August 2016 Newsletter uploaded (Folia Roani)

Folia Roani August

Folia Roani August 2016 is now online!

with handy-dandy calendar and regular events details; EOI call to run YULE FEAST by 26/7; calls for bids to replace Rowany’s Kingdom thrones; proposal to have made perpetual coronets for the Rowany B&B; introduction to the proposed Acquisitor; greetings and a song from the A&S officer; contacts for the current officers of the Barony; upcoming events in Rowany, ACT/NSW, and around Lochac (notably Knightschool and Spring War); and a list of Rowanites recognised with Kingdom awards in July (with details on how to get more information about awards and recommend people for awards).

The July senate meeting minutes are also attached at the end of this newsletter, touching on:
Approved project for Fighter Auction Tourney funds; Reeve report; Lists report for Midwinter Coronation tourneys; big congratulations for Midwinter Stewards; Festival progress; report on demos.