New Rowany Marshal sought

Greetings from Sigvaldr Sviðandi, Rowany Marshal

As I must soon stand down from my position as Rowany Marshal, I am looking for a brave soul to stand up and take over this task. Until I am able to step down, this position will be a deputy to work on handover together and bring you up to speed on anything you need to know. This position includes liaising with Rowany Senate, Seneschal, and Kingdom Earl Marshal on any martial matters you or they deem of interest.

The Marshal is in charge of combat-related activities. Your charter will be to promote armoured and missile combat, and to work with the Rapier Marshal as needed to promote both fields of combat. You will be part of the appeals and reporting chain for incidents and events under the Rowany banner and her sub-groups, such as Stowe and St Ursula.
You do not have to be an authorised Marshal or Senior Marshal, but it does help.

If you wish to volunteer or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Sigvaldr Sviðandi

Bids to run Rowany Yule Feast 2015

Good afternoon everyone.

While this may seem early, I am seeking bids for Yule Feast. Trust me, the time will fly, hahaha.

Do you have some ideas for what you would like to see? Something that you’ve been wanting to try for a while?

I would love to hear it!

Rowany Seneschal

Results in for Ultimate Fighter: Rowany

Points have been collated for Rowany Ultimate Fighter. They are as follows:

Orri 32 (As Orri will be in the top two of Mordenvale he will not be taking a Rowanites spot.)

Jutai and Bjorn both came second on 24 points. Both will be invited to represent Rowany at Great Northern War

The scores after are:

Baron Miles, Theo, Paddy, and Tsui all equal on 18

Sigvald and Skarp both on 15; Caleb on 14; Jackson and William on 12, Seth 10, Matt and Baldwin 8, Jean-Christophe 4

Cold War – bookings close in less than 2 weeks!

Cold War bookings close on August 17 – less than 2 weeks!
August 22-24, Glenfield Scout and Activity Centre, NSW.
Full event is $90*. “What do I get for that?” I hear you ask.
– Fully catered from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch, including a feast on the Saturday.
– a day and a half of WAAAAAAAAAAR!
– an amazing array of half day Arts and Science workshops
– dorm accommodation
– fun, frivolity and friends
– and those with an interest in rapier activities, we haven’t forgotten you. This year at Cold War, there will be the opportunity for training sessions with Don Gomez de Crecy and Lady Juliana de Northwood, Provost of Lochac! Lady Juliana is also planning a tournament…
How do you book?
Email with your name, how long you plan to attend, membership number and any dietary requirements you may have.
See you there!
* Individual day and feast only prices available on request.

Whilst on the subject of Cold War…
There will be both Baronial and Royal presences at Cold War.
So, do you know anyone worthy of recognition? Someone who has gone above and beyond? Then submit an award recommendation for them!
For Baronial level awards, email Their Excellencies Ameline and Miles at
For Kingdom level awards, email Their Majesties Niáll and Liadan at

From the Baron & Baroness – First Update

Unto the Populace of Rowany do Baroness Ameline and Baron Miles send warmest greetings.

It has been an exciting month! And a busy one. It has been great to see so many of you at events both near and far.

A month ago, we stepped up as Baroness & Baron. This was a wonderful event stewarded by Sigvald and team. We were especially impressed by the delicious repast created by Lady Tatya and her team, created in such difficult conditions. Thank you also to Lady Annabel for her organisation of the Agincourt carol. We were also very pleased to witness the elevation of Mistress Clara van de Maes to the Order of the Laurel.

In the last month we have had two demos, one at the Blacktown Medieval Fair, and more recently, at Supanova. Great thanks to Skarpathan for his organisation of these, and all of those who volunteered their time. We had a great time at the Blacktown demo, and it was good to be able to include Combat Archery in the display for the first time.

We were pleased to accept the kind invitation to attend Dismal Fog’s Panther Hunt event. This was an archery focused event. It was good to see members of our Barony travelling to visit our near neighbours. Special thanks to the Bunny Rabbit, the Dragon & the Panther.

Further afield, we also travelled to Great Northern War. The Northern Reaches as always put on a wonderful event, and we are sure that those others from Rowany who travelled there also enjoyed it as much as we did. Lots of good fighting, good company, and also lots of fire.

Last night we had our first Baronial event within our tenure, the Pheast of the Pheasant in our Canton of Okewaite. It was good to see many travellers from central Rowany & Stowe, and also some guests from Politarchopolis. Thank you to Cristoval for providing such marvelous food – including an item or two for the more adventurous to try. At this event we were pleased to recognise Lady Helouys of Politarchopolis with a Silver Cinquefoil for her work for the Barony, especially in Okewaite; also Lady Bella Rose of Okewaite for work on Flanders costume with Rowan Berries; and also recognising the exemplary courtesy of Baroness Alys Dietsch with the Order of the Dovetail.

In the next month, we will be travelling both to the Stormhold Investiture on the 21st of June, and Midwinter Coronation in Politarchopolis on the 5-6th of July. Closer to home, the College of St Ursula is hosting College War at Glenfield, and also Stowe on the Wowld will be holding their Ludi Natalis Birthday Feast on the 19th of July. We hope to see many of you at these events.

In Rowany’s new monthly A&S Challenge and Display, as organised by Mistress Clara, in the month of June we are looking at both Cooking and also Music – two great categories that we hope to see many members participate in. July will follow with Plants & Herbs, and Textiles & Fibre Arts – so start thinking about what you might like to try for those areas as well.

We are currently working on getting the Barony’s award records into a form that they can be displayed on the website. Please don’t forget to recommend to us those members of the Barony that you feel are worthy of recognition.

Ameline et Miles

Poll / Survey – Baronial Heirs – Pick Your Candidate

Greetings to the Barony of Rowany,

After much discussion the time has come to select the baronial heirs. Below you will find a link to a brief survey which will inform their Majesties of the preferred candidates of the populace. The Poll will remain open for 14 days closing on the night of the 27th of Feb (11:59 pm). Their Majesties will announce their decision shortly there after.


Alfgeirr Agnarsson
Returns officer

Information Regarding The Poll For Helping Choose Our Next Baron and / or Baroness

Greetings to the Barony of Rowany,

As we all know, their excellencies Loyola and Annora will soon be stepping down as Baron and Baroness of Rowany. Our Barony is strong and we are fortunate that 4 candidates have stepped forward who are willing to lead our barony into this new era. In recent weeks there have been several forums in which we have had the opportunity to talk to the candidates and hear their visions for the future of Rowany.

I have been asked by their Majesties and their Excellencies to conduct a poll to advise them of the wishes of the populace in choosing the next Baron &/or Baroness. This poll will be conducted via survey monkey. Unfortunately due to my mundane schedule this will be happening this Thursday rather than on the 10th (today) as previously advertised. I apologise for this but it is unavoidable.

In the mean time, should you have any comments to share with their majesties regarding the candidates they can be sent to:
crown (AT)

Please forward this message to any other relevant Rowany lists if I have missed them.


THL Alfgeirr Agnarsson

UPDATE 2014-02-14: The poll / Survey is now available – Please see this post

Journey To Find A New Baron And / Or Baroness In 2014

Greetings to All –

We, Loyola and Myself, with the permission of Their Majesties Niall and Liadan, must announce that it is time to begin the search for successors.

We have been privileged to serve these past years as the Baron and Baroness of Rowany but now feel that the time is right for us to step aside and open the position to a worthy contender. We ask on Their Majesties behalf that all intentions be made directly to the royal email: crown(AT)

We hope that intentions will be declared by Twelth Night, so that King Niall and Queen Liadan may pass on these to their Heirs Prince Alfar and Princess Angharat for deliberation.

The date selected for the Changeover is May 3rd.
Once we have more details, we will update everyone accordingly.
We thank you sincerely for your support during our time as Baron and Baroness, and look forward to working together over the coming months during this process.

Regards and best wishes for the Festive Season –
Annora Baroness, Loyola Baron. (29 Dec 2013)

…and so began the search for our next Baron and / or Baroness of Rowany. Candidates have come forward and we are now in the process of being impressed by them and their views of what can be done into the future for the Barony of Rowany.

This page will act as a central place linking to information supplied regarding the process and the candidates. Four candidates have put themselves forward. We are hosting a page for each candidate to supply information and have also set up a forum where ongoing discussion can happen.

The Candidates

We are please to introduce the following four candidates, listed in alphabetical order. Each of their names link to the associated information each candidate(s) has provided to introduce themselves and give some background as to why they have put themselves forward.

The Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is available here.

Anyone can add to the existing topics and also add new ones, without any required registration (registration is currently disabled, sorry).

On that note, at time of writing there is a bare bones list of topics. As things progress this will flesh out further according to what the populace wished to discuss on the matter. Feel free to add to the conversation, we would appreciate hearing from you.

The Process

As things progress, we will add any information passed our way to the following area. This will be updated with information about what is happening as things progress.

Web Site Changes for Oct and Nov 2013

Greetings from the Rowany Webright!!

A fair bit has happened over the last month or so, much of which you can actually see (for a change).

Content Helpers

  • We now have someone helping out with keeping information on the site up to date. They have been keeping an eye on mailing lists applicable to Rowany and adding things such as event and news information. This has been a fantastic help!

Process Guides

  • As I now have one person regularly helping to update the site, we’ve started discovering which areas require information on how it is best to add content. I’ve taken the opportunity to start creating a process guide for contributors. There is already a wad of information, and eventually this will outline a good foundation of the main procedures, how to add / update things, WordPress eccentricities, naming convention, tag usage and the like. This should help keep things looking semi-professional and coherent which is nice for visitors by providing a good understanding contributors can work from.


  • When I originally changed the design to one that is “responsive” everywhere with a maximum width much larger than what had originally been set, the header went along for the ride. While the rest of the site looked much better and was able to use the real estate of visitors with larger screens, the header itself looked over-sized.
  • I’ve now set the image to fixed dimensions and wrapped some css gradient stuff around it. I’d like to make the time to put a new header image together and have received some feedback regarding this, however, this area is now functional and looks good enough until that happens. There are a few other priorities before a new header image.


  • The main font has changed from whatever it was before (Arial from memory) to Helvetica. This one change alone made the site no longer look like it was created in the 90’s. I’m not sure why I didn’t change that immediately when I became webright, oh well.


  • Initial changes to the navigation have been done. We were getting some feedback that the main menus had way too much information in them which was detracting from easy use, rather than helping it.
    • I’ve finished changing the navigation for the Arts and Sciences section. Now that main menu is JUST a link. When clicked visitors are taken to the A&S section where a secondary menu appears on the left hand side for navigation WITHIN that area.
    • This has gone down well with those requesting such a change. As such, I’ll do the other major categories over the next month or so, when time permits


  • I rearranged the Event, News, Notices and Recent Posts sidebars. I recently received a few requests regarding this which made perfect sense as the most important information was below the fold when viewed on smaller screens!
  • The number of items in each section has also been adjusted


  • I’ve cleaned up all of the tags for the site, getting rid of double ups (where two or more tags are that are actually the same thing), giving them all standard formatting and taking a logical and uniform approach to naming convention.
  • I then went through and adjusted ALL the tags on existing posts. Some of this was done with the adjustment of the tags themselves (as it populated the changes throughout the site), but, almost all posts before I arrived didn’t use tags at all and posts added by contributors or even I, often missed out on potentially useful tags (easy to do with no process or format outlined). Of course, more tags were added as needed. There is now quite a nice working base.


Facebook Cross-posting

  • My testing of the Facebook cross-posting has been put on hold over the last few months. I’ve been too busy with my own business tech stuff (ongoing hosting woes) to finish this off.
  • The plugin most likely to be used requires Facebook App integration. This is not difficult at all (paint by numbers) but will probably require either admin access to each Facebook group / page or for admins to add code for us. Either way I’ll have to contact those involved. This was always likely to be the case, just noting more than anything else.
  • I’ve had a chat to a couple of people regarding the projected membership area of the site which will go around most of the security concerns such as information from Facebook being posted publicly here where real names have been used in private groups there. Obviously we cannot let that happen. The recent suggestion has been to find something that plugs into OpenAPI and Google and maybe Yahoo so most people won’t need to remember yet another login and password. Once members are verified and added to the site, they can use OpenAPI etc to do the actual logging in


  • Further CSS adjustments
    • The theme needs updating before this is practical. As before, this is in the works with Masonry, and they’ve been busy
  • Implement cross communications between the site and Facebook… getting there slowly
  • Finish testing of plugins etc. A lot of new plugins have appeared out of nowhere?
  • Work with Masonry re backlog of issues and any new requests (such as plugin requests). I haven’t approached them regarding this yet.
  • I still have to finish the senate meeting minutes section of the site. Everything I have has already been added in draft form, but there is concern regarding posting of mundane names and the like. This may wait till we have the membership side of things sorted out.
  • I wish to add process guide information for contributors to the Admins & Officers section. This section currently contains, well, nothing (the draft posts of the senate meeting minutes are in there but not publicly available yet). I’ve spoken to one or two people who said they also have information that should go in here. Hopefully I’ll start to get this populated soon.
  • There is always more content to add. Getting some of the automation up will be good as this is far too manual a process when considering it is doubling up, tripling up or worse.
  • Create a new header image

So, a fair bit has been going on lately. We hope you enjoy the changes to the look, feel and navigation. As always, requests, suggestions, advice, feedback or related acronym of your choosing… is very welcome!

In service to the Crown and the Barony,

Rowany Webright