How-to (Successfully) Apply for FAT funds


  1. FAT funds are to be spent improving the kingdom and/or festival
  2. anyone may apply (see further below for ideas)
  3. it is up to the Rowany senate to decide whether or not to approve an application. Applications may be accepted, refused or returned with questions that need to be answered before re-applying.
  4. senate decisions are final – there’s no use whining about it if your application didn’t get accepted. A more productive action would be to get cracking thinking up a new cunning plan and apply for that instead.
  5. to make a request, email or hand it to the Rowany Seneschal (that’s me) via

There aren’t any rules, per se, for FAT applications. What we do have are “more like guidelines”, but they’re based on what my experience now is with past requests for FAT funds – what worked and what didn’t. You don’t have to have everything I mention below, but the more of the following you can provide, the better and more likely you’ll get a good, quick answer.


To begin with, give us details of what you’re after. The more specific the better. who it’s for, who’s spending it, on what, when, and why. Also how it’s going to improve either a) the kingdom or b) festival

We also want to know who exactly is going to benefit: what special interest groups specifically, how many people are likely to benefit from it and how much they will benefit. You can also count on how this will spread to others eg Mistress Mari ran classes at festival on teaching teachers, so her reach went beyond the immediate attendees of her classes

We also need to know what other sources of funding you are trying, especially when you’re requesting money to move teachers around the country because that is also covered by the Greater Kingdom Fund and the “laurel bus”.
Have you applied for those? did they accept / reject?
If they accepted, I’m assuming you’re looking for us to fill the “gap”, if they rejected you… then we want to know why.

Have you done any (are you doing any) fund-raising yourselves?
This question has become more important where, say, very large communities within the SCA have begun requesting funding for things that would only benefit that community, and they’re large enough that if they just passed a hat around amongst themselves, it’d be funded in no time.

Smaller groups, if they fund-raise, are likely to only be able to partly-fund something big. So they still may need “gap cover”… and that’s ok – but we’d still like to see a fund-raising effort – to show that there actually is enough interest in the community that will be benefited by your grand plan. If nobody could be bothered to even throw in $1… then that tells me that even if we throw in $500 – it will not be appreciated very much.

Finally – just so we’re clear: even if you meet all of the above – it’s not a guarantee that we will say yes. We get a fair number of requests each year, and have to decide where best to allocate the large-but-finite FAT funds so that it creates what we think will be the best impact on the kingdom. If we spend money on your idea – it means we have to say no to some other idea… we need to base our decisions so as to maximise the coolness-potential of where we allocate these funds.

Conversely, if we say no, it might not be no-forever, it might just be that right now we have an influx of uber-cool things to spend the money on… and we might in fact recommend that you apply again next year.

Sometimes we knock things back because they will create a dangerous precedent (e.g. we’ve been asked for $1000 for a yearly regular fund for one idea… imagine if five other groups asked for the same thing… there’d be no money left in FAT ever). We’re very much disinclined to accede to a perpetual fund…


So, I hope I haven’t overloaded you or turned you off applying altogether.

FAT requests get accepted all the time – so while this may seem like a big chunk of stuff – it’s really just being diligent about your plans and thinking about all the factors involved.

It’s also never just one-off. If we find that we need more info, we’ll let you know, and you can re-propose with the more info the next month Or try again next year.

Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Rowany Seneschal