Upcoming A&S Activities

There’s some Arts and Sciences events occurring over the next couple of months. Come along and learn something new, or bring your own project. Also, many of these events are looking for teachers, let us know if you want to teach a class or workshop.

Bunch o’Newcomers classes

12pm-6pm, 16 March, Newtown, before Newcomers feast
A series of classes throughout the day aimed at beginners level skills. Come and learn something entirely new, and meet the new collegians. We’re stil looking for some people to teach a couple of classes, let me know if you want to teach a beginners class.

Sydney Re-enactor Skills Day run by the Company of the Staple

10am-5pm, Saturday 9 March, 1st/2nd Blacktown Scout Hall

Participate in hands on workshop classes, bring handwork projects and join in group discussions. This has been a well-regarded event in teh past, so it’s worth attending.

$5 per person for hall hire, plus materials/consumables cost of your nominated workshops. NB: This is not an SCA event, it will be insured by Staple’s insurer via the Australian Living History Federation, which means there are no non member charges etc. All are welcome and will be insured for free.

The Company of the Staple are planning to run more of these Skills Days throughout the year and will be looking for teachers. Let Elden know if you want to teach a skill or project.

More info: workshops@companyofthestaple.org.au

Epping A&S Day #2

9.30-4.30, 3 March, focus on “How to get ready for Festival”
Details: http://rowany.lochac.sca.org/AnS-DencePark or https://www.facebook.com/events/200417730101039/

Rowany Festival – A&S classes

A variety of interesting classes are held throughout the entire event. Contact the Festival A&S officer if you want to run a class. We need people to teach what they know at a variety of levels, beginners, intemediate or advanced/specialised.

Make a knife workshop, an opportunity in May or June:

An old friend of mine, Corin Urquart, teaches workshops on knife making at his workshop in Picton. He’s in demand in the bushcraft community, and has offered to teach an SCA specific workshop
He can teach 4-6 people at once, over a weekend, camping overnight on the property.
Cost for Corin’s time and the materials is $150, but you walk away with a knife of your making. Contact me directly if you’re interested.

Blacktown Medieval Fayre

19-20 May –¬†we’ll be putting together an A&S display, and are looking for volunteers to be on-site doing A&S activities. Let me know if you would like to contribute items for the display, or volunteer to be on-site. The Barony is being paid to be at the Faire, based on a bid we put forward, so any help to demonstrate value for money is appreciated.


Clara van de Maes