January Folia Roani 2017 – with December Senate Minutes

folia-jan-front-pageJanuary Folia Roani 2017 – with the December Senate Meeting Minutes!

Inside you can find the usual: the calendar with upcoming local events, a write up of major event details, officer / group contacts, a note from the Archery Marshal, and a word from the Arts & Sciences Officer! Also, a reminder to check the booking dates for events so you don’t miss out!


Rowany Yule Feast 2016, details; 10 December

The Barony of Rowany invites the populace, to celebrate a Tradtional
Rowany Yule, with honoured guests their majesties ThorolfR Olfuss
Brandsson and Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdóttir and their court.

From 12 noon both Armoured and Rapier tournaments will determine the
Rowany Champions for the coming year. These will be held at Petersham
Park Brighton St Petersham.

The feast will be held at Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal St
Petersham. Doors open at 5pm with the Green man welcoming all at 6pm.
Tables will groan with platters of treats and jugs of cool cordial
The Boars Head Carol heralds the beginning of the high court feast
with tempting removes of Persian delicacies. Fine musicians will
entertain with dancing and merriment before a buffet of sweet things
to complete the evening.

The feast menu will be posted in advance and lists of ingredients in
dishes will be available.

The steward for this event is Mistress Doña Lindoret .

Bookings are now open for 150 guests and will close on December 1st
2016. Payment must accompany all bookings and no payments or bookings
will be received at the door.

Prices for Yule 2016:
Member: $50
Non-Member: $55
Children 6-14 Member: $25
Children 6-14 Non Member: $30

To book for this event please send an email to
rowanyyule2016@gmail.com and include:
SCA Name:
Mundane Name:
Member Y/N
Adult / Minor
Membership number:

For each person booking, the total cost and a booking reference number
will be emailed to you, along with bank details for direct deposits.

September 2016 Newsletter (Folia Roani) uploaded

The newsletter for September has now been uploaded, containing details of an A&S planning meeting (Mon 12/9), introducing the proposed Armoured (‘heavy’) Marshal, welcoming the new Acquisitor, as well as greetings from the B&B, regular events, upcoming events, the calendar, officer contacts, and Senate meeting minutes. We hope you find it useful!

Folia Roani September 2016 Folia Roani September 2016 Frontpage

New Chronicler for the Barony – applications by 29/8/16

Wanted: Chronicler!

You will need:
*SCA membership
*the internet
*membership of the Rowany and Announce mailing lists, Barony of Rowany
Facebook group, and other places where people say interesting things

You will:
*collect the news that people need and want to hear - either in a way that
the desktop publishing deputy can access, or into the Folia Roani Rowany
newsletter document itself if you don't want/need a deputy
*distribute Folia - using mailing lists, Facebook posts, upload to website;
printing if you choose (budget will need to be approved)
*check in with the monthly Baronial meeting  (attend or send updates)
*report quarterly to the Rowany Seneschal and the Lochac Chronicler

Applications to chronicler@lochac.sca.org and
seneschal@rowany.lochac.sca.org by 29 August 2016.

(Rowany Seneschal)

August 2016 Newsletter uploaded (Folia Roani)

Folia Roani August

Folia Roani August 2016 is now online!

with handy-dandy calendar and regular events details; EOI call to run YULE FEAST by 26/7; calls for bids to replace Rowany’s Kingdom thrones; proposal to have made perpetual coronets for the Rowany B&B; introduction to the proposed Acquisitor; greetings and a song from the A&S officer; contacts for the current officers of the Barony; upcoming events in Rowany, ACT/NSW, and around Lochac (notably Knightschool and Spring War); and a list of Rowanites recognised with Kingdom awards in July (with details on how to get more information about awards and recommend people for awards).

The July senate meeting minutes are also attached at the end of this newsletter, touching on:
Approved project for Fighter Auction Tourney funds; Reeve report; Lists report for Midwinter Coronation tourneys; big congratulations for Midwinter Stewards; Festival progress; report on demos.

July Folia (Baronial newsletter) now uploaded

Folia Roani July 2016 is now online!

Folia Roani July 2016

with handy-dandy calendar and regular events details; introductions to the new Rowany Seneschal, Arts and Sciences Officer and the proposed Lists Officer; a description of the offices of Marshal and Acquisitor (both needing applications); upcoming events in Rowany, ACT/NSW, and around Lochac; a call from the Stewards of Rowany Festival for assistance; and the June Baronial Senate meeting minutes.