Bunch o’Classes FAQ

What should we expect & what should be expected from us for these Classes.

Most classes will be a relaxed lecture style, with hands on stuff if appropriate. 2 hours would tend to be hands on, 1 hour tends to be a lecture type class.

You are expected to turn up at the start of class, listen, answer questions if you can, not interrupt unless appropriate and on topic, give the teacher respect, and participate in any workshops. If you need to bring anything it will be indicated in the class descriptions (coming out soon).

How quickly do classes fill up?
All classes are on a ‘depends who turns up’ basis, except the leatherworking one. If we have 4 people or 20 people then we run the class for that many people, so there’s no fear that you will be locked out of any class you want to attend.

How easy is it to walk/Bus fom the station?
Walking: it’s uphill from Dulwich Hill Station, and reasonably flat from Lewisham. My advice would be to catch one of the buses that will drop you off on Marrickville road. Where are you travelling from?

Do I wear casual clothes or garb?
Casual clothes. Keep in mind that some workshops may involve mess or moving around, so wear approriate clothing.

How do I pay?
You can pay me in person, or on the day. A bank transfer may be possible if you prefer, please contact me.