Filming at Festival in 2013

Dear festival-goers,

There will be a couple of film crews at festival this year. One is a scout for SBS, just looking at what we do and whether it has any relevance to the programs they do. The other is a film-student looking to do a documentary on the in-game aspects of the SCA.

They will be chaperoned and (hopefully) fairly discreet.

They are also under strict instruction that if somebody doesn’t want to be filmed – that they will respect that.
So several things to keep in mind.

Firstly – if you do not want to appear in any film at all, please make yourself known at the troll tent. They have requested that you please provide a picture of yourself – so that if they accidentally get you in a crowd-shot, they can easily find you and blur you out (names aren’t as good for that). It’s ok to do this at any time during festival – we have the final say on any footage.

Secondly – if you find yourself being filmed, and don’t want to – you are absolutely allowed to go up and respectfully ask for them to stop filming you. Of course – if they’re filming court or war – it may be better to tell them afterward and ask them to blur you out of the footage.

Thirdly – they are newbies in our culture and may cause a faux pas without realising it… if you see them about to walk in on a chiv meeting or wander through royal court – please step forward and gently let them know (just as you would for any other newbie).

Finally – at least one crew is specifically interested in interesting in persona interactions… if you have an in-game vendetta (or might like to have fun with one), let us know, let them know… they might be interested (though also don’t be disappointed if they’re not… festival has a LOT on).

There was a lot of discussion on the filming on both facebook and the lochac list. We are aware that there are both positive and negative possible outcomes – we’re trying to work to make sure that it’s as positive as possible, and I think there are some great opportunities that can come from this, so lets try and make it as fun as possible.