Senate meeting minutes 16 May uploaded

Please find here the Senate minutes for May:
Rowany Senate Meeting 16 May 2016

touching on: Approved projects for Fighter Auction Tourney funds; Reeve report; replacement A&S and Marshal needed; Marshal injury reports from Festival don’t match St Johns reports; feedback about Baronial website, newsletter sought; Festival survey open, closing 25/5; Fort Gates for Festival being built by Leinad for $1400.

May Folia Roani online!

Folia Roani May  is now online, with a call for applications for Rowany Seneschal by midnight 3 May, information about upcoming events in NSW, ACT, the Senate meeting minutes, a call for helpers for Blacktown Medieval Fair, as well as a list of the officers of the Barony and vacant positions.
Here is the Calendar for May (in handy print-and-put-on-your-fridge format):

Folia Roani May

Deputy (replacement) Reeve for Rowany sought

Hello all,
A little over 2 months ago, I advertised for the position of deputy reeve, with a view to having said deputy take over when my term expires at the end of November.
Due to a dearth of applications, as well as some significant changes to the job role (due to having a bookkeeper, the role has become substantially easier to fulfill!), I am advertising again.
Reeve is a required position for all groups.
As Rowany Reeve, your duties are to:
* report on the financial status of the Barony each month at Senate
* report on the financial status of the Barony each quarter to Kingdom Exchequer
* manage day to day transactions
Those interested in the role would:
* have basic computer skills
* be a member of the SCA
* be aged 18+
* have good written and verbal communication skills
* have, or be willing to get, a Westpac CRN
Anyone interested in the role should contact me at: rowany [dot] reeve [at] gmail [dot] com
In Service

New Rowany Marshal sought

Greetings from Sigvaldr Sviðandi, Rowany Marshal

As I must soon stand down from my position as Rowany Marshal, I am looking for a brave soul to stand up and take over this task. Until I am able to step down, this position will be a deputy to work on handover together and bring you up to speed on anything you need to know. This position includes liaising with Rowany Senate, Seneschal, and Kingdom Earl Marshal on any martial matters you or they deem of interest.

The Marshal is in charge of combat-related activities. Your charter will be to promote armoured and missile combat, and to work with the Rapier Marshal as needed to promote both fields of combat. You will be part of the appeals and reporting chain for incidents and events under the Rowany banner and her sub-groups, such as Stowe and St Ursula.
You do not have to be an authorised Marshal or Senior Marshal, but it does help.

If you wish to volunteer or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Sigvaldr Sviðandi

Poll / Survey – Baronial Heirs – Pick Your Candidate

Greetings to the Barony of Rowany,

After much discussion the time has come to select the baronial heirs. Below you will find a link to a brief survey which will inform their Majesties of the preferred candidates of the populace. The Poll will remain open for 14 days closing on the night of the 27th of Feb (11:59 pm). Their Majesties will announce their decision shortly there after.


Alfgeirr Agnarsson
Returns officer

Information Regarding The Poll For Helping Choose Our Next Baron and / or Baroness

Greetings to the Barony of Rowany,

As we all know, their excellencies Loyola and Annora will soon be stepping down as Baron and Baroness of Rowany. Our Barony is strong and we are fortunate that 4 candidates have stepped forward who are willing to lead our barony into this new era. In recent weeks there have been several forums in which we have had the opportunity to talk to the candidates and hear their visions for the future of Rowany.

I have been asked by their Majesties and their Excellencies to conduct a poll to advise them of the wishes of the populace in choosing the next Baron &/or Baroness. This poll will be conducted via survey monkey. Unfortunately due to my mundane schedule this will be happening this Thursday rather than on the 10th (today) as previously advertised. I apologise for this but it is unavoidable.

In the mean time, should you have any comments to share with their majesties regarding the candidates they can be sent to:
crown (AT)

Please forward this message to any other relevant Rowany lists if I have missed them.


THL Alfgeirr Agnarsson

UPDATE 2014-02-14: The poll / Survey is now available – Please see this post

Candidate Introduction – Torg

Torold o Hawkhurst (Sir Torg)I am Torold o Hawkhurst more commonly known as just Torg or Sir Torg.

I joined the SCA as an overseas member about 1979 was marshal for 2 years and was a founding member of the Barony of Rowany in April 1982 when we became the Barony of Rowany in what was later the Crown Principality of Lochac and then a Kingdom. I was senechal of Rowany for 2 years from 1983 to 1985 and first Baron of Rowany for 5 years from 1991 to 1996. I had as Baroness Lindoret of Byrn Myrdyn my wife Linda. Prior to 1991 I was reeve of Hawksreach for 2 years. Hawksreach was a pre Stowe group with the same boundaries as Stowe. In recent years I was senechal of Stowe for 2 years. I am a Knight and a Pelican and am excellent as the Crown gave me a Court Barony. Hard to compress 34 years.

Why am I standing (again and without a Baroness)? An excellent question and the answer is because I have the skills to enhance some part of the Barony that I feel do not operate at peeks they have attained in the past and can surpass in the future. As a slice of the past a Barony should be all things to all people as a place of excellence where all aspects of the SCA are fostered. We have the arts and sciences in all their forms, we have the arts martial in all their forms. All are of value and require that touch of immediate encouragement and recognition that only a B&B can bestow. It not a Tango it does not require 2.

I see the role of the Baron as including active leadership to various goals. These goal are the peoples goals but they are sorted and give a priority and this is leadership of the type I like to run. Joint goals but with a facilitator.

I think I can enhance the Baronial presence at Court and in ceremony. To respect a figurehead they must be worthy of respect and they must act to enhance that effect. The Baron and Baroness are the constant Royal presence in the Barony they are always worthy of great respect and they must foster this separation of roles from them as people and friends and them as the B&B. I feel Rowany needs to enhance the “hats on”effect and become less of the great Australian dream of we are all the same. Perhaps that is true but the SCA is built of the fact that in the SCA it MUST not be true.

In then end I would like to be Baron again. I know I would be good at it BUT if I miss out I hope that I have at least shown where I feel this Barony can go to attain even greater renown.

Torg o Hawkhurst [lots or titles and rewards]

Candidates Introduction – Táriq And Juliana

Juliana de NorthwoodJuliana de Northwood

I started re-enactment in 1997 when asked to be a bridesmaid at a medieval themed wedding. I needed to learn some dances, so went to the Wellington Medieval Guild (WMG) for 6 weeks and never left. I was associated with the SCA (Darchester, now Darton) from 1997 – 2008 and, an SCA financial member of Rowany since 2008. I have also been fortunate enough to be associated with 3 jousting groups, Order of the Boar (NZ), Full Tilt Jousting (Lithgow, NSW), and Nova Hollandia (Newcastle, NSW).

Since joining the SCA I have become an active member of the Royal Lochac Guild of Defense where I have gained the rank of Provost. I also enjoy a range of other activities. My first passion is fibre and spinning, and I am somewhat addicted to spindles, spinning wheels and wool. Additionally I have learned to silk paint in an effort to contribute, tablet weave, fingerloop braid and improve my sewing skills, all thanks to a number of people who have taken the time to teach me.

In my mundane life, I work for a charity putting life-saving medical equipment into the paediatric public health system. I am also a keen scuba diver.

Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-NaysábúríTáriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysábúrí

My SCA / re-enactment involvement began in Dismal Fogs in 1991, where I held several offices and was quite an active combat archer. I became involved with fencing when classes started at UNSW in 1998, and lost my will to shoot heavies soon after that. I moved to Rowany in 2000, and have become heavily involved in the local fencing group as one of the founders of the Rowany Guild School. Since then I have played the prize for Guildmaster of Fence, was elevated as Lochac’s first Don, and in 2010 was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for my fencing research and teaching.

Since joining the SCA I have held the local offices of herald, chronicler and seneschal, served as the Lochac Rapier Marshal for 3 years, the Lochac Lord Guildmaster of Fence for 4 years, White Scarf Secretary for 2 years, the Lochac representative to the SCA Period Combat Committee for 3 years, and served as the Drop Dead Deputy to the Society Rapier Marshal for the last 2½ years. Outside the SCA I have been the Training Officer (marshal equivalent) of NVG Mountains Garrison for 2 years, the National Secretary of NVG Inc for a year, and the principal instructor of Italian fencing systems at Stoccata School of Defence, Sydney for the last 7 years. Aside from my fencing passion, I also enjoy period cooking, and exploring Middle-Eastern and Italian Renaissance clothing and culture.

Mundanely I lead the Regulatory Compliance group for a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Why We Want To Do It

The Society has given both of us many good friends and a lot of support throughout the years to achieve success in various activities. We see this as an excellent way to pay back this support we have received over the years. We also believe the Barony of Rowany is a vibrant barony with a versatile and broad spectrum membership. We have recently heard the SCA being described as “the cheapest martial arts club you can get”, which does not sit well with either of us as this does not correlate with our experiences within The Society. We believe we have the proven skills, experience and leadership capability to foster all aspects of the Society, be it combat, arts & sciences or service. This will help deliver a richer, more diverse experience for the members of the Barony, allowing for fuller and greater participation within the Society for the current and future members of the Barony.

Candidates Introduction – Miles and Ameline

Miles de Colwell and Ameline de ColwellMiles de Colwell

I, Miles de Colwell, discovered the SCA, and the Barony of Rowany, in 2000. Since that time, I have explored the many aspects that the Society has to offer.

I have engaged in martial endeavours within the fields of armoured combat, archery, rapier & equestrian, first authorising in 2000, and then as a marshall in 2002. I received the Lochac Order of Grace from Their Majesties Alfar and Gudrun in 2002. I’ve had the honour to serve on three Queen’s Guard and the Baronial Guard of Rowany. I have also served as Rowany Baronial Champion, as well as Champion of Lochac.

Over the years I have run a number of events, and been on the Stewarding Team for Rowany Festival multiple times.

Ameline de Colwell

I, Ameline de Colwell, first found the SCA via the College of St Ursula in 2006. Since that time I have held multiple offices, including Seneschal of both the College of St Ursula, and also the Barony of Rowany. I have stewarded several events within the Barony, ranging from tournaments and feasts, to Rowany Festival (which hosted a Crown tournament) attended by nigh on 1000.

My interests within the SCA range from food to fighting, from embroidery to entertaining – and everything in between. I am a member of the Rowany Order of the Golden Staple (service), and the Order of the Frantic Falcon (stewarding).

Why are we standing?

We find ourselves fortunate to be members of such a fine and strong Barony. We feel that there are areas in which it might flourish further with careful tending. We feel that focus needs to be given to unifying Rowany’s individuals to a more core identity, with common goals, while still allowing for the strength of the Barony’s households, both old and new, to grow and prosper. As Baron and Baroness, we would endeavour to encourage all aspects of the society, as well as all areas and groups within Rowany, those near and far.

Candidate Introduction – FilippaGinevra

FilippaGinevra Francesca di LucignanoHi my name is FilippaGinevra Francesca di Lucignano (Phillippa Venn-Brown).

I have been a member of the SCA for over 30 years, the bulk of that time has been spent within the Barony of Rowany.
I have held all offices in the Barony, with the exception of Reeve.

I have also held offices at both Principality and Kingdom level. I hold the rank of Chirurgeon Emeritus within the Society.
I have been a companion of the Order of the Pelican since 1999 and was made a Companion of the Order of the Laurel in 2012 for apothecary and, as Mistress Marguerite says…. ‘stuff’!

I have wide ranging interests including singing, dance, cooking, medicine, perfumery and cosmetics. However, I have also been an authorised fighter in both heavy and light and in the past have taken part in combat archery and tourneys.

While I am no longer young in either the society, or in mundane life and I have some physical restrictions which I admit freely and which limit my ability to perform service as I have previously done, still I believe that I have much to give the Barony and the Society and seek to do this through serving the Barony as Baroness.

If chosen, I would work to enhance the Barony’s skills in arts, sciences and service, while maintaining its martial prowess. To do this I would appoint champions to assist the Baronial Officers and the populace of the Barony in achieving these goals.

I would also take counsel with the Barony and its cantons to plan feasts, tourneys, projects and other events such as they would wish so that we move forward together to grow the Barony of Rowany.

Mundanely my work requires much of time during the working week and I cannot regularly attend activities in central Sydney during the week, and for that I apologise to the Barony, but I will make every attempt to attend Baronial senate whenever possible and will ensure that the officers of the Barony would always be free to discuss matters of concern with me, should my work prevent me from attending senate meetings.

Should I be chosen it would be my intention that I would serve in the capacity of Baroness for not more than 3 and not less than 2 years.

Yours in Service to the Dream
FilippaGinevra Francesca di Lucignano, OP, OL, CB, OIS, OWS, ORL, OLM, OB, OGS, OFF, Chirurgeon, Emeritus.