NEW DETAILS: Newcomers Feast, Saturday 12 March

Event Name: Rowany Newcomers
Host Group: Rowany
Date: Saturday, March 12th 2016
Event type: Collegium and Feast
St Peters Public School, Church St, St Peters

Name: Raegan of Lunihawk
Email Address:

Bookings Close: Monday, March 7th 2016
Booking Contact:
Jude of Lunihawke –
Newcomers $20
Populace $30 (+$5 for non-members)
At door price is +$10 (except for newcomers)

The annual Rowany Newcomers event is upon us once again!

It will be held at St Peters Public School, St Peters on Saturday the 12th of March.
The event shall begin with a set of tournaments, an afternoon of classes and end
with a fabulous feast.

Please send all bookings to Jude of Lunihawke –

If you would like to help out in running a class please contact Sigvaldr Svidandi –

If you are interested in getting involved or have inquiries please contact me here
or at

(Current) Timetable for Rowany Newcomers!
Armoured and rapier tournaments – Lord Jude of Lunihawk (rapier) (heavy marshal tbc) (outdoors)
Medieval and SCA Heraldry – Lord Matthjis Tjepke van der Horst
SCA camping etiquette – Lady Mairi of Kilravok
Introduction to armoured combat – Duke Aedward Staedfaste and Sir Ariston Hegelochos (outdoors)
Bardic Circle – Lady Ilona Skaldja
Are you a threat to the kingdom in the 16th century? – Lord Anton de Stoc
Introduction to rapier combat – Lord Jude of Lunihawk and Lord Liufeyan (outdoors)
Costuming through the ages – Lady Ana von der Ron
Introduction to brewing – Mistress Isebail inghean Domhnall mhic Donchaidh
SCA combat archery – Count Kinggiyadai Ba’atur (outdoors)
War and culture in the ancient world – Sir Ariston Hegelochos
Introduction to sewing and costuming – Duchess Yolande Kesteven
Medieval board games – Lord Sigvaldr Svithandi and Lord Matthjis Tjepke van der Horst
Teachers: please let Sigvaldr know if you need equipment, a change in time, or anything else.

Your First Event: Making a Simple Tunic

You’ll need something to wear to your first “garbed” event (an event where clothing worn prior to 1600 is expected). The quickest and easiest way to do this to make a tunic or two.

In order to make a tunic follow the instructions below.

For ‘in person’ assistance, a good way to get this is to ask someone on Tuesdays at Fighter Practice / A&S to introduce you to someone who can help, or come along to Dence Park A&S days. Information about both of these can be found at the Regular Events page. Remember, things such as locations (temporary new venue at time of writing for Tuesdays) and dates (Dence Park dates change yearly) can change, so check posts¬†in the appropriate section on this site for the most up to date information (hint: the above are event related).

Quick guidance

Tunics are worn by everyone throughout the entire period the SCA covers, until the mid-1300s pretty much all clothing is comprised of layers of tunics of various lengths and looseness / tightness. After the mid-1300s the tunic is made of white linen and is the underwear layer, and is herafter known as a ‘smock’, ‘shirt’, ‘chemise’. No matter what period you want to cover you will need to make a tunic (or 7).

As a general rule of thumb for outerwear tunics men should aim for a knee length tunic and women should aim for a floor length tunic.

Try to make your tunics from natural fibres: wool, linen or cotton. You will be more comfortable in the heat, warmer in the cold and less likely to sustain serious injury if you clothes catch on fire over a flame / fire.

To make your tunics look good try layering two tunics, and decorating the cuffs, hem and neckline of the tunic in some way (see inspiration section below).

Above all, the SCA requires AN ATTEMPT at clothing that would have been worn prior to 1600. Whatever you make will be fine ūüôā


  1. Open the Elizabethan Smock Generator website (a smock is what the tunic turned into over time)
  2. Find a friend / relative, get a tailor’s measuring tape and take all the measurements listed on the website. Write them down on some note-paper. It’s better to have someone else take them for you as there are measurements you won’t be able to take accurately on your own.
  3. Input them into the pattern generator, choose the “pieced option” if you have experience sewing, and the “1-piece option” if you haven’t sewn much before. Note down how much fabric it says you will need. You can convert inches to cms¬†and yards to metres on this site. Save the page, or re-enter the information at step 5.
  4. Find / buy this amount of fabric, take it home, wash it the same way you plan to wash the tunic(s) in future, which reduces possible future shrinkage (wash it separately, in case the dyes run on the first wash).
  5. Refer to the generated pattern, and cut out all the pieces following the instructions on the generator page
  6. Follow the instructions on this page to assemble the tunic. Exception: in step 4, make it a round neck opening, not a square one
  7. Wear it to an event and enjoy!


Photos of re-enactors in tunics for you to get ideas on what you would like to wear / make:

Newcomers Event Details (15 Mar 2014)

To the people of Rowany does Lord Anton de Stoc sends greetings, and news!

The Barony of Rowany will be holding it’s traditional Newcomers Event, at
Marrickville Town Hall on Saturday, 15 March 2014.

The hall will open at 12 for an afternoon of classes involving dance,
making clothes, song and other diverse activities.

The feast itself will be starting at 6pm, with a Persian theme.

Any persons with dietary requirements are requested to contact the Steward
well in advance, so they can be suitably fed.

Prices and Bookings:

First event, $10
Helper Price, $20 (ie musicians, cooks, hall setup etc)
Standard price, $30
Children under 7, free
Children 8-17, $10

Non member insurance surcharge, $5
Unbooked, $10 surcharge if other than 1st event.

Bookings close 1 March 2014

Please send bookings and any dietary requirements to rowanynewcomersbookings (AT)

Small Print

If you need to ask if it’s your first event, it’s your first event.

If you would like to help with cleanup, talk to Skarpethin ( dlcharlier (AT) )

If you would like to help with classes, talk to Sigvald. ( alex.selth (AT) )

If you’d like to help in the kitchen, talk to the steward before the cooks¬†come at you with cleavers. ( PlantLauren (AT) )

Please feel free to cross post this! Newcomers is an awesome event. Bring a friend!

Rowany Newcomers Day 2013 (map, cost, details, timetable) (16 March 2013)

As autumn comes once more to fair Rowany, we gather to welcome new members to our society.

Lady Ilona Miskolczi and Lord Sigvald inn Ursulan invite¬†you to the Rowany Newcomers’ Day, where you shall find such delicacies¬†produced by the finest hands in our Barony, matched only in quality by the¬†company of friends long known and yet to be made.

Come join us and welcome the newest members of our glorious Barony at the feast in the evening, and spend the day honing your skills or learning new ones at our day of classes.


Site:      St Stephens Church Hall, 189 Church St, Newtown, 2042 [MAP]
Date:    16 March 2013
Time:    Day of classes 12 noon-6pm
Feast:   Hall opens 6pm for 6:30 feast.

Class timetable is coming soon below.


 Time Outside Downstairs room Hall Upstairs room Kitchen
12pm-1pm Heavy combat: stance and movement РAriston Hegelokos SCA History РMistress Filipa Ginevra  Francesca di Lucignano Some time to finish your garb before the feast! Calligraphy & Illumination РMistress Caristiona nic Beathain
1pm-2pm Applied Geometry (rennaisance bar brawling) – Anton de Stoc Singing – Mistress Bethan of Brockwood Some time to finish your garb before the feast! Calligraphy & Illumination – Mistress Caristiona nic Beathain Brewing – Iseabail
2pm-3pm Heavy combat masterclass РBaron Mendoza Making cords Рfingerloop and lucet braid РDuchess Yolande Introduction to period cooking РMistress Filipa Ginevra  Francesca di Lucignano
3pm-4pm Rapier class – Gomez de Crecy Beyond the T-Tunic – Clara van de Maes Introduction to Heraldry – Sigvald
4pm-5pm High Tea with the B&B – Baroness Annora and Baron Mendoza History: Popes and their lives – Anton de Stoc
5pm-6pm Beginner’s Dance Singing – Mistress Bethan of Brockwood
6pm Hall opens for the 6:30pm FEAST!!


Day of classes (snacks provided)
Newcomer:  $7.00
Member:     $10.00
Feast only
Newcomer:  $15.00
Member:      $25.00
Day of classes only
Newcomer:  $2.00
Member:      $5.00
Price if attend whole event
Newcomer:  $22.00
Member:      $35.00


For bookings or inquiries, email us at with the following information:

  • Mundane Name
  • SCA Name
  • Member Y/N
  • Dietary requirements?
  • Children?

Also, for your convenience, payment can be taken at Rowany Fighter Practice or on the day.

Yours in Service,

Ilona Miskolci and Sigvald inn Ursulan
Stewards, Rowany Newcomers Day 2013