A&S Dence Park Timetable (3 Mar 2013)

Hi everyone,

Below it the time table for the Dence Park A&S Day:

Kids Classes
10.00-10.45     – Sewing
11.00-12.00     – Boffer
12.30-1.00       – Lunch
1.00-2.00         – Dance Practise
2.00-3.00         – Archery
3.00-4.00         – Games

We do not expect that each of the kids classes will hold all the kids attention for the entire length of the time that the class is set for. The timing is to give those children who are interested a reasonable length of time to do the things that they want to do. Not all of the kids will engage in all of the activities and some probably won’t engage in any, that is up to the individual children and their parents.

Adult Classes
10.00-11.00     – What to bring/ wear/ see and do at Festival
11.00-12.00     – How to make your camp site look more period
12.30-1.00       – Lunch
2.00-3.00         – Dance Practice
1.00-3.00         – Cloaks
3.00-4.30         – T-tunics

Outside activities
10.00-12.00     – Fencing

I have not scheduled other outside activities other than the Fencing and the kids use of the outside area however fighting and adult additional use of the outside area is encouraged.