From the Baron & Baroness – First Update

Unto the Populace of Rowany do Baroness Ameline and Baron Miles send warmest greetings.

It has been an exciting month! And a busy one. It has been great to see so many of you at events both near and far.

A month ago, we stepped up as Baroness & Baron. This was a wonderful event stewarded by Sigvald and team. We were especially impressed by the delicious repast created by Lady Tatya and her team, created in such difficult conditions. Thank you also to Lady Annabel for her organisation of the Agincourt carol. We were also very pleased to witness the elevation of Mistress Clara van de Maes to the Order of the Laurel.

In the last month we have had two demos, one at the Blacktown Medieval Fair, and more recently, at Supanova. Great thanks to Skarpathan for his organisation of these, and all of those who volunteered their time. We had a great time at the Blacktown demo, and it was good to be able to include Combat Archery in the display for the first time.

We were pleased to accept the kind invitation to attend Dismal Fog’s Panther Hunt event. This was an archery focused event. It was good to see members of our Barony travelling to visit our near neighbours. Special thanks to the Bunny Rabbit, the Dragon & the Panther.

Further afield, we also travelled to Great Northern War. The Northern Reaches as always put on a wonderful event, and we are sure that those others from Rowany who travelled there also enjoyed it as much as we did. Lots of good fighting, good company, and also lots of fire.

Last night we had our first Baronial event within our tenure, the Pheast of the Pheasant in our Canton of Okewaite. It was good to see many travellers from central Rowany & Stowe, and also some guests from Politarchopolis. Thank you to Cristoval for providing such marvelous food – including an item or two for the more adventurous to try. At this event we were pleased to recognise Lady Helouys of Politarchopolis with a Silver Cinquefoil for her work for the Barony, especially in Okewaite; also Lady Bella Rose of Okewaite for work on Flanders costume with Rowan Berries; and also recognising the exemplary courtesy of Baroness Alys Dietsch with the Order of the Dovetail.

In the next month, we will be travelling both to the Stormhold Investiture on the 21st of June, and Midwinter Coronation in Politarchopolis on the 5-6th of July. Closer to home, the College of St Ursula is hosting College War at Glenfield, and also Stowe on the Wowld will be holding their Ludi Natalis Birthday Feast on the 19th of July. We hope to see many of you at these events.

In Rowany’s new monthly A&S Challenge and Display, as organised by Mistress Clara, in the month of June we are looking at both Cooking and also Music – two great categories that we hope to see many members participate in. July will follow with Plants & Herbs, and Textiles & Fibre Arts – so start thinking about what you might like to try for those areas as well.

We are currently working on getting the Barony’s award records into a form that they can be displayed on the website. Please don’t forget to recommend to us those members of the Barony that you feel are worthy of recognition.

Ameline et Miles

Journey To Find A New Baron And / Or Baroness In 2014

Greetings to All –

We, Loyola and Myself, with the permission of Their Majesties Niall and Liadan, must announce that it is time to begin the search for successors.

We have been privileged to serve these past years as the Baron and Baroness of Rowany but now feel that the time is right for us to step aside and open the position to a worthy contender. We ask on Their Majesties behalf that all intentions be made directly to the royal email: crown(AT)

We hope that intentions will be declared by Twelth Night, so that King Niall and Queen Liadan may pass on these to their Heirs Prince Alfar and Princess Angharat for deliberation.

The date selected for the Changeover is May 3rd.
Once we have more details, we will update everyone accordingly.
We thank you sincerely for your support during our time as Baron and Baroness, and look forward to working together over the coming months during this process.

Regards and best wishes for the Festive Season –
Annora Baroness, Loyola Baron. (29 Dec 2013)

…and so began the search for our next Baron and / or Baroness of Rowany. Candidates have come forward and we are now in the process of being impressed by them and their views of what can be done into the future for the Barony of Rowany.

This page will act as a central place linking to information supplied regarding the process and the candidates. Four candidates have put themselves forward. We are hosting a page for each candidate to supply information and have also set up a forum where ongoing discussion can happen.

The Candidates

We are please to introduce the following four candidates, listed in alphabetical order. Each of their names link to the associated information each candidate(s) has provided to introduce themselves and give some background as to why they have put themselves forward.

The Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is available here.

Anyone can add to the existing topics and also add new ones, without any required registration (registration is currently disabled, sorry).

On that note, at time of writing there is a bare bones list of topics. As things progress this will flesh out further according to what the populace wished to discuss on the matter. Feel free to add to the conversation, we would appreciate hearing from you.

The Process

As things progress, we will add any information passed our way to the following area. This will be updated with information about what is happening as things progress.

Yes, Festival is moving after 2013

Unto the Populas do Baron Loyola and Baronesss Annora send greetings.

As many of you know now, the contract for Glenworth Valley Festival site is n it’s final year and in the past few months we have been exploring alternative venues. Four sites were submitted for appraisal by members of the Kingdom at large and open discussion. After this lengthy process and the council of our advisory team, we have decided thus.

We will be moving Rowany Festival to a new site in the Southern Highlands called Womberoo. We fully believe that Womberoo offers a range of opportunities and facilities that no previous Festival site has.

Storage of shipping containers on the new site is approved, so they will need to be moved after this Festival. Any unclaimed or un-spoken for items will be disposed of before this takes place. If you have anything in the containers, please take responsibility for ensuring that your items are accounted for. Further information regarding this will be posted as soon as we can.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks at this years Rowany Festival. Good luck with the last of your preparations.

Warmest regards and safe travels,

Loyola and Annora – Rowany.

Tuesday A&S + Fighter Practice Moved Till After Easter To…

On 5/03/2013 11:13 PM, Taryn East wrote:
Hi all,

As you may have heard, due to a mixup in the bookings (done a year ago),
we do not have the usual hall booked for Tuesdays during March - before

Fighter Practice will be happening at the park on Australia St,
Camperdown at roughly the same time (6pm-late) for the next three weeks. 

A&S will be happening at St Peters Town Hall in Sydenham on Tuesday

Yes, we'll be in two different places and you will be forced to choose.
I'm really sorry about that, but it will just be for the weeks prior to

After festival, we will go back to being at our usual hall (Crystal St,
Petersham) on Tuesdays.

AKA: Iseabail

In addition, full addresses and bang on Google map links to mentioned locations (and others I come across) are found on the Addresses & Maps page…


P.S. If there are any you know of which I can add, please let me know

Rowany A&S Academy is Go

After announcing the idea of the Rowany Academy for Arts and Sciences at Yule Feast, I am happy to be able to send out the details. Thanks to everyone who I’ve spoken with over January who helped me to define and refine this scheme.

The Academy has a page on the Rowany website:, and a forum to discuss the skills lists, share A&S resources and organise teaching: I encourage you to sign up for the forum and get involved. Otherwise here’s an overview of its purpose and structure:

The Academy will support the Guilds and existing paths to mastery of A&S in the Kingdom. It is modelled on existing Guilds of Lochac: In order to be recognised candidates need to produce a piece of work to demonstrate the skills required at each level. Where possible it will complement the work of a particular Guild – Scribes, Fibre, Cooks, etc. This will be  done by aligning the cumulative requirements for Companion Artisan rank to ‘journeyman’ rank in the respective guild.

The Academy is a skills and competency based scheme, it provides guidance on what to learn in each area, and what could be taught on a regular basis. It is up to each candidate to be motivated and complete projects.

The skills listed against each area of study are assigned as follows:

  • Novice Artisan (Beginner): by end of this period able to confidently say “I can do XXX skill”
  • Novice Artisan (Intermediate): by end of this period, able to confidently design own projects and teach basic skills/ give advice.
  • Companion Artisan: drawn on as pool of teachers, considered for Order of Berries[3], exemplifying A&S in the Barony

The names of levels in the Academy have been chosen to reflect words that were used in guilds in period, but that are not commonly used in the SCA, to avoid further confusion around words such as apprentice and journeyman.

Once a person demonstrates they are competent in all skills/works listed under an area of study then they are recognised by the Academy at that level. A list of ranks will be published on the Baronial website. Recognition of advancement is still being decided, but there will a formal presentation.

The Academy will run three major teaching events each year (aka 2 x Bunch o’ Classes, 1 x Cold War). We will support an event in Okewaite, Ursulan A&S nights, weekends inDencePark, weekends at Stowe.

Classes/open sessions will also be run at Fighter Practice on Tuesday nights, on Sundays at  Dence Park in Epping, at Ursulan A&S, Stowe A&S weekends or as otherwise organised.

[3] this is not an exclusive requirement for Order of Berries, which is given at the decision of the Baron and Baroness

Non-members Now Required to Pay $5 Insurance / Event

Original Post Here

Non-members are now required to pay $5 for insurance to attend fighter practice (or any SCA event)
So, here’s a ‘discount’ link for you: how to become a member ($30/year)

Thanks to everyone for being so good at signing in to Fighter Practice on Tuesdays – it is a boring process so your tolerance and goodwill is really