Tue night A&S and Fighter Practice moving to Mon after Festival 2015

Monday night is the new Tuesday night!

A&S and Fighter Practice have been held on Tuesday nights for a really long time…  but not any more. A week after Rowany Festival, we are moving those activities to Monday nights instead.

Same venue, same times… but now on a Monday!!! WOW, I know 🙂

Financial Policy Version 1.1 Available – Suggested Reading

To the Populous of Rowany,

We tend to have quite a lot of activities in the Barony. Many of these involve money as not much comes for free and people / organisations expect to get paid for things like venue hire.

Anyone dealing with money in relation to any kind of activity within the Barony should be aware of and adhere to our financial policy. This will ensure you understand how things work, things run smoothly, and everyone is happy (especially our Reeve whose job is difficult enough, the tax man, our B&B, my mum…  you get the picture).

Version 1.1 of our Financial Policy can be found at the following link:


Thanks to our Reeve, Jean-Christophe le Saussier, for creating this document.


P.S.  All finance related posts (including those with other documents such as templates) can be found by using this site’s category Barony – Finances

New template for submitting financial reports after running events

To those running events in the Barony,

Our Reeve has created a new template which will help you prepare the financial report required when an event is run.

This should make things quicker and easier for those running events, and also means our Reeve receives the right information in a more ‘standard’ format, which will also make his life easier.

So, if you are running or going to run an event, please download the following file and use it for creating your financial report. File 1) is the template and file 2) contains the instructions.

1) http://rowany.lochac.sca.org/files/2014/01/TEMPLATE-Rowany-SCA-Lochac-Events-Financial-Report-01.txt
2) http://rowany.lochac.sca.org/files/2014/01/TEMPLATE-Rowany-SCA-Lochac-Events-Financial-Report-Instructions.txt


  • The files were created in Microsoft Office (Excel and Word) but will open in any compatible program (Open Office, Libre Office etc.)
  • The extension on the files were renamed to .txt for security reasons
  • As such, before the files will open correctly, you must change the filename for 1) back to .XLSX and 2) back to .DOCX

(change  “TEMPLATE-Rowany-SCA-Lochac-Events-Financial-Report-01.txt
to be        “TEMPLATE-Rowany-SCA-Lochac-Events-Financial-Report-01.xlsx
change  “TEMPLATE-Rowany-SCA-Lochac-Events-Financial-Report-Instructions.txt
to be       “TEMPLATE-Rowany-SCA-Lochac-Events-Financial-Report-Instructions.xlsx)

Thanks to our Reeve, Jean-Christophe le Saussier, for creating the template.


P.S.  All finance related posts (including those with other documents such as policy) can be found by using this site’s category Barony – Finances

Positions Vacant (2013-04-18)

From time to time, opportunities exist within the Barony for civic-minded peoples with the energy, vision, skills, or combination of these kind of things, to assist in the smooth operation of the group.

My Lords and ladies,

There are currently a couple of vacanies in the barony for officers.
Some are small, some large, so there’s something to suit all levels of experience and free-time.

These we really need:

These would be nice to have

More details on each of the positions farther below (scroll down or by click on the links above)

This is a chance for you to help out, a chance to serve, a chance to make your mark on the Barony and make cool things happen. A chance to give back for all those wonderful events you’ve been to yourself.

You don’t have to have experience, you don’t have to have a lot of spare time – you can start out helping another officer as a deputy, or leap into something you’d like to learn more about yourself.

If you’re interested in one of these positions, or if you’d just like some more info on what’s involved, please email me directly using: seneschal(AT)rowany.lochac.sca.org or through the form found here

So below is a basic description of the kinds of things you could do if you were to take on one of the roles.
Note that for most roles there’s a baseline set of required duties, but for every role you can take it to whatever level your enthusiasm or time allows.

For every one of them – you will not be thrown in the deep end, you will receive heaps of help and support from other Barony officers, from the Kingdom officer and from myself.

If you aren’t sure you can shoulder the full responsibility of a full officer position, you’re also very welcome to help out as a deputy for any of these, or any other officer position – many hands make light work and even if you’re only able to help a little for some of the time, it makes everything a lot easier for everyone concerned.

Any level of service you can provide would be extremely helpful. No officer would turn down a deputy – and it’d help you gain great insight into how to perform a role or how to organise events.

Get in touch and have a chance to serve your Barony and help make amazing things happen.

Iseabail (Barony Seneschal)


This is a role that you can define for yourself, but the broad mandate
is to help with recruitment.

Required duties:
Be there for newbies, if they need help in any area, be able to refer them to somebody that can answer their questions (eg me or your other officers)
Report monthly to the senate and quarterly to the seneschal/kingdom officer about recruitment numbers – how many showed up after a recruitment drive and how many continue to come to events.

What you could do with the role if you wanted:
Coordinate demonstrations at public events (eg big medieval faires), sort out business cards, brochures, displays and newcomers packs to help new recruits know about our whacky ways and get them integrated into our community.

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This is the first-aid officer of the group
This is one of those positions where you’re required to hold mundane qualifications. you must have a valid First Aid Certificate. Thankfully, the barony is willing to pay for it on the condition that you serve a stint as chirurgeon and put in a shift as chirurgeon at Festival next year.

Required duties:
Perform first-aid duties as required at events.
Report monthly to senate and quarterly to seneschal/kingdom officer on any incidents that ocurred during the time-period

What you could do with the role if you wanted:
Coordinate first aid training for other wannabe chirurgeons, organise a chirugeon to be present at all major events in the Barony. Find ways of reducing incidents in the barony.

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Herder of gate-keepers, keeper of waivers

Required duties:
Organise waivers to be printed and for somebody to be present with waivers at every event (including fighter prac). You don’t need to be there in person yourself (we’ve got plenty of volunteers) – as long as you know who is, and you collect the waivers and non-member insurance from them. Waivers you hang onto and cash you hand over to myself or the reeve.
Report Monthly to senate and quarterly to seneschal/kingdom-officer aout how many people were at events and how many were members/non-members (you’ll also need to give that report to the reeve so they know how much we owe to Corporate)

What you could do with the role if you wanted:
Good question. It’d be great to see a report on the numbers of members and non-members coming to fighter prac or events over time. To correlate changes in umbers with recruitment drives or interesting new classes… or anything else you could think of.

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Heralds help people decide on a name or device in the society
You do not need to know anything about book-heraldry to take this position on! I have been assured by kingdom Herald that you will receive all the help in the world online – the facebook group is extremely supportive in this case.

Required duties:
Mainly being there when peple ask for help – ability to interface between individuals and the online heraldic chat-group, as well as helping people fill in the forms and send them off to the kingdom herald.. and handing it back to them when it is returned (either with a yea or nay)

What you could do with the role if you wanted:
All the heraldry in the world… lead the way on initiatives to get more people to apply for heraldry, or to show more heraldry on the field or at events. Go for your life, have fun!

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Coordinates lists at major events – for all the martial activities – heavy, fencing, archery and, where available, equestrian.

Required duties:
Support people interested in learning the martial activites to find places where they can teach (and teachers to find students). Report monthly to the senate and quarterly to seneschal/kingdom officer about: numbers of learners, authorised fighters, and people showing up to events.

What you could do with the role if you wanted:
Organise marshalling activies at every event. Foster activity in the martial arts – including those that are not currently strong in the barony. Foster cross-fertilisation of skills so that people learn skills from the other arts. Help organise teaching events (eg knight school) or regular classes for fighters.

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Chronicler – Position Filled

The Chroniclers of the Barony of Rowany both find themselves separately unable to continue in the roll, and seek applications for a successor.

In accordance with Lochac Law and Corpora, all applications will be forwarded to the Kingdom Chronicler with the recommendation of the current Chronicler(s). The Kingdom Chronicler will announce the successful candidate and then a commentary period will made available.

Applications will close on Friday, 26th October 2012.

The roll of Chronicler includes:

  • Editing and Publishing Folia Roani (with the assistance of the Rowany Webminister);
  • Ensuring that minutes of the monthly Rowany Senate are recorded;
  • Reporting quarterly to the Rowany Seneschal and Kingdom Chronicler;
  • Assisting in the distribution of articles and items of interest in the Barony;
  • Reporting to Rowany Senate;
  • Working with other Rowany officers to publish information that is pertinent to their roles.

For more information, or to apply (addressing your skills and experience), please contact the Chronicler via email.

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Tuesday A&S + Fighter Practice Moved Till After Easter To…

On 5/03/2013 11:13 PM, Taryn East wrote:
Hi all,

As you may have heard, due to a mixup in the bookings (done a year ago),
we do not have the usual hall booked for Tuesdays during March - before

Fighter Practice will be happening at the park on Australia St,
Camperdown at roughly the same time (6pm-late) for the next three weeks. 

A&S will be happening at St Peters Town Hall in Sydenham on Tuesday

Yes, we'll be in two different places and you will be forced to choose.
I'm really sorry about that, but it will just be for the weeks prior to

After festival, we will go back to being at our usual hall (Crystal St,
Petersham) on Tuesdays.

AKA: Iseabail

In addition, full addresses and bang on Google map links to mentioned locations (and others I come across) are found on the Addresses & Maps page…



P.S. If there are any you know of which I can add, please let me know

The Barony asks for donations to help pay for the Fighter Practice hall

Original Post Here

Thanks to those who donated quarterly on Tuesday!!

The Barony asks for donations to help pay for the Fighter Practice hall

There is no requirement for you to donate, but the suggested donation each night is $5 for waged/$2.50 for students.
Some people prefer to pay in big blocks for the quarter, and if you’re doing it that way, the suggested donation is $50/$25 (LOOK, a ‘discount’!).

This is your reminder that the Dec-Feb quarter is due now (or so I am assured).