GST for Event Stewards

Unto the Populace of Rowany does the Reeve send Greetings,

It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion over how to calculate the GST component for event reporting.

The good news is there’s not much calculation required by you. The total amount collected from the event fee (Cell E27) is divided by 11 to create a value in cell J28 (GST collected).

To fill out “GST paid”, add up the amount of GST you paid from receipts or invoices (hall hire, food, miscellaneous) and enter it there. Remember that the original receipts or invoices must still go to the Reeve for filing and double checking purposes.

“GST Liability” should automatically be calculated by the spreadsheet. If not, the liability is the difference between the amount of GST collected and the amount of GST paid (or, in spreadsheet cell terms “=J28-J29”).

I hope this clarifies the matter satisfactorily.

Yours in Service

Jean-Christophe le Saussier


Dence Park A&S Dates For 2014 Now Available, Starting 9 Feb

The 2014 dates for Dence Park A&S are now known.

The venue is booked, the first Dence Park Arts and Sciences day for 2014 is Sunday 9th February.
After lunch there will be the opportunity to meet the new Baronial candidates. Come along and listen to their ideas, ask any questions you have, and find out about the people who would like to be the next Baron and / or Baroness of Rowany.

All 2014 dates for Dence Park are:

Feb 9th
Mar 9th
Apr 13th —> Moved to Apr 6th due to conflict
May 24th (Saturday)
Jun 8th
Jul 13th
Aug 17th
Sep 14th
Oct 12
Nov 9th
Dec 14th

The centre will be open from 9.30 – 4.30, and we will have a break in the middle for a Pot Luck lunch. This would be a great time for anyone who would like to try out some of their period cooking on a receptive audience to bring out some of their creations. Alternatively just bring along something to share, it does not have to be a period dish.

Bring a project you are working on, start a new project or come and learn something new. Or why not bring and play some Board games or outdoor games.

This is a child–friendly event with boffer and games. All persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Archery practice is target practice with blunts.


The Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park, 26 Stanley Road, Epping

For those needing public transport there are regular trains to Epping Station. Epping Station is 1.1 km from Dence Park so the walk from the Station will take about 10-15 minutes. Or if you would rather buses you can catch the M54 which goes near Epping Station on Beecroft Rd every 20 minutes on weekends and will take you to within 500 meters of the Creative Center if you get off at the Epping Road near Crandon bus stop just two  stops or if you miss that one the next stop will get you to within 800 meters of the Center. For those who want to drive there is loads of parking, some of it is double parking so if you are not staying all day make sure that you know who you are parking in front of it. Most of the parking is not double parking and is not a problem.


For further information about the centre – Epping Creative Centre (part of Epping Aquatic and Leisure Centre)

Google Map link for ease of finding 🙂 – Google Maps location

If you have Facebook access, we also have a Facebook page with further ‘on the go’ information

Festival 2014 Bookings NOW OPEN


Rowany Festival Bookings are open.

To book for Festival go to:
read the information and follow the links.


When booking if you would like to do a Direct Deposit put in the promotion code *DirDep* when paying.

If you would like to pay by credit card you will need to pay a 30c booking fee per item (ticket) and a 2.2% credit card fee that will go directly to the bank.

*Direct Deposits need to be paid into*

– The Society for Creative Anachronism- Rowany
– BSB 032062 Account number 384421
– Then use RF and the last 8 digits of your booking number as your reference.

Your ticket is your GST invoice so if you need an invoice please make sure you keep a copy. Your ticket is also needed when you come to Festival so please make sure you bring a copy of it with you when you come. The receipt received is a receipt of payment only not a tax invoice only the ticket itself is a tax invoice.

The terms and conditions include the indemnity and the Rowany Festival Site Rules please make sure you read them before you come to Rowany Festival 2014.


– *All prices include GST*.
– The cut-off date is for email bookings made prior to midnight (AEDST) on the date specified.
– A day covers ‘daylight hours’ but refers generally to not staying onsite overnight. Please enter the number of days attending per person.
– A night covers a 24-hour period, but refers generally to staying overnight. Please enter the number of days attending per person.
– Children under the age of 5 are free (although $5 insurance is required for non-member children)
– Family rate applies for two adults and up to three children (between the ages of 5 and 17 inclusive).

For people with mobility-related disabilities, please ensure you tick the appropriate box.

*From Rowany Festival 2014, payment is made with the booking*. If you are using Direct Deposit please use RF and then the last 8 digits of your booking number as your reference number.

Once you have gone through the ticketing system* you have 14 days to finalise payment or your booking will be deemed invalid*. If this is the case you will have to submit your booking again, potentially at a higher rate.

*There is also a variety of Equipment available for hire*. *Please complete the form to hire equipment. Equipment can be hired either with your booking or at a later date.*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Rowany Festival Stewards

Yes, Festival is moving after 2013

Unto the Populas do Baron Loyola and Baronesss Annora send greetings.

As many of you know now, the contract for Glenworth Valley Festival site is n it’s final year and in the past few months we have been exploring alternative venues. Four sites were submitted for appraisal by members of the Kingdom at large and open discussion. After this lengthy process and the council of our advisory team, we have decided thus.

We will be moving Rowany Festival to a new site in the Southern Highlands called Womberoo. We fully believe that Womberoo offers a range of opportunities and facilities that no previous Festival site has.

Storage of shipping containers on the new site is approved, so they will need to be moved after this Festival. Any unclaimed or un-spoken for items will be disposed of before this takes place. If you have anything in the containers, please take responsibility for ensuring that your items are accounted for. Further information regarding this will be posted as soon as we can.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks at this years Rowany Festival. Good luck with the last of your preparations.

Warmest regards and safe travels,

Loyola and Annora – Rowany.