Folia Roani May/June 2015

Better late than never, here is the May/June 2015 edition of Folia Roani. At this stage, Folia will be published bi-monthly. You can obtain a copy from the Rowany Facebook Group files, from the Rowany website or by emailing the chronicler and requesting an emailed copy.

In service

Lady Katrijn van Delden


Greetings from the new Rowany Chronicler

It’s come time to request articles, notices, photos, recipes, A&S stuff – anything really you would like to see in the July/August edition of Folia Roani. Please email all contributions to

Contributions required by Friday 26th June to give me time to collate and have available by 1st July.

If you would like Folia Roani emailed to you, please send a request to including your email address.

In service
Lady Katrijn van Delden

Self Introduction By The New Chronicler (Extra, extra, read all about it!)

Art by Yorick, used with permission

The new Chronicler, Ameline, as depicted by Yorick

Changes are afoot. One such change is that the Barony of Rowany has a new Chronicler. I am Ameline de Colwell, and I will be bringing you the word from the street. That is to say, the event notices, the announcements, the scandals and developments, those scribbles of lyrics and verse, the artistic endeavours –  much of which that has of late been passed simply from hand-to-hand, word-of-mouth… oh, and those things that have of late been only discussed on that social media site.

No longer will Folia Roani, the first-rate publication of this, Lochac’s first and finest Barony, be but only a monthly publication. Rowany is a diverse locale, in which the lifeblood of its denizens beats more often than that – and so here we have the Folia Daily edition. Check back here regularly – and stay tuned for new, exciting ways to stay up to date! – or watch for the updates linked on the Rowanites Email List or the Barony of Rowany Facebook Page.

You can contact me for now via email at – and yes, I want to hear from you. Do you have an announcement? An article? An event?  Do you have a comic strip? A collection of medieval humour? I have the forum for you. I do ask for your patience, for while the grand plan has been in mind for some time… executing it will take a little time and experimentation.

Stay tuned…