NEW DETAILS: Rowany Yule Feast and Tourneys, 5 December 2015

In the PEACEFUL reign of Steffan and Branwen, Rowany’s levies return home. As they pass through the outlying districts of Rowany, Master Padraig bids you to come celebrate a Yule Feast with him at the sign of the Two Swans, at 21 Sturt Street, Telopea (Dundas Community Centre).
Diverse foods will be served at this most esteemed tavern, with foods and beverages sourced from the German lands in particular being served. The first course will be served for about 6pm, and we hope to see you there.

Costs for revellers are as follows:
Booked by 27th November: $25 members, $30 non members, $10 under 12s, $60 for family (2 members, at least one under 12)
At the door: $30 members, $35 non members, $15 under 12s, $70 for family

Bookings can be made via email to and please be sure to specify any dietary restrictions or allergies you might have when booking.

Tournaments shall be run during the day:
Venue: Sturt Park, Sturt St, Telopea (short distance from where the feast will occur – Google Maps link: )
9:30 Set up
10:00 Guild prizes
11:00 Lists for Rapier open
11:30 Start Rapier Tourney
1:30 Lunch
2:00 Lists open for Armoured/inspections
2:30 Armoured tourney
4:00 Pack down.

Other details:

– Long range forecast is currently a hot and sunny day, top temp of 29. Ensure you have water and sunscreen.
– We are able to put pegs into the ground but no deeper than is necessary. We will also endeavour to make use of natural shade.

To all good gentles, greetings from Jean-Christophe le Saussier, Armoured Champion of Rowany.
It is tradition in these lands that at the great Yuletide gathering, disputes are settled.
To that end, a lyst field will be available on the morning of December 5th for those who may wish to settle any dispute where either party has chosen trial by combat.
All bouts are to be fought with matched weapons to 3 good blows.
To wit:
Challenge matched weapons tournament – counted blows, limbs count as a good blow. There will be a pause to allow combatants to reset. Feel free to bring gauntlets, bucklers and weapons to share around.

NEW: Due to unforseen circumstances, slight alteration in weapon forms for tomorrow’s tournament.
Accepted forms for the formal challenge round are sword and buckler, long sword and single sword.
After the formal challenge round, personal choice is allowed. This will be announced at the time by the Marshal in Charge.
The format remains a challenge tournament with bouts to 3 telling blows (limb shots, if good, count as a telling blow)

Following up on the previous post by my counterpart, Rowany will also be holding the annual Yule Rapier Tourney on the 5th of December along with several Royal Guild of Defence prizes. This year’s tournament will showcase enthusiasm, chivalry and team work on the field. Further details will be made available regarding the location and schedule when confirmed.
Come along for a fine day of fighting, followed by a fabulous evening of feasting with friends! Looking forward to stabbing, I mean, seeing you all there!
Jude of Lunihawke
Rowany Rapier Champion

November Crown 2015, 7-8 Nov, Dismal Fogs

NB: this event is not run by Rowany. Information provided as a service to our readers. Official information source is the Facebook event page

Please note, the feast is full. You may be able to book for the day if you book ASAP.

Day time both Saturday and Sunday will be in Kingsford Smith Memorial Park, Katoomba, NSW. The best parking is in Vale st. Pedestrian access from the station is via stairs at the corner of Lurline and Gang Gang Streets.
The evening’s festivities will be at the Katoomba-Leura Community Centre, 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba. The best parking is in the Coles car park accessed from Parke St. No naked flames so we will have tea lights in glass holders.

Saturday 7 November: Tourney site from 9am, hall opens 5pm.
Sunday 8 November: Site from 9am

Timetable (to the best of our knowledge as at 9:15 pm 6/11)
9 am Site opens
10 am Crown Tournament lists open; Boffer Tournament; Pelicans’ Meeting
11:30 am Lunch served
12 pm Invocation Court
12:30 pm Crown Tournament starts; Children’s Quest
2 pm Hall opens for set up
3 pm Victory Court
4 pm Day site closes
5 pm Hall Opens – servers’ rehearsal from 5.30
6 pm First Royal Court
6:30 pm First remove
7:30 pm Second Remove served
8.00pm Second Royal Court
9.00 pm Banqueting course
9.30 pm Dancing
11:00 pm Lights on
11.30 Vacate hall

Sunday UPDATED as per the Crown
9 am Children’s activities; Knights’ Meeting
10 am Rapier Tournament; Laurels’ Meeting
11 am Tournament of the Rose
12 pm Lunch served
1 pm
2 pm
3 pm
4 pm Site closes

Please note, the feast is full. You may be able to book for the day if you book ASAP. Send bookings to

Adult full event 75.00
Adult day rate 27.00
Child full event 37.50
Child (5-18) day rate 13.50
Child (under 5) free
Family full event 206.25
Family day rate 74.25
Add $5.00 for non-members. Family rate includes 2 adults and up to 3 children.

Come to the Glorious Mountains to witness the tournament to determine the future King and Queen of Lochac. Don’t swelter in the summer heat enjoy the cool mountain air as you help celebrate our new Crown Prince and Princess at a feast of unrivalled quality with unsurpassed company. Never before has the Kingdom gathered among the fogs for such celebrations.
**More details:
The Kingdom A&S competitions will be judged during the day and on display in the evening, in a room adjacent to the main feasting hall.

Steward: Gudrun Bodvarsdottir,

Rowany Market Day & Tavern Feast

images6What better to do on a Spring day, than wander market stalls, and picnic on the grass with friends?

The day will end with an fun and relaxed cantina-style tavern feast with select tapas style dishes, capped at 50 attendees. (FEAST NOW SOLD OUT): Feast info here

Saturday 17th October
Market Day from 12pm.
Hall opens at 5:30pm for a 6pm feast.
Venue: St Peters School St Peters, Sydney. Enter from St Peters Street Map
Booking information: here

15340093b410cbc96376ce8edf7f9d62Current Market Stalls include:

Mainly Medieval – Authentic reproductions and re-enactment goods: tableware and cutlery, domestic textiles, dress accessories, apothecary products, handcraft supplies (more about Mainly Medieval: here)
Elvira’s Emporium Gemstone beads, jewellery, amber, silk dupion, fans, yak wool products and Mongolian felt products
Spangles – Mistress Helene’s period-inspired costume jewelry
Pallesser Products – Pottery
Honore’s Haberdashery Margo Anderson’s Historic Clothing Patterns, buttons, bits and bobs for your sewing requirements
Amicae Caupona saris, jewellery, beads, sewing items, medieval/period themed cards
Sarah’s Medieval Garage Sale Candelabras, chairs, knick knacks, fabric, goblets, deer skins, wooden bowls, beads, plumes, chaperon hats, costumes, and much more!
Medieval Attachments
Tortoise brooches, penannular, cloak clasps, lacing rings, real gemstone veil and hat pins.
Tink’s Treasures
– Fabric, books and other notions
Yolande’s Reclaimed Storage Spacefabric, a few pieces of garb and sundries

Do you have a just few items that you would like to sell at the Market Day? Something cluttering up your garage that others might get use out of?

ea97ee007daf9dc4ee763e8d3f9c12ceDiego’s Emporium can help!
– Simply find your item/s
– Decide what to charge for them (you may wish to make it free/nominal price, up to you)
– please prices in whole dollars if possible for the sake of Diego’s sanity
– contact Diego
– book for market day and bring your items along with you
– any questions?

A tavern fAn Italian pharmacy; pharmacist, client, and assistant mixing medicine. From "Tacuinum Sanitatis", a medical codex, written and illuminated for the Cerruti Family, probably from Verona (end 14th). Codex s.n. 2644east atmosphere will be created with long benches and close friendly dining.

As you arrive at the hall, you will be given a small bag of coins. You will use this money to purchase your meal at the counter. In order to secure a wider variety of dishes, customers are encouraged to pool their coins and share plates of food. The menu is tapas in style to help with this communal dining experience: meatballs, haloumi, fried green beans and so on. Your food is prepared as you order it, and there’s no need to order anything you won’t eat.


Booking Information
When booking, please let us know how much of the day you wish to att
end, your SCA membership status, ans any dietary requirements that need to be accommodated.
This is a garbed event


Prices are Adult Member/Adult Non Member/Child Member/Child Non-member and include GST. Child = 5-17 years old.
Market Day Only: $14/$19/$5/$10 (Market day prices include a light lunch.)
Feast now sold out
Contact the stewards: for off board or other options

13/9 Dence Park Arts and Science (and Rapier) day

Timetable for 13/9:
AM: making 16th Century drinking chocolate with Katherine
PM: paper marbling
Plus the usual boffer play etc…. bring your weapons.
All day mosaic workshop with Tina – please bring $5 for materials if you wish to participate.
Fencing with Tigre – any level including beginners are welcome to have a stab.
Classes are run by members for both adults and children. There are also people to do rapier with.

This is a newcomer-friendly event! This is a day without costumes, so you don’t have to worry about dressing up. There’ll be the opportunity to hang out and ask questions, and plenty of space to bring your own projects, power points and benches for sewing machines. The grounds are quiet and sunny for going outside and doing things like hand sewing in the sun or under a tree.

Upcoming 2015 dates for Dence Park are:

September 13
October 11
November 8
December 13

A gold coin donation is requested from all attendees, plus the additional $5 Insurance Levy for non-members. Newcomers pay the $5 insurance fee or a donation, they are not expected to pay both.

Location: The Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park, 26 Stanley Road, Epping, NSW 2121

Time: 9.30am – 4:30pm

If you would like to run a class for this day (or any other day for that matter) for adults or children (or both), we’d love to hear about it. Please email Tina/Cairistiona on

Time tables will be published about a week prior to each Dence Park day, please keep an eye out so that you know what is happening each month.

There is a break in the middle of the day’s schedule for a Pot Luck lunch. This would be a great time for anyone who would like to try out some of their period cooking on a receptive audience to bring out some of their creations. Alternatively just bring along something to share, it does not have to be a period dish. Remember to bring plates, cutlery, and a cup or mug if you wish to make a hot drink.

Bring a project you are working on, start a new project or come and learn something new, or even just bring a game to share and play.

This is a child–friendly event with boffer and games. All persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Trains: there are regular trains to Epping Station. Epping Station is 1.1 km from Dence Park, so the walk from the Station will take about 10-15 minutes.

Buses: you can catch the M54, which goes near Epping Station on Beecroft Rd every 20 minutes on weekends and will take you to within 500 meters of the Creative Centre. If you get off at the Epping Road near Crandon bus stop just two stops or if you miss that one the next stop will get you to within 80 meters of the Centre.

Cars: there is plenty of parking, a small portion of which is double parking, so please be aware of this.