May Folia Roani online!

Folia Roani May  is now online, with a call for applications for Rowany Seneschal by midnight 3 May, information about upcoming events in NSW, ACT, the Senate meeting minutes, a call for helpers for Blacktown Medieval Fair, as well as a list of the officers of the Barony and vacant positions.
Here is the Calendar for May (in handy print-and-put-on-your-fridge format):

Folia Roani May

Baronial Fighter Practice hall donations

Want to donate to help the Barony hire the hall for fighter practice? Don’t want to carry cash? Well, luckily we take EFT!
Direct deposit details are:
BSB : 032062
Account: 384421
Name: The Society for Creative Anachronism – Rowany
Donations are, as always, completely voluntary.
The Barony recommends $5 per week or $50 for a quarter.

Viking-themed Dence Park, Oct 2015 – Mar 2016

Over the next six months we will be focussing on one particular look. We would like for people to be able to get together a well researched set of garb with all of the bits and pieces that go with it. For the next six months we will be looking at doing Viking garb so the adults classes will include;

An over view of Viking garb (Wulfwyne Grimwauld and Alexous Of Uri, two Laurels in this area from Mordenvale will be at Dence Park to help with resources and information)
Making your Garb, inner tunic, outer tunic or apron dress, leg coverings etc
Making your garb look nice- seam treatments adding in bits and pieces, tablet weaving and more.
Pouches and other accessories
Beads and brooches.

We will also have a focus on shoes at some stage. The idea is that by the time Festival comes around next year you will have learned enough to make your Viking garb and learned enough about research and how to do it to apply it to other areas of garb that you may want to look into.

If this new format goes well we will progress from there to a High Middle Ages series of classes for the six months after Festival. If there is still interest after that we will look at Burgundian and Renaissance garb at a later stage. At each stage we will be looking at lots of different techniques not just making clothes.

If you are interested we will be putting out some information soon on what sort of fabric to be looking for as we move into the first of the classes. For the first class run by Wolf and Alexous you may also want to bring along some fabric to pattern with and note pad and pen and your camera for taking photos of resources.

The sets of classes will be starting the weekend after Spring War, 11th of October.

Deputy (replacement) Reeve for Rowany sought

Hello all,
A little over 2 months ago, I advertised for the position of deputy reeve, with a view to having said deputy take over when my term expires at the end of November.
Due to a dearth of applications, as well as some significant changes to the job role (due to having a bookkeeper, the role has become substantially easier to fulfill!), I am advertising again.
Reeve is a required position for all groups.
As Rowany Reeve, your duties are to:
* report on the financial status of the Barony each month at Senate
* report on the financial status of the Barony each quarter to Kingdom Exchequer
* manage day to day transactions
Those interested in the role would:
* have basic computer skills
* be a member of the SCA
* be aged 18+
* have good written and verbal communication skills
* have, or be willing to get, a Westpac CRN
Anyone interested in the role should contact me at: rowany [dot] reeve [at] gmail [dot] com
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