Yes, Festival is moving after 2013

Unto the Populas do Baron Loyola and Baronesss Annora send greetings.

As many of you know now, the contract for Glenworth Valley Festival site is n it’s final year and in the past few months we have been exploring alternative venues. Four sites were submitted for appraisal by members of the Kingdom at large and open discussion. After this lengthy process and the council of our advisory team, we have decided thus.

We will be moving Rowany Festival to a new site in the Southern Highlands called Womberoo. We fully believe that Womberoo offers a range of opportunities and facilities that no previous Festival site has.

Storage of shipping containers on the new site is approved, so they will need to be moved after this Festival. Any unclaimed or un-spoken for items will be disposed of before this takes place. If you have anything in the containers, please take responsibility for ensuring that your items are accounted for. Further information regarding this will be posted as soon as we can.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks at this years Rowany Festival. Good luck with the last of your preparations.

Warmest regards and safe travels,

Loyola and Annora – Rowany.