Candidate Introduction – FilippaGinevra

FilippaGinevra Francesca di LucignanoHi my name is FilippaGinevra Francesca di Lucignano (Phillippa Venn-Brown).

I have been a member of the SCA for over 30 years, the bulk of that time has been spent within the Barony of Rowany.
I have held all offices in the Barony, with the exception of Reeve.

I have also held offices at both Principality and Kingdom level. I hold the rank of Chirurgeon Emeritus within the Society.
I have been a companion of the Order of the Pelican since 1999 and was made a Companion of the Order of the Laurel in 2012 for apothecary and, as Mistress Marguerite says…. ‘stuff’!

I have wide ranging interests including singing, dance, cooking, medicine, perfumery and cosmetics. However, I have also been an authorised fighter in both heavy and light and in the past have taken part in combat archery and tourneys.

While I am no longer young in either the society, or in mundane life and I have some physical restrictions which I admit freely and which limit my ability to perform service as I have previously done, still I believe that I have much to give the Barony and the Society and seek to do this through serving the Barony as Baroness.

If chosen, I would work to enhance the Barony’s skills in arts, sciences and service, while maintaining its martial prowess. To do this I would appoint champions to assist the Baronial Officers and the populace of the Barony in achieving these goals.

I would also take counsel with the Barony and its cantons to plan feasts, tourneys, projects and other events such as they would wish so that we move forward together to grow the Barony of Rowany.

Mundanely my work requires much of time during the working week and I cannot regularly attend activities in central Sydney during the week, and for that I apologise to the Barony, but I will make every attempt to attend Baronial senate whenever possible and will ensure that the officers of the Barony would always be free to discuss matters of concern with me, should my work prevent me from attending senate meetings.

Should I be chosen it would be my intention that I would serve in the capacity of Baroness for not more than 3 and not less than 2 years.

Yours in Service to the Dream
FilippaGinevra Francesca di Lucignano, OP, OL, CB, OIS, OWS, ORL, OLM, OB, OGS, OFF, Chirurgeon, Emeritus.