Monthly Arts and Sciences at Dence Park

We hold Arts and Sciences every second Sunday at Dence Park Creative Centre in Epping. There is plenty of space and light, and people to chat with about all different kinds of pre-C17th craft.

See the facebook group for discussion: 

Upcoming classes:
10 September 2017 (Steward: Marozia): Worshipful Company of Broiderers’ meeting and embroidery classes; belt making for Hospit.
8 October 2017(Steward: Rosalind): Carving wooden spoons, …
12 November 2017 (steward for the day TBA)
No gathering in December – come to Yule Feast!

Where: Dence Park Creative Centre, 26 Stanley Rd, Epping NSW.
What time: 10-4. Potluck lunch around 1pm.
Cost: SCA members – $5 casual attendance or part of regular events payment; non members – $10.

Candidates Announcement And First Question Time (14 Jan)


We have been charged by the Crown to announce the Candidates running for the Baronage of Rowany.

Mistress FilipaGinevra.
Master Sir Torold.
Master Tariq and Lady Juliana.
Lord Miles and Lady Ameline.

We would also like to remind the populace that tomorrow evening at fighter practice at Petersham Townhall is the first open meeting of the Candidates. This is an opportunity to ask questions and hear ideas from all the candidates. Plus an opportunity to meet them all.

We expect the meeting to get underway at 7:30, allowing all concerned members to get to the venue. We feel this meeting will take about an hour of the evening.

We look forward to seeing many of the populace at tomorrows evening.

Loyola Baron, Annora Baroness.

Potential Candidates Info Gathering Meet

Baronage Rowany

Firstly apologies for the tight schedule.

We would like to give potential candidates the opportunity to meet with us and voice their ideas and questions. To this end We will be at the Oatley pub, in the upstairs beer Garden, on the Afternoon of Saturday the 4th from between 2 and 6. This should give more than enough time for any potential candidates to come across and see us.

The Oatley Pub is easy to get to through public transport and has good parking. The bistro is good and it has a pleasant family atmosphere.

Looking forward to seeing potential candidates there.

Baron Loyola, Baroness Annora.

Baronial Senate Meeting date shift

From the Baronial Seneschal:

Senate will be on the 24th September at Fighter prac in Petersham.

We have a few important issues to discuss and vote upon – including FAT requests and a proposal for music equipment.
We also need to discuss the option of hiring a book-keeper to help us with the books to make the reeve’s job more manageable.

So please come to the next senate – we need your input and vote.

All members of the barony are welcome to attend and give input to the senate.

24th of September at Petersham – starting at about 7pm

The following Senate meeting will also be at Rowany Fighter Practice on Tuesday 15th October 2013, from 7pm.