Royal Supper, Friday 8 July, Stowe-on-the-Wowld (Pendle Hill)

Bookings for Stowe’s Royal Supper will close next weekend. If you haven’t booked and you’d still like to come, drop us a line at If you’ve booked and not paid yet, please do! If you can’t find the details we sent, email us so we can send them to you.

Stowe Royal Supper

Stowe are hosting Their Majesties Gilbert and Bethony for a Royal Supper and gathering, prior to their devestiture.
When: Friday (Yes! Friday! The night before Midwinter!) 8th of July 2016
Where: 1st Toongabbie Scout Hall, 99 Bungaree Rd, Pende Hill, NSW, 2145
Steward – Mistress Finn
Bookings – Vera of Rowany
$10 members $15 non-members $10 for Winterfest demo newcomers (only)
Kids: 0-10yrs members (Free) non members $5, 11-14yrs members $5, non members $10.

*Bookings close on July 1st. At that point, anyone who hasn’t pre-paid, runs the risk of losing their booking and it being made available to someone on the wait-list. If you cannot pay in advance, please contact the Steward.

**Please note, this is not a full feast! We will be serving forth 2 soup options and bread, fruit, cheese and nuts and something yummy for dessert. There will be some seating and room to stand and mingle (so not full seating).

Lochac Midwinter Coronation 2016, hosted by the College of St Ursula

When: Jul 9 at 9 AM to Jul 10 at 5 PM (see below)
Where: The University of Sydney- Great Hall

Come and Witness the end of the reign of King Gilbert & Queen Bethony, and the beginning of the reign of the 29th Crown of Lochac.

More details to come; check out our event website at

Adult Member: $75, Children 5-12: $35, Under 5: Free. Add $5 for non-members.
Off-board, Hardship, and Worker rates available upon request.
Feast may be capped at 150 people, so book early; email, or join this FB event:

The timetable for Midwinter Coronation, hosted by the College of St Ursula
at the University of Sydney, has now been approved for publication. As
always, times are guides, and events may run earlier or later than


0800: Site opens for set up
1000: Final Court of Gilbert I and Bethany I
1100: Coronation Court
1200: Lunch
1300: Armoured Tourney begins (details below)/Dancing and music/Order of the Laurel Meeting
1400: A&S competition judging
1500: First Court, ThorolfR I and Halla I
1600: Worshipful Company of Broiderers Meeting/ Council of the Purse and Regalia Meeting/ Tourneys or pickups
1700: Order of Chivalry meeting/Herb and Garden Guild meeting

1800: Feast (may include Court)
2200: Lights on

0800: Site opens for set up
0900: Lochac Company of Archers meeting
1000: Order of Defence meeting
1100: Order of Pelican meeting
1200: Lunch
1300 -1600: Rose Tourneys (details below)
1600: Closing Court
1700: Pack down

There will be Armoured (Heavy) tournaments run both days at Midwinter Coronation this year. Local fencers have advised me that almost no one is attending the event with the intention of fighting rapier, hence there will not be a rapier tournament. If you feel this decision is ill-advised, please contact Theodulf immediately: 

Saturday: Swiss Seed Tournament

Lists and Inspections open at 12:30 (during lunch). Tournament runs from 1:00 to 2:00 with pickups afterwards.

Sunday: Rose Tournament

There will be a winner by prowess in the Rose Tournament this year in addition to the champions chosen by the Ladies of the Rose. This means defeated fighters must tell Lists who defeated them before distributing roses. The rationale behind this decision is as follows: Rose tournaments are all for the sake of chivalry, but it is easy to be chivalrous when there is nothing at stake – perhaps sportsmanship is a more apt word to use here. If the tournament is non-competitive, sportsmanship is meaningless, thus there must be a winner by prowess.

Lists and Inspections open at 12:30 (during lunch).
Tournament runs from 
1:00 to 4:00 (plenty of fighting for everyone).
Fighters may enter the 
tournament after the start time but must still be inspected and see lists – because of the format this doesn’t affect the outcome.

Dence Park Arts and Sciences days

Classes are run by members for both adults and children. There are also people to do rapier with.

This is a newcomer-friendly event! This is a day without costumes, so you don’t have to worry about dressing up. There’ll be the opportunity to hang out and ask questions, and plenty of space to bring your own projects, power points and benches for sewing machines. The grounds are quiet and sunny for going outside and doing things like hand sewing in the sun or under a tree.

All 2016 dates for Dence Park are:

July 10th – CANCELLED (clash with Midwinter Coronation)
August 14th
September 11th
October 9th
November 13th
December 11th

A gold coin donation is requested from all attendees, plus the additional $5 Insurance Levy for non-members. Newcomers pay the $5 insurance fee or a donation, they are not expected to pay both.

Location: The Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park, 26 Stanley Road, Epping, NSW 2121

Time: 9.30am – 4:30pm

If you would like to run a class for this day (or any other day for that matter) for adults or children (or both), we’d love to hear about it. Please email Tina/Cairistiona on

Time tables will be published about a week prior to each Dence Park day, please keep an eye out so that you know what is happening each month.

There is a break in the middle of the day’s schedule for a Pot Luck lunch. This would be a great time for anyone who would like to try out some of their period cooking on a receptive audience to bring out some of their creations. Alternatively just bring along something to share, it does not have to be a period dish. Remember to bring plates, cutlery, and a cup or mug if you wish to make a hot drink.

Bring a project you are working on, start a new project or come and learn something new, or even just bring a game to share and play.

This is a child–friendly event with boffer and games. All persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Trains: there are regular trains to Epping Station. Epping Station is 1.1 km from Dence Park, so the walk from the Station will take about 10-15 minutes.

Buses: you can catch the M54, which goes near Epping Station on Beecroft Rd every 20 minutes on weekends and will take you to within 500 meters of the Creative Centre. If you get off at the Epping Road near Crandon bus stop just two stops or if you miss that one the next stop will get you to within 80 meters of the Centre.

Cars: there is plenty of parking, a small portion of which is double parking, so please be aware of this.

June Folia Roani online!

Folia Roani June - p1
Folia Roani June 2016 is now online, with handy-dandy calendar and regular events details; a call for applications for A&S officer and for Marshal (as well as Lists and Acquisitor); commentary period on replacement Seneschal by 28/5; upcoming events in Rowany, ACT/NSW, and around Lochac; a call for people to run a demo 18/6 (clashing with SupaNova); and a list of Rowanites recognised with Kingdom awards this year.

The May senate meeting minutes are also attached at the end of this newsletter, touching on:
Approved projects for Fighter Auction Tourney funds; Reeve report; Marshal injury reports from Festival don’t match St Johns reports; feedback about Baronial website, newsletter sought; Festival survey open, closing 25/5; Fort Gates for Festival being built by Leinad for $1400.

Senate meeting minutes 16 May uploaded

Please find here the Senate minutes for May:
Rowany Senate Meeting 16 May 2016

touching on: Approved projects for Fighter Auction Tourney funds; Reeve report; replacement A&S and Marshal needed; Marshal injury reports from Festival don’t match St Johns reports; feedback about Baronial website, newsletter sought; Festival survey open, closing 25/5; Fort Gates for Festival being built by Leinad for $1400.

Rowany Seneschal: Unnr to replace Tatya at Midwinter Coronation

Good afternoon everyone,
It is the determination of the Kingdom Seneschal to appoint Unnr to the office of Rowany Seneschal as of Midwinter Coronation.
Any objections to this appointment should be raised in writing to the Kingdom Seneschal, Lord Nicodemus Novello, at or to the postal address to be found via Pegasus, no later than noon Saturday the 28th of May, 2016.
Thank you
Rowany Seneschal

Tournament at Monday Fighter Practice, 9/5/16

This coming Monday night 9/5/16 at Rowany Fighter Practice, there will be held a Valhalla* tournament.
It will start at 7:30. Bring your kit and your authorisation card, but don’t bring weapons of mass destruction.

* In a Valhalla tournament, all fighters begin on the field. They fight in single combat, with defeated fighters leaving the field. If the person who defeated you is defeated in combat, you return to the field. Winner is the last fighter on the field (either by defeating each fighter in the list consecutively, or by endurance).

May Folia Roani online!

Folia Roani May  is now online, with a call for applications for Rowany Seneschal by midnight 3 May, information about upcoming events in NSW, ACT, the Senate meeting minutes, a call for helpers for Blacktown Medieval Fair, as well as a list of the officers of the Barony and vacant positions.
Here is the Calendar for May (in handy print-and-put-on-your-fridge format):

Folia Roani May

April Newsletter (Folia Roani) uploaded

Here it is! Folia Roani April 2016

Complete with calendar, upcoming events (including an invite to Ironfest), officers, positions vacant, awards given, and Festival 2016 highlights; a call to bid for Kingdom events, Skype now available to attend Baronial meetings; from the B&B (farewell Okewaite) and from the Seneschal.

As ever, if there is something you’d like to see in this newsletter, please let me know (bethan AT lochac DOT sca DOT org DOT au).