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In service
Lady Katrijn van Delden

Radburne War VIII

Come and join House Radburne in the far western reaches of the Barony of Rowany (Dubbo NSW) for Radburne War VIII – a weekend of fun, war, feasting and the country side. Bookings are open!

Bookings to by 31 July 2015 please. Bookings are not confirmed unless payment received.
PLEASE include all relevant information in your booking, example whether you have any dietary requirements or special needs we will need to
be aware of.

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th August 2015

29L Gidgee Road
Dubbo NSW

Cost per person:

$65 per adult member fully catered (Friday evening to Sunday lunch)
$70 per adult non member fully catered (Friday evening to Sunday lunch)
$35 per adult member feast only (Saturday)
$40 per adult non member feast only (Saturday)
$25 weekend rate adult member (no meals)
$30 weekend rate adult non member (no meals)
5 and under free
6 to 17 – $35 fully catered, $20 feast only (Saturday) and $10 event rate (no meals) for members, add $5 for non members under 18 (due to changes to event membership from 1 September 2012)
Family Rate on application and at Steward’s discretion.

Draft Timetable

Friday 7 August

Site opens from 12pm for set up.

Soup kitchen from 6.30pm

Bardic Circle/Catch up

Saturday 8 August

8.00am to 9.00am Breakfast (strictly this time only – kitchen will close at 9:00am sharp)

9.30am Armour inspection

10.00am War Scenarios commence

10am A & S activities (TBC)

10:00am Equestrian Gear Check

10:30am Equestrian Authorisations (if required) and information session/activities

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm A & S activities (TBC)

2:00pm Armour inspection

2.30pm War Scenarios begin

2:30pm Equestrian games commence

4.00pm Target Archery (IKAC) – to be confirmed

7pm Feast and Bardic Circle afterwards (Court if required)

8:30pm Night shoot

Sunday 9 August

8.30 to 9:30am Breakfast (strictly this time only – kitchen will close at 9.30am sharp)

9.30am Armour Inspection commences

10.00am War Scenarios commence

10:00am A & S activities commence (TBC)

12:30pm Lunch

If people are staying the extra night (Sunday), pick ups in the afternoon etc and a pizza run will be organised for the Sunday evening where we can sit and chat around the campfire.

Site improvements (planned for 2015/2016)

• Fort moved and made bigger
• New bridges
• New Village built for fighting around
• Horse area made bigger and fenced for mounted games (horseback archery in the future)

Cold War 2015

Once again Winter is here, and our borders are strong and safe; but are they strong
In an effort to ensure the ongoing safety of our lands The Barony of Rowany is
putting out a call to arms to all who believe themselves worthy of defending our

We invite all fighters to join us in a fun filled weekend of War scenarios, feasting,
fire side bragging, plenty of drinking, and much more fighting.
We will kick of on the Friday night with a light BBQ dinner and merryment, an
excellent time to get to know you fellow fighters.
After all…you may have to stand watch with each other some day.
Saturday will consist of War senarious throughout the day ending in an evening of
Feasting, drinking and Bragging for all.

Glenfield Scout Activity Centre
Cambridge Avenue
Glenfield, New South Wales,
Australia 2168

Friday 21st- Sunday 23rd August.
Site opens 5pm Friday evening with site closing at 4pm sunday.
Cabins are available, WARM comfy cabins.
Camping options are available, but with limited space.

$85 full event member, Cabins
$90 Full event Non members, Cabins
(Take $5 off full event price for camping)
$50 day rate members (includes both lunch and feast)
$55 day rate Non members (includes both lunch and feast)
$20 day rate member, will include lunch. (leaving site by 5pm)
$25 day rate Non Member including Lunch. (Leaving site by 5pm)
$35 Members Feast only.
$40 Non members, feast only.

Bookings are now open:
Please address all bookings and inquiries to Gabrielle de La Riviere (Event steward) at

PLEASE include all relevant information in your booking,
example whether you have any dietary requirements or special needs we will need to
be aware of.

Bookings will close,
Friday 7th August 2015 @ 12pm

Any booking after the 7th will incur @ the gate prices.
Look forward to seeing you there.

New Rowany Marshal sought

Greetings from Sigvaldr Sviðandi, Rowany Marshal

As I must soon stand down from my position as Rowany Marshal, I am looking for a brave soul to stand up and take over this task. Until I am able to step down, this position will be a deputy to work on handover together and bring you up to speed on anything you need to know. This position includes liaising with Rowany Senate, Seneschal, and Kingdom Earl Marshal on any martial matters you or they deem of interest.

The Marshal is in charge of combat-related activities. Your charter will be to promote armoured and missile combat, and to work with the Rapier Marshal as needed to promote both fields of combat. You will be part of the appeals and reporting chain for incidents and events under the Rowany banner and her sub-groups, such as Stowe and St Ursula.
You do not have to be an authorised Marshal or Senior Marshal, but it does help.

If you wish to volunteer or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Sigvaldr Sviðandi

Bids to run Rowany Yule Feast 2015

Good afternoon everyone.

While this may seem early, I am seeking bids for Yule Feast. Trust me, the time will fly, hahaha.

Do you have some ideas for what you would like to see? Something that you’ve been wanting to try for a while?

I would love to hear it!

Rowany Seneschal

Winterfeast, July 25, Stowe-on-the-Wowld (Sydney West)

Saturday, July 25 at 10:00am
1st Toongabbie Scout Hall
Toongabbie, New South Wales, Australia 2145
Brace Yourselves. Winter Is Coming. Will You Survive?
Come, join Stowe in welcoming Newcomers, come to shelter from the Russian Winter. Who will survive the night?

Classes and Potluck lunch during the day, Heavy Tournament in the afternoon and Russian Feast in the evening.

Adult Members: $36
Adult Event-Members $41
Newcomers – $26
Child Member – $10
Child Event Member – $15
Day Only (All) $16

Bookings Close: Friday July 17th, 2015 Please contact Finn to book at

Results in for Ultimate Fighter: Rowany

Points have been collated for Rowany Ultimate Fighter. They are as follows:

Orri 32 (As Orri will be in the top two of Mordenvale he will not be taking a Rowanites spot.)

Jutai and Bjorn both came second on 24 points. Both will be invited to represent Rowany at Great Northern War

The scores after are:

Baron Miles, Theo, Paddy, and Tsui all equal on 18

Sigvald and Skarp both on 15; Caleb on 14; Jackson and William on 12, Seth 10, Matt and Baldwin 8, Jean-Christophe 4