Festival 2014 Bookings NOW OPEN


Rowany Festival Bookings are open.

To book for Festival go to:
read the information and follow the links.


When booking if you would like to do a Direct Deposit put in the promotion code *DirDep* when paying.

If you would like to pay by credit card you will need to pay a 30c booking fee per item (ticket) and a 2.2% credit card fee that will go directly to the bank.

*Direct Deposits need to be paid into*

– The Society for Creative Anachronism- Rowany
– BSB 032062 Account number 384421
– Then use RF and the last 8 digits of your booking number as your reference.

Your ticket is your GST invoice so if you need an invoice please make sure you keep a copy. Your ticket is also needed when you come to Festival so please make sure you bring a copy of it with you when you come. The receipt received is a receipt of payment only not a tax invoice only the ticket itself is a tax invoice.

The terms and conditions include the indemnity and the Rowany Festival Site Rules please make sure you read them before you come to Rowany Festival 2014.


– *All prices include GST*.
– The cut-off date is for email bookings made prior to midnight (AEDST) on the date specified.
– A day covers ‘daylight hours’ but refers generally to not staying onsite overnight. Please enter the number of days attending per person.
– A night covers a 24-hour period, but refers generally to staying overnight. Please enter the number of days attending per person.
– Children under the age of 5 are free (although $5 insurance is required for non-member children)
– Family rate applies for two adults and up to three children (between the ages of 5 and 17 inclusive).

For people with mobility-related disabilities, please ensure you tick the appropriate box.

*From Rowany Festival 2014, payment is made with the booking*. If you are using Direct Deposit please use RF and then the last 8 digits of your booking number as your reference number.

Once you have gone through the ticketing system* you have 14 days to finalise payment or your booking will be deemed invalid*. If this is the case you will have to submit your booking again, potentially at a higher rate.

*There is also a variety of Equipment available for hire*. *Please complete the form to hire equipment. Equipment can be hired either with your booking or at a later date.*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact rowanystewards@gmail.com

Rowany Festival Stewards