Twelfth Night Coronation 2018

Greetings unto the populace,

The Barony of Rowany invites all good gentles to an evening of feasting and a day of tournaments of Heavy, Rapier and Archery to celebrate the
Coronation of the new Crown of Lochac. The event will include Saturday Feast, Sunday breakfast, Sunday lunch, morning and afternoon tea.
Bunk house accomodation and camping are available onsite for the Saturday night.

Further details and bookings can be found at the 12th Night event website

Join us for the annual Rowany Yule Feast!


Where: Granville Town Hall, Dean St, Granville NSW AU
When: 13th December, 2014
Time: Hall opens from 5.30pm

Booking Information:

Bookings Officer: Altani Khalighu

Full Event Price:
Adult member: $45:00
Adult non member: $50:00
Child member<16: $10:00
Child non member <16: $15:00
Child member <5: $0:00
Offboard member: $20:00
Offboard non member: $25:00
Adult member- unbooked: $55:00
Adult non member- unbooked: $60:00
Child member- unbooked: $15:00
Child non member- unbooked: $20:00

Feast Information:
Contact: Annora Martin

Rowany Heavy and Rapier Tournaments

Their Excellencies the Baroness and Baron of Rowany invite all to the inaugural
Knights of the Heartlands Pas d’Armes Challenge members of the Order of Chivalry, and the Order of the White Scarf, in a pas d’armes

Where: Parramatta Park, Byrnes Ave, Parramatta NSW AU
When: 13th December, 2014
Time: 11am
Cost (Tourney only): $3 members / $8 Non-members
Steward: Annora Martin

Tourney Information
Contact: Kinggiyadai Ba’atur & Anton de Stoc

Rowany Baronial Changeover – May 17 (Updated 4/5/2014)

The Barony of Rowany shows the best of its wealth and bounty as we thank Loyola and Annora for their service to the Barony and Crown, and welcome their successors. There will be a tournament in the morning, followed by a hunt and a ball, with the stepping down of their Excellencies followed by a sumptuous feast and the investiture of our new Baroness and Baron, Ameline and Miles.


Here is the timetable for Rowany Baronial Changeover on may 17 as it currently stands (4/5/2014):

A mixed heavy, rapier and cut & thrust pas d’armes will be held in the morning, with lists opening at 10:30 and will conclude around 2pm.
There will also be a dance practice from 12-2.
Afterwards there will be a ball from until 5, followed by the final court and divestiture of their excellencies Annora and Mendoza.
The feast hall will open at 6pm, with the investiture of Ameline and Miles at 6:30.
First main remove will be at 7pm with Royal court at approximately 7:30.
Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day, with lunch being a pot-luck affair, please bring something to share.


Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville NSW 2204


Saturday May 17th


Contact Sigvald Sviðanda at with your name, SCA name, membership details and any dietary requirements.
Please book as soon as possible to ensure we can plan the event for everyone’s enjoyment. It will be a great day!

EDIT 4/5/2014: Early bookings will close midnight Tuesday 6th May. Bookings are capped as well, and we’re currently at 99 bookings, so book now to avoid disappointment. If you have not received an email from me regarding your booking, I have not received it.


$35 Members pre-booked (add $5 event insurance fee for non-members)
$25 Off-board rate
$25 Helpers
$45 Late booking


Newcomers Event Details (15 Mar 2014)

To the people of Rowany does Lord Anton de Stoc sends greetings, and news!

The Barony of Rowany will be holding it’s traditional Newcomers Event, at
Marrickville Town Hall on Saturday, 15 March 2014.

The hall will open at 12 for an afternoon of classes involving dance,
making clothes, song and other diverse activities.

The feast itself will be starting at 6pm, with a Persian theme.

Any persons with dietary requirements are requested to contact the Steward
well in advance, so they can be suitably fed.

Prices and Bookings:

First event, $10
Helper Price, $20 (ie musicians, cooks, hall setup etc)
Standard price, $30
Children under 7, free
Children 8-17, $10

Non member insurance surcharge, $5
Unbooked, $10 surcharge if other than 1st event.

Bookings close 1 March 2014

Please send bookings and any dietary requirements to rowanynewcomersbookings (AT)

Small Print

If you need to ask if it’s your first event, it’s your first event.

If you would like to help with cleanup, talk to Skarpethin ( dlcharlier (AT) )

If you would like to help with classes, talk to Sigvald. ( alex.selth (AT) )

If you’d like to help in the kitchen, talk to the steward before the cooks come at you with cleavers. ( PlantLauren (AT) )

Please feel free to cross post this! Newcomers is an awesome event. Bring a friend!

Yule Feast (14 Dec 2013)

add MS 10292 f.91r fragmentJoin us for Rowany’s annual court event, celebratory feast, and tourneys to decide the Baronial Champions for the next year


Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal St Petersham, Hall opens 5.30pm

Prices for event

Adult Member: $ 37.00
Adult Non-member.: $ 42.00
Child Member: $ 10.00
Child Non-member: $ 15.00

Bookings to Clara van de Maes: Payment in advance appreciated.
Best parking is in the Council’s car park across the street from the Hall, at the end of Fisher St, Petersham.
Map to venue

Tourneys to decide Baronial Champions:

As is traditional at our Yule event, there will be two tourneys held to decide Rowany’s Rapier champion and Rowany’s Heavy Fighter Champion.

Both events will start at 12 and will be held at Petersham Park, Brighton St end. Map to park

Bring your own lunch

Full details on tournaments here.

Arts and Sciences Competitions

  1. A Calligraphed or Illuminated item
  2. An item made from plants – not food. Think woodwork, rushwork or basketry, cosmetics or medicines.

Judging will occur during the feast and documentation is strongly encouraged.

Ossuary (k)Nights (26 Oct 2013)

It has come to our attention that the fairies, hobgoblins and other fae must ride out upon All Hallow’s Eve.

They do celebrate a little beforehand, and so doth Stowe on the Wowld now invite all gentles to a pre All Hallow’s Eve celebration.

And as the bard says “what fools these mortals be” – let all now come in Foolery


A fools feast & Masque in the style of medieval macabre


A&S Competitions

  • Best appropriate carved turnip
  • Costume – best period appropriate, with documentation
  • Costume – Most humorous
  • Costume- Best masque
  • Best eulogy for a past Monarch of Lochac


  • Danse Macabre
  • Dice to decide the King and Queen of Misrule
  • Funeral games

There will be a Tourney. Details to come


Where: 1st Toongabbie Scout Hall
When: From 6:30pm, October 26th 2013
Cost: Until 1st October  Members: $25, Non Members: $25+$5 insurance levy
2nd-20th October: Members: $30, Non-Members: $30+$5 insurance levy
At the Door: Members: $40, Non-Members $40+$5 insurance levy
Children, special cases, on application

Stewards: Elysant de Montrose (Corinna Horrigan) and
Tatya Yaraslavna (Tina Crisp)

Bookings and enquiries (including dietary):

Yule Feast Competition (Dec 2012)

Courtly dress. Prepare an entire outfit appropriate for your attendance at the Yule court of their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness of Rowany.

3 categories were judged, based on length of participation in the SCA:

  • 0-2 years Winner: Eoife ni Connor for an ensemble from the Tudor Tailor. A commendation was given to Mari of Kilvarok for her kirtle of linen with ivy head piece made of silk.
  • 2-10 years Winner: Lady Jehane of Okewaite for a ensemble based on Eleanor of Toledo
  • 10+ years Winner: Lady Eloise D’Arnell for her outfit based on portraits by Bronzino

Yule Tourney & Feast (15 Dec 2012)

As summer returns to Lochac, banish the last memories of the dearth of winter, and come and enjoy the warmest hospitality that Rowany has to offer. Earn yourself a healthy appetite, and the acclaim of the crowd, at one of the day’s tournaments of chivalry and renown. Then, feast upon the decadent offerings of our hunters and gamekeepers at Rowany’s premier summer event.

Site: Marrickville Town Hall
Date: 15/12/2012
Time: Tournaments 12-4; Feast from 6pm.

Booked before 1 December: $30 Member / $40 Non-member (including $5 insurance surcharge).
Door rate: $40 Member / $50 Non-member (including $5 insurance surcharge).
Tourney only: $5 Member, $10 Non-member.

Bookings may be made with payment to save inconvenience at the door.
Concession rates for those willing to offer labour are available by arrangement with the steward.

For bookings, email (don’t forget to include dietary requirements, requests for overnight billeting, and/or membership numbers, as applicable).

For other enquiries (including offers of help, and requests for further information), email the steward, Ariston Hegelokos, on .

Tournament Venue:
Petersham Park, cnr Wentworth St and Brighton St, Petersham.

Refreshments will be provided, and spectators are encouraged to attend and participate in the selection of the barony’s next champion. There will be no shortage of heavy fighting: a Swiss seed tournament will be followed by a chivalric melee, with winners of the former to be joined in the finals by the crowd’s selection of fighters who demonstrate outstanding chivalry, pageantry, prowess and
inspiration upon the field.

Cantina de la Piranhas e Pez de Colores Feast Competition (Oct 2012)

  • Performance related to travel and pilgrimage
    Winner: Katigern Goch (also known as Nimue), for her recitation of a passage from Chaucer’s Tales
  • An item that would be taken on pilgrimage
    No entries received 
  • A period game. Bring the pieces required for the game and teach others how to play it:
    Winner: Mistress Keridwen the Mouse, for teaching the game of Gluckhaus to enthusiastic players of all ages

Yule Feast Competition (12 Dec 2009)

As Yule Feast will be held in the style of England in the 1570s, or thereabouts, the competitions are similarly themed:

1. Brewing
Winner: Padraic Lowther; Metheglin as made in Liege

2. An English Thing (any item, performance, research paper, cooking, costuming, sonnet, etc. in an English style of any period)
Winner: Hugh de Calais; Belt with Gilt Buckle

3. A 1570s Thing (any item, performance, research paper, cooking, costuming, sonnet, etc. in a 1570s style of any area)
Winner: Rowany Dance Musicians; Lorayne Allemande