Candidates Introduction – Táriq And Juliana

Juliana de NorthwoodJuliana de Northwood

I started re-enactment in 1997 when asked to be a bridesmaid at a medieval themed wedding. I needed to learn some dances, so went to the Wellington Medieval Guild (WMG) for 6 weeks and never left. I was associated with the SCA (Darchester, now Darton) from 1997 – 2008 and, an SCA financial member of Rowany since 2008. I have also been fortunate enough to be associated with 3 jousting groups, Order of the Boar (NZ), Full Tilt Jousting (Lithgow, NSW), and Nova Hollandia (Newcastle, NSW).

Since joining the SCA I have become an active member of the Royal Lochac Guild of Defense where I have gained the rank of Provost. I also enjoy a range of other activities. My first passion is fibre and spinning, and I am somewhat addicted to spindles, spinning wheels and wool. Additionally I have learned to silk paint in an effort to contribute, tablet weave, fingerloop braid and improve my sewing skills, all thanks to a number of people who have taken the time to teach me.

In my mundane life, I work for a charity putting life-saving medical equipment into the paediatric public health system. I am also a keen scuba diver.

Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-NaysábúríTáriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysábúrí

My SCA / re-enactment involvement began in Dismal Fogs in 1991, where I held several offices and was quite an active combat archer. I became involved with fencing when classes started at UNSW in 1998, and lost my will to shoot heavies soon after that. I moved to Rowany in 2000, and have become heavily involved in the local fencing group as one of the founders of the Rowany Guild School. Since then I have played the prize for Guildmaster of Fence, was elevated as Lochac’s first Don, and in 2010 was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for my fencing research and teaching.

Since joining the SCA I have held the local offices of herald, chronicler and seneschal, served as the Lochac Rapier Marshal for 3 years, the Lochac Lord Guildmaster of Fence for 4 years, White Scarf Secretary for 2 years, the Lochac representative to the SCA Period Combat Committee for 3 years, and served as the Drop Dead Deputy to the Society Rapier Marshal for the last 2½ years. Outside the SCA I have been the Training Officer (marshal equivalent) of NVG Mountains Garrison for 2 years, the National Secretary of NVG Inc for a year, and the principal instructor of Italian fencing systems at Stoccata School of Defence, Sydney for the last 7 years. Aside from my fencing passion, I also enjoy period cooking, and exploring Middle-Eastern and Italian Renaissance clothing and culture.

Mundanely I lead the Regulatory Compliance group for a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Why We Want To Do It

The Society has given both of us many good friends and a lot of support throughout the years to achieve success in various activities. We see this as an excellent way to pay back this support we have received over the years. We also believe the Barony of Rowany is a vibrant barony with a versatile and broad spectrum membership. We have recently heard the SCA being described as “the cheapest martial arts club you can get”, which does not sit well with either of us as this does not correlate with our experiences within The Society. We believe we have the proven skills, experience and leadership capability to foster all aspects of the Society, be it combat, arts & sciences or service. This will help deliver a richer, more diverse experience for the members of the Barony, allowing for fuller and greater participation within the Society for the current and future members of the Barony.