Lochac Midwinter Coronation 2016, hosted by the College of St Ursula

When: Jul 9 at 9 AM to Jul 10 at 5 PM
Where: The University of Sydney- Great Hall

Come and Witness the end of the reign of King Gilbert & Queen Bethony, and the beginning of the reign of the 29th Crown of Lochac.

More details to come; check out our event website at https://midwintercoronation2016.wordpress.com/

Adult Member: $75, Children 5-12: $35, Under 5: Free. Add $5 for non-members.
Off-board, Hardship, and Worker rates available upon request.
Feast may be capped at 150 people, so book early; email gui@sca.org.au, or join this FB event:https://www.facebook.com/events/1684210405163487/

April Newsletter (Folia Roani) uploaded

Here it is! Folia Roani April 2016

Complete with calendar, upcoming events (including an invite to Ironfest), officers, positions vacant, awards given, and Festival 2016 highlights; a call to bid for Kingdom events, Skype now available to attend Baronial meetings; from the B&B (farewell Okewaite) and from the Seneschal.

As ever, if there is something you’d like to see in this newsletter, please let me know (bethan AT lochac DOT sca DOT org DOT au).

NEW DETAILS: Newcomers Feast, Saturday 12 March

Event Name: Rowany Newcomers
Host Group: Rowany
Date: Saturday, March 12th 2016
Event type: Collegium and Feast
St Peters Public School, Church St, St Peters

Name: Raegan of Lunihawk
Email Address: j.gleeson@ozemail.com.au

Bookings Close: Monday, March 7th 2016
Booking Contact:
Jude of Lunihawke – rowanynewcomers2016@outlook.com
Newcomers $20
Populace $30 (+$5 for non-members)
At door price is +$10 (except for newcomers)

The annual Rowany Newcomers event is upon us once again!

It will be held at St Peters Public School, St Peters on Saturday the 12th of March.
The event shall begin with a set of tournaments, an afternoon of classes and end
with a fabulous feast.

Please send all bookings to Jude of Lunihawke – rowanynewcomers2016@outlook.com

If you would like to help out in running a class please contact Sigvaldr Svidandi –

If you are interested in getting involved or have inquiries please contact me here
or at J.gleeson@ozemail.com.au

(Current) Timetable for Rowany Newcomers!
Armoured and rapier tournaments – Lord Jude of Lunihawk (rapier) (heavy marshal tbc) (outdoors)
Medieval and SCA Heraldry – Lord Matthjis Tjepke van der Horst
SCA camping etiquette – Lady Mairi of Kilravok
Introduction to armoured combat – Duke Aedward Staedfaste and Sir Ariston Hegelochos (outdoors)
Bardic Circle – Lady Ilona Skaldja
Are you a threat to the kingdom in the 16th century? – Lord Anton de Stoc
Introduction to rapier combat – Lord Jude of Lunihawk and Lord Liufeyan (outdoors)
Costuming through the ages – Lady Ana von der Ron
Introduction to brewing – Mistress Isebail inghean Domhnall mhic Donchaidh
SCA combat archery – Count Kinggiyadai Ba’atur (outdoors)
War and culture in the ancient world – Sir Ariston Hegelochos
Introduction to sewing and costuming – Duchess Yolande Kesteven
Medieval board games – Lord Sigvaldr Svithandi and Lord Matthjis Tjepke van der Horst
Teachers: please let Sigvaldr know if you need equipment, a change in time, or anything else.

Panther Hunt V, 19-21 May, Dismal Fogs (Blue Mountains)

Event Name: Panther Hunt V
Host Group: Dismal Fogs
Start date: Thursday, May 19th 2016
End date: Saturday, May 21st 2016
Event type: Other
Maranatha, 57 View St, Lidsdale NSW 2790

Name: Ellynor Askewe
Email Address: yvetteandscott@yahoo.com

Bookings Close: Tuesday, May 10th 2016
Booking Contact:
Full weekend, all meals, $90 adults, $45 children, under 5 free.
Feast only $30 adults, $15 children, under 5 free.
Day only, no feast, $20 adults, $10 children, under 5 free.
Non-members will attract a $5 event membership fee on top of above prices.

Since the passing of the Tudor reign, the Tudor masses have been left wanting for
the genteel art of hunting. Thankfully for said masses, rumours abound that the
Lithgovian panther, the foul beast said to haunt the Western fringes of the Shire of
Dismal Fogs, continues to roam, and so we shall meet there for a weekend of
hunting! There shall be archery in abundance! Tourneys both heavy and rapier if the
masses do will! Arts and sciences, and in particular, puppetry! And of course
excellent Tudor feasting and good company to be had by all.

This event is held at Maranatha, in Lidsdale, just past Lithgow NSW. Site opens 3pm
Friday, closes 3pm Sunday.

Accommodation for this event is in dorm style rooms, accommodating from 3 to 7
people in each, on a first in, first served basis. Camping is also available on
site, please specify when booking if you intend to camp.

Similarly,please notify the Steward or when booking of any special dietary
requirements, thank you.

NEW DETAILS: Rowany Yule Feast and Tourneys, 5 December 2015

In the PEACEFUL reign of Steffan and Branwen, Rowany’s levies return home. As they pass through the outlying districts of Rowany, Master Padraig bids you to come celebrate a Yule Feast with him at the sign of the Two Swans, at 21 Sturt Street, Telopea (Dundas Community Centre).
Diverse foods will be served at this most esteemed tavern, with foods and beverages sourced from the German lands in particular being served. The first course will be served for about 6pm, and we hope to see you there.

Costs for revellers are as follows:
Booked by 27th November: $25 members, $30 non members, $10 under 12s, $60 for family (2 members, at least one under 12)
At the door: $30 members, $35 non members, $15 under 12s, $70 for family

Bookings can be made via email to rowanyyule2015@gmail.com and please be sure to specify any dietary restrictions or allergies you might have when booking.

Tournaments shall be run during the day:
Venue: Sturt Park, Sturt St, Telopea (short distance from where the feast will occur – Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/KaL1MsC43Fz )
9:30 Set up
10:00 Guild prizes
11:00 Lists for Rapier open
11:30 Start Rapier Tourney
1:30 Lunch
2:00 Lists open for Armoured/inspections
2:30 Armoured tourney
4:00 Pack down.

Other details:

– Long range forecast is currently a hot and sunny day, top temp of 29. Ensure you have water and sunscreen.
– We are able to put pegs into the ground but no deeper than is necessary. We will also endeavour to make use of natural shade.

To all good gentles, greetings from Jean-Christophe le Saussier, Armoured Champion of Rowany.
It is tradition in these lands that at the great Yuletide gathering, disputes are settled.
To that end, a lyst field will be available on the morning of December 5th for those who may wish to settle any dispute where either party has chosen trial by combat.
All bouts are to be fought with matched weapons to 3 good blows.
To wit:
Challenge matched weapons tournament – counted blows, limbs count as a good blow. There will be a pause to allow combatants to reset. Feel free to bring gauntlets, bucklers and weapons to share around.

NEW: Due to unforseen circumstances, slight alteration in weapon forms for tomorrow’s tournament.
Accepted forms for the formal challenge round are sword and buckler, long sword and single sword.
After the formal challenge round, personal choice is allowed. This will be announced at the time by the Marshal in Charge.
The format remains a challenge tournament with bouts to 3 telling blows (limb shots, if good, count as a telling blow)

Following up on the previous post by my counterpart, Rowany will also be holding the annual Yule Rapier Tourney on the 5th of December along with several Royal Guild of Defence prizes. This year’s tournament will showcase enthusiasm, chivalry and team work on the field. Further details will be made available regarding the location and schedule when confirmed.
Come along for a fine day of fighting, followed by a fabulous evening of feasting with friends! Looking forward to stabbing, I mean, seeing you all there!
Jude of Lunihawke
Rowany Rapier Champion