays from 7:30 at Petersham Town Hall, Crystal St, Petersham and Sundays from 14:00 at Sydney Park, St Peters (near the brickworks)
Beginners Singing: 1st Tuesday of every month