Your First Event: Making a Simple Tunic

You’ll need something to wear to your first “garbed” event (an event where clothing worn prior to 1600 is expected). The quickest and easiest way to do this to make a tunic or two.

In order to make a tunic follow the instructions below.

For ‘in person’ assistance, a good way to get this is to ask someone on Tuesdays at Fighter Practice / A&S to introduce you to someone who can help, or come along to Dence Park A&S days. Information about both of these can be found at the Regular Events page. Remember, things such as locations (temporary new venue at time of writing for Tuesdays) and dates (Dence Park dates change yearly) can change, so check posts¬†in the appropriate section on this site for the most up to date information (hint: the above are event related).

Quick guidance

Tunics are worn by everyone throughout the entire period the SCA covers, until the mid-1300s pretty much all clothing is comprised of layers of tunics of various lengths and looseness / tightness. After the mid-1300s the tunic is made of white linen and is the underwear layer, and is herafter known as a ‘smock’, ‘shirt’, ‘chemise’. No matter what period you want to cover you will need to make a tunic (or 7).

As a general rule of thumb for outerwear tunics men should aim for a knee length tunic and women should aim for a floor length tunic.

Try to make your tunics from natural fibres: wool, linen or cotton. You will be more comfortable in the heat, warmer in the cold and less likely to sustain serious injury if you clothes catch on fire over a flame / fire.

To make your tunics look good try layering two tunics, and decorating the cuffs, hem and neckline of the tunic in some way (see inspiration section below).

Above all, the SCA requires AN ATTEMPT at clothing that would have been worn prior to 1600. Whatever you make will be fine ūüôā


  1. Open the Elizabethan Smock Generator website (a smock is what the tunic turned into over time)
  2. Find a friend / relative, get a tailor’s measuring tape and take all the measurements listed on the website. Write them down on some note-paper. It’s better to have someone else take them for you as there are measurements you won’t be able to take accurately on your own.
  3. Input them into the pattern generator, choose the “pieced option” if you have experience sewing, and the “1-piece option” if you haven’t sewn much before. Note down how much fabric it says you will need. You can convert inches to cms¬†and yards to metres on this site. Save the page, or re-enter the information at step 5.
  4. Find / buy this amount of fabric, take it home, wash it the same way you plan to wash the tunic(s) in future, which reduces possible future shrinkage (wash it separately, in case the dyes run on the first wash).
  5. Refer to the generated pattern, and cut out all the pieces following the instructions on the generator page
  6. Follow the instructions on this page to assemble the tunic. Exception: in step 4, make it a round neck opening, not a square one
  7. Wear it to an event and enjoy!


Photos of re-enactors in tunics for you to get ideas on what you would like to wear / make:

VENUE Tues Nights – A&S Venue and Activity Details (From 20 Jan 2014 until TBA)

Hi Everyone,

For the next 10 or so weeks we have a dedicated space for A&S on Tuesday Nights (away from those loud fighters) at the Herb Greedy Hall, 76 Petersham Rd, Marrickville, 2204.

(Note: If you just put the address or name of the hall into Google Maps, you’ll possibly have difficulty finding it! There is a church on the corner of Marrickville and Petersham Roads, Herb Greedy Hall is opposite the church on Petersham Road. The entrance is right near the phone booth)

From 7pm until 10pm.

For the first week (tomorrow) it’ll be a simple ‘bring a project and be¬†crafty together’ session. I know we have some musicians interested. I’ll be¬†sewing (and happy to help anyone else with their sewing). Regular singing¬†practice will also be there.

Kicking off two weeks from tomorrow I will be running a fortnightly pre-Festival sew-along (similar to something I did with the Ursulans last year. Details to follow). We will also be running two sessions to help all our non-clothed newcomers get some garb for Festival.

There is kitchen space, and space for 2 classes / workshops to be run concurrently. If you want to run a class or workshops then let me know.

Clara van de Maes
A&S officer

Full Tournament and Garb (costume) night (26 Nov 2013)

To the Populace of the Barony of Rowany
From Duke Alfar of Attica


I’m thinking its time for a tourney in the Barony. This tourney is open to all fighters who have not competed in a Coronet/ Crown tournament. There will be a prize for the victor and prizes given by the ladies of the Barony. We have a lot of fighters in the barony and its time we started to sharpen our competitive edge.

The venue will be Petersham Town Hall (see the Addresses & Maps page for details) on the 26th November, which is a Tuesday night. Inspection starts at 7.30pm and tourney starts at 8pm. Finish time is 10pm.

For this event, this is a garb (costume) night.

(The tournament will be in place of regular Tuesday night A&S and combat practice)

I would like to extend this invitation to the people below in particular. Some of whom have fought in a tournament and some not. Of course, this is open to all fighters who meet the above criteria:

Hana Marra Murra
Deyel Dalziel-Charlier
Natasha Naughton
Joanna Guse
Alex Selth
Geoffrey Sallans
David Lippman
James Quinn
Eckellen Nahwyn
Patrick Feeney
Chris Colefax
Michael Hill
Philip Preston
Robert Flowers
Thomas Marinucci
Thomas Ng
Seth Callaghan
Peter Hoekstra-Bass
Dan Goodfellow
Michael James
Ella Bella
Michael Jelbart
Matcheu Lin
Gareth Heard
Stephen Oftheshack
Des Howard
Mark Ng

Bunch o’Classes (Jun 2013)

an illumination of a carpenter at work with his wife spinning in the backgroundRowany Bunch o’Classes is on again. Come along for a weekend of collegia in a variety of A&S areas, including costuming, cooking, fibre crafts,¬†and learn from some of Rowany’s skillful artisans.

At this stage we’re looking for teachers. If you’d like to teach a class or a practical workshop then contact the organiser. If you don’t have a specific class idea, but would like to contribute, then have a look at the list of skills pulled together under the Rowany Academy Areas of Study¬†and see if there’s something you know how to do that others may benefit from learning.

We’ll also be recognising the first Artisans of the Rowany Academy, in the various areas of study of the Academy.


Date: June 15 & 16, 10am-4pm each day.

Location: TBC (somewhere in the Inner West of Sydney)

Price: TBC once we have a venue, probably around $10 per day for members, $15 for non-members

Organiser and bookings: Clara van de Maes,