April Newsletter (Folia Roani) uploaded

Here it is! Folia Roani April 2016

Complete with calendar, upcoming events (including an invite to Ironfest), officers, positions vacant, awards given, and Festival 2016 highlights; a call to bid for Kingdom events, Skype now available to attend Baronial meetings; from the B&B (farewell Okewaite) and from the Seneschal.

As ever, if there is something you’d like to see in this newsletter, please let me know (bethan AT lochac DOT sca DOT org DOT au).

Baronial Senate Meeting date shift

From the Baronial Seneschal:

Senate will be on the 24th September at Fighter prac in Petersham.

We have a few important issues to discuss and vote upon – including FAT requests and a proposal for music equipment.
We also need to discuss the option of hiring a book-keeper to help us with the books to make the reeve’s job more manageable.

So please come to the next senate – we need your input and vote.

All members of the barony are welcome to attend and give input to the senate.

24th of September at Petersham – starting at about 7pm

The following Senate meeting will also be at Rowany Fighter Practice on Tuesday 15th October 2013, from 7pm.