New Chronicler for the Barony – applications by 29/8/16

Wanted: Chronicler!

You will need:
*SCA membership
*the internet
*membership of the Rowany and Announce mailing lists, Barony of Rowany
Facebook group, and other places where people say interesting things

You will:
*collect the news that people need and want to hear - either in a way that
the desktop publishing deputy can access, or into the Folia Roani Rowany
newsletter document itself if you don't want/need a deputy
*distribute Folia - using mailing lists, Facebook posts, upload to website;
printing if you choose (budget will need to be approved)
*check in with the monthly Baronial meeting  (attend or send updates)
*report quarterly to the Rowany Seneschal and the Lochac Chronicler

Applications to and by 29 August 2016.

(Rowany Seneschal)