Rowany Dance End of Term Ball, Friday 28 July 2017

WhatDancing, music, a light supper. You can find a list of dances here: Exact order and sets to be confirmed.
When: 6:30 – 9:45 pm, Friday 28 July.
Where: Hannaford Centre, 608 Darling St, Rozelle NSW
Getting there:
Free carpark about 100m away off Merton St, behind the Commonwealth Bank on Darling St.
The 433 bus stops directly opposite.
Frequent buses to and from Town Hall (the 500 series) along Victoria Rd, 5 minute walk.
Please bring: A plate of finger food or bottle of cordial to share.
Cost: $10 members, add $5 event membership for non-members.
Garbed? Yes!
Questions? Please contact me via email here

In service,
Annabel de Swinburne,
Rowany Arts and Sciences Officer

All new Monday A&S evenings at Addison Rd Community Centre

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Therese, with support from House Gourmandy, will be hosting weekly A&S evenings on Mondays** in Hut 1 of the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville, starting Monday, 26 September, 7-9pm. You can contact Therese through the Monday night A&S coordinator link on the contacts page here.

Everyone is welcome, come and make it a warm, inviting practice, and work on projects too! You will need to sign in as a member or pay a $5 event membership, as this is an official SCA event. Donations are very welcome to support hall hire.

In service,
Annabel de Swinburne,
Rowany Arts and Sciences Officer.

**Other than monthly Senate meetings, which you are also welcome to attend.

Timetable for A&S at Dence Park 8 June

Good gentles, the schedule for the June A&S at Dence Park is:


10am – 11am: Clay bead making
11am – lunch: Boffer
1:30pm – 2:30pm: Leather pouches
2:30pm – Archery


10am – 11am: Subtlety making
10am – lunch: Arrow-making workshop
11am – lunch: Lace Part I
1:30pm – Lace continues
1:30pm – Arrow-making continues
3/3:30pm – Archery

Paddy will be available for Heraldry submissions during the day.

There will also be rapier if anyone wishes to practice.

Both the lace and the arrow making require materials to be bought before the day, which are listed and described in threads on the Facebook event page.

Join us for what should be a great day

Notice by Eloise D’Arnell

VENUE Tues Nights – Latest Information

Unto the populace,

With pleasure I present the latest venue information for Tuesday Night activities:

Arts and Sciences, including singers, dancers and bring-a-project remain at Herb Greedy Hall, 76 Petersham Rd, Marrickville, NSW, 220.

Fighter Practice, both Heavy and Fencing, new venue location is: Addison Rd Community Centre 142 Addison Road, Marrickville NSW 2204. This is to be the new permanent venue. The time for Petersham Town Hall renovations was extended so we needed to search for a new venue and this is the one, enjoy!


P.S. As usual, venue info, links and maps are also available on the Addresses and Maps page

GST for Event Stewards

Unto the Populace of Rowany does the Reeve send Greetings,

It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion over how to calculate the GST component for event reporting.

The good news is there’s not much calculation required by you. The total amount collected from the event fee (Cell E27) is divided by 11 to create a value in cell J28 (GST collected).

To fill out “GST paid”, add up the amount of GST you paid from receipts or invoices (hall hire, food, miscellaneous) and enter it there. Remember that the original receipts or invoices must still go to the Reeve for filing and double checking purposes.

“GST Liability” should automatically be calculated by the spreadsheet. If not, the liability is the difference between the amount of GST collected and the amount of GST paid (or, in spreadsheet cell terms “=J28-J29”).

I hope this clarifies the matter satisfactorily.

Yours in Service

Jean-Christophe le Saussier


VENUE Tues Nights – All Venue Changes (21 Jan 2014 until TBA)

Unto the Populace.

As our normal venue of Petersham Town Hall is going to be unavailable from the 21/01/14 for maintenance, the following arrangements have been made:

NOTE: If you just put the address or name of the hall into Google Maps, you’ll possibly have difficulty finding it! There is a church on the corner of Marrickville and Petersham Roads, Herb Greedy Hall is opposite the church on Petersham Road. Looking at the image below, the entrance is where the phone booth is, right of the cars a few cars back.

Initial further details are available here.

Herb Greedy Hall Location

Full details for Rapier class structure and venue change can be found at the following post.


(As usual, venue info, links and maps are also available on the Addresses and Maps page)


Bunch o’Classes FAQ

What should we expect & what should be expected from us for these Classes.

Most classes will be a relaxed lecture style, with hands on stuff if appropriate. 2 hours would tend to be hands on, 1 hour tends to be a lecture type class.

You are expected to turn up at the start of class, listen, answer questions if you can, not interrupt unless appropriate and on topic, give the teacher respect, and participate in any workshops. If you need to bring anything it will be indicated in the class descriptions (coming out soon).

How quickly do classes fill up?
All classes are on a ‘depends who turns up’ basis, except the leatherworking one. If we have 4 people or 20 people then we run the class for that many people, so there’s no fear that you will be locked out of any class you want to attend.

How easy is it to walk/Bus fom the station?
Walking: it’s uphill from Dulwich Hill Station, and reasonably flat from Lewisham. My advice would be to catch one of the buses that will drop you off on Marrickville road. Where are you travelling from?

Do I wear casual clothes or garb?
Casual clothes. Keep in mind that some workshops may involve mess or moving around, so wear approriate clothing.

How do I pay?
You can pay me in person, or on the day. A bank transfer may be possible if you prefer, please contact me.

Bunch o’Classes – Dates, location, and bookings, oh my! (13+14 Jul 2013)

an illumination of a carpenter at work with his wife spinning in the backgroundRowany Bunch o’Classes is on again. Come along for a weekend of collegia in a variety of A&S areas, including costuming, cooking, fibre crafts, and learn from some of Rowany’s skillful artisans.

Classes include:

  • Period spice mixes for cooking (take home a sample to try)
  • How to make straw and raffia hats
  • Men’s 14th century purses (a practical workshop, with 10 places only, bookings essential)
  • How to put together a late period bodice and what to do once you have a pattern (layers, construction techniques, finishing)
  • 14th century part songs
  • How to draft and fit sleeves
  • Cover thy head: veils, caps and how to wear them
  • Bread making in period

See the current timetable. Never been to a Bunch o’Classes event? Check out our FAQ.


Date: July 13&14, 10am-4pm each day.

Price (includes a light lunch):

  • $15 per day for adults
  • $10 per day for children (note there are no child specific classes, although children are welcome to join any class. There is also a library adjacent to the hall)
  • Add $5 if you are not a member.

Location: Seaview St Hall, Seaview st, Dulwich Hill.
There’s plenty of nearby parking, and convenient public transport.

Bookings to:Clara van de Maes,

Bunch o’Classes – Change of date (13+14 Jul 2013)

an illumination of a carpenter at work with his wife spinning in the backgroundNow that College War has been cancelled I’m changing the date of Bunch o’classes. The original date, 15&16 June, is the weekend before the College’s exam week and so many of our newer members who are interested and would benefit from the event would not be able to attend.

The new date for Bunch o’classes is 13&14 July so that the Collegians can attend.

A teaser on some of the classes on offer:

  • Period spice mixes for cooking
  • How to make hats
  • Knitting in period
  • Men’s 14th century purses (a workshop, you’ll make one on the day)
  • How to put together a late period bodice – what to do once you have a pattern (layers, construction techniques, finishing)
  • How to draft and fit sleeves
  • Cover thy head: veils, caps and how to wear them
  • Bread making in period

All other details to follow.

Clara van de Maes


Tuesday A&S + Fighter Practice Moved Till After Easter To…

On 5/03/2013 11:13 PM, Taryn East wrote:
Hi all,

As you may have heard, due to a mixup in the bookings (done a year ago),
we do not have the usual hall booked for Tuesdays during March - before

Fighter Practice will be happening at the park on Australia St,
Camperdown at roughly the same time (6pm-late) for the next three weeks. 

A&S will be happening at St Peters Town Hall in Sydenham on Tuesday

Yes, we'll be in two different places and you will be forced to choose.
I'm really sorry about that, but it will just be for the weeks prior to

After festival, we will go back to being at our usual hall (Crystal St,
Petersham) on Tuesdays.

AKA: Iseabail

In addition, full addresses and bang on Google map links to mentioned locations (and others I come across) are found on the Addresses & Maps page…


P.S. If there are any you know of which I can add, please let me know