Are you interested in storage (shipping containers) at Rowany Festival site?

Greetings unto the populace of Lochac,

Rowany Festival is a fantastic event renowned throughout the Kingdom. While close for some, many others must travel from the furthest reaches of our own lands or even beyond… bringing their worldly goods with them and trudging them back home again once the excitement is over!

We have received a request to see whether there is opportunity of having storage at the festival site, so groups can leave items only used at Festival, on site, instead of shipping back and forth each year.

The short answer is yes. There is a limited amount of storage space available on site, where we can permanently leave shipping containers. We already have a couple of containers on site which store Festival event gear (pavilions etc). We do have room for a few more. The expanded answer involves logistics, a longer term view… and we need numbers!

As such, we are trying to gain a good idea of just how many group(s) may be interested in storage (shipping) containers at festival site before proceeding. At this stage no decisions are being made. Once we have a better idea of potential numbers involved we can start to formulate an informed plan and make fair decisions from there.

Call For Expressions of Interest

Would those groups who have interest in shipping containers at festival site please contact to let us know. Provide some brief details regarding who you are, the group interested and appropriate contact details if not obvious.

If possible, we would like to have an idea by our next senate meeting on Tue, Sep 16 (about a week away) so we can discuss this further. However, I fully appreciate I’ve sent this request through much later than I should (for one reason or another), so if you happen to respond later than that, I’m happy to take responsibility! This is an ongoing process, so it will all be fine.

As an indication of cost for containers may help in your own decision making, they sell second-hand for somewhere around $2,000 with an additional $500 for delivery.
I will try to reach appropriate places with this notice, however, if I miss a group / list / somewhere else this may be useful, please feel free to forward on.

Jan Janssen van den Zype geheeten van den Goere
Rowany Webright

First Cut Off (Price Rise) for Festival 2014 Approaching


just a reminder that the first Cut Off for Rowany Festival Prices is
approaching. After the 30th of November the price of Rowany Festival will
rise. So if you would like to book at the lower price you have just under a
month to do so.

Bookings can be made by going here

Caristiona nic Beathain
Rowany Festival Steward

Update – Open Day to Visit Festival Site going Ahead – Smoke Free Zone


An update on the Rowany Festival Site Visit this weekend.
The planned visit will be going ahead as planned with one minor alteration.
The site is to remain a smoke free site for the day. So if you are a smoker
please be aware of this and make sure that you do not smoke anywhere on the
site on Saturday.

For those who are coming we will see you there.


Visit to Festival Site Potential Postponement Due to NSW Fires – TBA Later


at the moment the planned Site Visit on the weekend is up in the air. The
owner of the property has asked that he be able to contact us on Thursday
to either clear our visit on the weekend or to reschedule it. This decision
will be made on a number of factors including;
Fires in the area
Access on the roads
Air Quality
Emergency Services in the area and their concerns
and a number of other different concerns.

When we hear from the owner of the site and we discuss these concerns on
Thursday details on the site visit will be forthcoming. Additional
information will be posted here when it is forthcoming.

The Festival Stewards

Rowany Festival, Site Open Day (26 Oct 2013)

Come and have a look at the New Rowany Festival Site

Date:         Saturday, 26 October 2013
Times:       10:00 until 15:00
Address:   162 Black Spring Rd, High Range, NSW 2575  [MAP – Check for Camp Wombaroo]

Link to the Facebook Event with up to minute details

Pot Luck picnic, there will be BBQ’s for anyone who would like to bring something to cook on the BBQ. The site will be open from 10.00am to 3.00pm for people to have a look at camping sites, merchant sites, where the Green will be and some of the facilities.

This site is not free so please bring a gold coin donation.
This is not a garbed event.

Our access to the site will end at 3pm so plenty of time for people to get back home and get ready for the Stowe Feast that night.

For those looking at camp sites, while everyone is welcome only one representative from each camp site will be accepted as a spokesperson for each camp site. This is to minimise confusion and double ups on communication so please make sure that you let Berenger know who the spokes person is for each camp group.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Caristiona nic Beathain

Festival 2014 Bookings NOW OPEN


Rowany Festival Bookings are open.

To book for Festival go to:
read the information and follow the links.


When booking if you would like to do a Direct Deposit put in the promotion code *DirDep* when paying.

If you would like to pay by credit card you will need to pay a 30c booking fee per item (ticket) and a 2.2% credit card fee that will go directly to the bank.

*Direct Deposits need to be paid into*

– The Society for Creative Anachronism- Rowany
– BSB 032062 Account number 384421
– Then use RF and the last 8 digits of your booking number as your reference.

Your ticket is your GST invoice so if you need an invoice please make sure you keep a copy. Your ticket is also needed when you come to Festival so please make sure you bring a copy of it with you when you come. The receipt received is a receipt of payment only not a tax invoice only the ticket itself is a tax invoice.

The terms and conditions include the indemnity and the Rowany Festival Site Rules please make sure you read them before you come to Rowany Festival 2014.


– *All prices include GST*.
– The cut-off date is for email bookings made prior to midnight (AEDST) on the date specified.
– A day covers ‘daylight hours’ but refers generally to not staying onsite overnight. Please enter the number of days attending per person.
– A night covers a 24-hour period, but refers generally to staying overnight. Please enter the number of days attending per person.
– Children under the age of 5 are free (although $5 insurance is required for non-member children)
– Family rate applies for two adults and up to three children (between the ages of 5 and 17 inclusive).

For people with mobility-related disabilities, please ensure you tick the appropriate box.

*From Rowany Festival 2014, payment is made with the booking*. If you are using Direct Deposit please use RF and then the last 8 digits of your booking number as your reference number.

Once you have gone through the ticketing system* you have 14 days to finalise payment or your booking will be deemed invalid*. If this is the case you will have to submit your booking again, potentially at a higher rate.

*There is also a variety of Equipment available for hire*. *Please complete the form to hire equipment. Equipment can be hired either with your booking or at a later date.*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Rowany Festival Stewards

Filming at Festival in 2013

Dear festival-goers,

There will be a couple of film crews at festival this year. One is a scout for SBS, just looking at what we do and whether it has any relevance to the programs they do. The other is a film-student looking to do a documentary on the in-game aspects of the SCA.

They will be chaperoned and (hopefully) fairly discreet.

They are also under strict instruction that if somebody doesn’t want to be filmed – that they will respect that.
So several things to keep in mind.

Firstly – if you do not want to appear in any film at all, please make yourself known at the troll tent. They have requested that you please provide a picture of yourself – so that if they accidentally get you in a crowd-shot, they can easily find you and blur you out (names aren’t as good for that). It’s ok to do this at any time during festival – we have the final say on any footage.

Secondly – if you find yourself being filmed, and don’t want to – you are absolutely allowed to go up and respectfully ask for them to stop filming you. Of course – if they’re filming court or war – it may be better to tell them afterward and ask them to blur you out of the footage.

Thirdly – they are newbies in our culture and may cause a faux pas without realising it… if you see them about to walk in on a chiv meeting or wander through royal court – please step forward and gently let them know (just as you would for any other newbie).

Finally – at least one crew is specifically interested in interesting in persona interactions… if you have an in-game vendetta (or might like to have fun with one), let us know, let them know… they might be interested (though also don’t be disappointed if they’re not… festival has a LOT on).

There was a lot of discussion on the filming on both facebook and the lochac list. We are aware that there are both positive and negative possible outcomes – we’re trying to work to make sure that it’s as positive as possible, and I think there are some great opportunities that can come from this, so lets try and make it as fun as possible.


Yes, Festival is moving after 2013

Unto the Populas do Baron Loyola and Baronesss Annora send greetings.

As many of you know now, the contract for Glenworth Valley Festival site is n it’s final year and in the past few months we have been exploring alternative venues. Four sites were submitted for appraisal by members of the Kingdom at large and open discussion. After this lengthy process and the council of our advisory team, we have decided thus.

We will be moving Rowany Festival to a new site in the Southern Highlands called Womberoo. We fully believe that Womberoo offers a range of opportunities and facilities that no previous Festival site has.

Storage of shipping containers on the new site is approved, so they will need to be moved after this Festival. Any unclaimed or un-spoken for items will be disposed of before this takes place. If you have anything in the containers, please take responsibility for ensuring that your items are accounted for. Further information regarding this will be posted as soon as we can.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks at this years Rowany Festival. Good luck with the last of your preparations.

Warmest regards and safe travels,

Loyola and Annora – Rowany.

Rowany Festival 2013 – Details and timetable (28 Mar – 1 Apr 2013)

Greetings to all,

Rowany Festival runs over Easter each year and for 2013 it is almost here once again, HUZZAH!!

For all the latest details, head over to the festival site

The latest timetable can also be found through the menu at the top of that site, or a direct link to the page itself is:

We very much look forward to seeing you all there