Candidates Introduction – Miles and Ameline

Miles de Colwell and Ameline de ColwellMiles de Colwell

I, Miles de Colwell, discovered the SCA, and the Barony of Rowany, in 2000. Since that time, I have explored the many aspects that the Society has to offer.

I have engaged in martial endeavours within the fields of armoured combat, archery, rapier & equestrian, first authorising in 2000, and then as a marshall in 2002. I received the Lochac Order of Grace from Their Majesties Alfar and Gudrun in 2002. I’ve had the honour to serve on three Queen’s Guard and the Baronial Guard of Rowany. I have also served as Rowany Baronial Champion, as well as Champion of Lochac.

Over the years I have run a number of events, and been on the Stewarding Team for Rowany Festival multiple times.

Ameline de Colwell

I, Ameline de Colwell, first found the SCA via the College of St Ursula in 2006. Since that time I have held multiple offices, including Seneschal of both the College of St Ursula, and also the Barony of Rowany. I have stewarded several events within the Barony, ranging from tournaments and feasts, to Rowany Festival (which hosted a Crown tournament) attended by nigh on 1000.

My interests within the SCA range from food to fighting, from embroidery to entertaining – and everything in between. I am a member of the Rowany Order of the Golden Staple (service), and the Order of the Frantic Falcon (stewarding).

Why are we standing?

We find ourselves fortunate to be members of such a fine and strong Barony. We feel that there are areas in which it might flourish further with careful tending. We feel that focus needs to be given to unifying Rowany’s individuals to a more core identity, with common goals, while still allowing for the strength of the Barony’s households, both old and new, to grow and prosper. As Baron and Baroness, we would endeavour to encourage all aspects of the society, as well as all areas and groups within Rowany, those near and far.